State Senator Puts Bad Policemen in Perspective

From State Senator Paul Schimpf:


Paul Schimpf

When I was a Marine prosecutor I had a recurring opportunity to give a lecture to new Marine recruiters. 

One of the things I always told them was:  “don’t lose perspective.”

Unfortunately, we frequently lose perspective as a society. 

We idolize the pop stars and athletes promoted by the media while overlooking true unsung heroes in our lives like parents or teachers. 

I fear that we as a state and a nation are making another perspective mistake right now. 

We were all horrified by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

But this event is being used by some to claim that our law enforcement community is racist. 

Many of those same voices are calling for the elimination of police departments.

The statistics simply don’t back up the progressive narrative. 

You can read the statistics yourself here.

Our law enforcement community is not perfect. 

Like any other microcosm of our society, it has bad actors who must be held accountable. 

We must always strive for improvement and reforms.  But our law enforcement community is not racist. 

On the contrary, our law enforcement families represent some of the best attributes America has to offer.

I’ll end with some irony. 

I was with Governor Pritzker in Carbondale when he was asked about non-citizen voting in Illinois (the Illinois Secretary of State had just admitted registering non-citizens as voters).  

Governor Pritzker responded with a perspective argument

He pointed out that we were talking about only 19 out of 750,000 votes. 

So, should we give the benefit of perspective to illegal voting, but not to law enforcement?

Law enforcement deserves the benefit of perspective, as well. 

Our police have over 375 million annual interactions with civilians. 

99.9% of those interactions occur without incident. 

Our police are heroes, not the enemy.

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State Senator Puts Bad Policemen in Perspective — 9 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t call them heroes.

    They’re public servants to enforce policies implemented by lobbyist groups and corporate interests.

    Criminalizing non violent drug users and contributing to an increasing prison population.

  2. I’m not advocating for anarchy.

    But to ignore the prison system that America created is disingenuous.

    “War on crime.”

  3. At some point, the people who cry about “bad apples” have to actually propose doing something about the bad apples — lest we start to suspect that the people saying that are insincere about wanting to help (and maybe they get ejected from office soon).

    He says we must strive for improvements and reforms.

    Then what reforms does State Senator Schrimpf call for?

    I’m going to write this off as Schrimpf virtue signalling to both sides until he posts specific ideas.

    He’s a state legislator, so reforms are literally his job…

    Policing is legally and constitutionally seen as a state power and he’s a state legislator! smh

    Everybody is sick and tired of these feel-good “statements.”

  4. He pretty much threw his credibility out the window when he referred to teachers as unsung heroes.

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