Message of the Day – A Sign

Here is what is on the front door of the CVS store on Crystal Lake’s Route 14:

“Face masks are required by law.”

May I ask what law requires face masks?


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  1. More corporate virtue signaling at the price our Liberties.

    Now, and more importantly, does CVS support the Black Lies Matter movement ?

  2. Do you really expect any of the big name companies to go against the governor.

    Never in a million years.

    The lawyers would never allow it.

    That being said it’s a private business they can require face masks regardless of what jb says.

    The sign is stupid however.

    I’ve at least seen a few that are accurate and reference the executive order instead of saying it’s a law.

  3. Why make such a big ado about wearing a f’ing face mask?

    If I wear a face mask and I’m wrong…

    I wore a face mask.

    If you don’t wear a face mask and your wrong…

  4. It is a total lie. (Just like everything else about this whole planned demic.) And who do you think is going to enforce it? Only sheep would believe an outright lie like that! I’ve been in that store (to pick up photos and shampoo – don’t bother! Their photos are greenish-blue because they don’t know what they are doing) and we never wear dangerous stupid muzzles! We get looks from fearful virtue signalers all the time. Any business that is that stupid to follow the new world order script deserves to fail.

  5. The lack of face masks seems illegal Cal.

    Albeit, it’s like JULIE law and that there are no consequences until damages occur.

  6. Dentbla assuming you are well past your teen years.

    Your question is one Similar to what I receive from my children.

    I remind them that they are asking the wrong question.

    It’s a great opportunity when they did to give them a civics lesson and point out the ignorance of many (unfortunately too many “adults”)those that ask similar questions.

    They now know the slippery slope concept and for adults asking the question I tell them it’s typically based on undeveloped logic and reasoning skill who should know better adults but they are having an emotional reaction to an obvious logical reasoned objection to a “simple sign”.

  7. Signing COVID-19 waiver to attend a rally about how COVID-19 is fake takes a special kind of stupid.

  8. Does free speech gives you the right to shout “Fire” in a crowded theater?

    Do speed limits and stop signs infringe on our right of movement?

    If you answered “No”, to both questions, then you admit that rights have limits.

    So the questions are, how do we decide what those limits are, and are masks a reasonable limitation in the current situation?

    The best way to answer the first question is to compare motorcycle helmets and eye protection.

    Should motorcyclists be required to wear helmets? I don’t believe they should. Specifically, I think they have the right to put their own lives at risk.

    But should motorcyclists be required to wear eye protection? Yes! Why? Because if something gets in their eye and they lose control, they put the rest of us at risk. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, the results can be horrendous. Wearing eye protection doesn’t prevent motorcyclists from riding and requires trivial effort.

    Similarly, if not wearing a mask only put yourself at risk, it would be wrong to make you wear one.

    But when you put the lives of others at risk by potentially spreading disease, and the effort to correct that is as trivial as wearing a mask in public places, then it’s not unreasonable to require you to wear a mask where you will be interacting with others.

    And please, don’t tell me it’s too hard. Old people wear masks. Children wear masks. Doctors and nurses wear masks all day. Whole countries — Korea and Japan — wear masks.

    Note, too, that I said “in public places”. I wouldn’t require motorcyclists to wear eye protection 100% of the time — just when they’re riding. Similarly, if you want to go to a crowded bar and hang out all night without wearing a mask, feel free. I don’t have to hang out with you in the bar.

    But don’t wander around Jewel or CVS without one, because I have to — have to — go into stores such as that on a daily basis.

    Finally, please, don’t tell me you’re a “patriot” for refusing to wear a mask. Not wearing a mask in public doesn’t make you a defender of liberty, it just means you’re selfish.

    Now, if you disagree with me, do me a favor: Skip the name calling and the snide innuendos. Instead, just this once, stick to facts and logic. Specifically (1) detail and explain the errors in my reasoning and then (2) explain why you have a right to NOT wear a mask in public places. And if you can’t do that, then quit grumbling and concede you’re wrong.

  9. Dentblah needs a facemask, but for cosmetic reasons only.

    That neck tattoo “Girly Boy” needs to be covered up too.

  10. Steve Wilson needs acting lessons. He could do a lot better than Jussie Smollett.

  11. Steve? Which “facts and logic” have proven that you’d be killing someone by not wearing a mask in public?

    You sound just like Pritzker.

    You’ve got nothing to back up your claim.

    Only made-up stats by people who love to tell you what to do.

  12. OK what exactly is that mystery law?

    And when was it ‘passed’ and by whom?

  13. Steve Wilson just proved he is a complete idiot and a new world order shill. Look up ADA violations and why no one can force you to wear something so stupid that it endangers your own life force. You are a dangerous fruitloop that will bow and kiss the boots of your enslavers! You are the selfish one that thinks he will feel so much safer when everyone just goes along to get along. IF you are so afraid of a fake disease that doesn’t exist STAY HOME!!!!!!!!! You make me wretch.

  14. Steve, you’re one of the few among this head-shaking crowd that tries to have a civil discussion or debate about things affecting our community.

    It’s a shame they can’t respond with equal civility but it’s just not in their DNA, I suppose.

    You didn’t really expect this class of grade school playground bullies to grow up, did you?

    Your argument is reasonable.

    And much as I hate wearing a mask, one I take off immediately after leaving a store, I recognize others in the store have legit reasons to for wanting me to wear one.

    I also wear one out of respect for others because my wife works with Covid patients despite Cindy’s persistent denial that they even exist.

    Some Guy,I thought you might be one of the more reasoned posters of late, but my hopes were diminished with your reply above.

    Ok, class, shower me with your childish insults.

    It’s great entertainment.

  15. eminclake, you didn’t do anything to debate my claim.

    You just implied that you were disappointed with my response.

    There is no real provable argument for or against the covid situation.

    That’s why it’s such a brilliant way to see if people will comply.

    You simply either agree with it or don’t.

    Neither you nor I can prove that the news or stats are accurate either way.

    It’s like people have made compliance a new religion.

  16. eminclake? You are either really gullible or you are just a liar. If your wife works with Covid patients she is brainwashed because there is no such thing. You can’t work with patients of a disease that DOES NOT EXIST! No one knows ANYONE with this fake disease!

  17. Some Guy, let me see if I have your argument correct.

    First, you don’t dispute my logic at all: IF the virus is real and highly transmissible, THEN having people wear masks in public places is not unreasonable.

    However, you dispute the premise, i.e., that COVID-19 is real and transmissible.

    Now, I have a friend who lost her mother-in-law to COVID-19. Her son also contracted it, was sick as a dog, and because he was contagious, couldn’t even attend his mother’s funeral. He’ll never know if he gave it to her or she gave it to him.

    Why don’t you write to my friend and her husband and tell them COVID-19 isn’t real?

    I also have three kids on the front line in this fight: one son who’s a doctor, and two daughters-in-law who are nurses. They worked in the ICU and the emergency room during this pandemic.

    Why don’t you write to them and tell them COVID-19 isn’t real, that they didn’t really see people die of it, and, while you’re at it, accuse them of being part of some massive, tinfoil hat conspiracy?

    And, of course, there’s all the news from multiple sources: WHO, CDC, all the state governments, nursing homes, hospitals, medical researchers, all putting out “statistics” every day.

    And your counter to this is, apparently, that all the data are fake, that COVID-19 isn’t real and that there’s a massive conspiracy involving all the governments of the world, including Russia, China AND America, plus huge numbers of medical professionals, including my kids, and probably the media as well, all working together, all to fool us?

    Yeah, that makes a lot more sense and is certainly consistent with my lifetime of experience with government “efficiency”.

    Do you think we could convince these people to run the DMV for us?

  18. Your anecdotal evidence doesn’t prove anything at all. I’m not even bothering to debate with you about how or why an old woman died.

    Nor am I about to even debate with you about your alleged children on the front line.

    In fact, you were not there for any of it and you’ve just admitted as much.

  19. Steve,

    By the way. I’ve never once said “covid-19 isn’t real” as you imply.

    I simply stated that you’ve got zero evidence that enforcing the masks prevents you from killing someone.

    Then you ramble able “tinfoil hats” and the media and governments.

    You cited “facts and logic” and have only responded that you have family members “on the front lines” and a friend who is alleged to have lost a mother to covid-19 (without sharing any additional details).

  20. By the way.

    Face masks still aren’t required by law, which is the whole point of discussion.

    You are more than welcome to wear yours for the rest of your life, if you wish.

    I’ll get back to real life.

    Don’t blame other people for not stooping to your levels though if they refuse to do it.

  21. Some Guy:

    So far you’ve denigrated my evidence without providing any of your own.

    You don’t want to say if COVID-19 is real or not, but your rebuttal of my “anecdotal” evidence is that because I wasn’t there, it can’t be trusted. Nor can my kids or my friends.

    Your rebuttal of all the government statistics and reports from hospitals and nursing homes?

    There was none.

    Now you fall back on the contention that masks don’t work. Again, you provide no evidence.

    However, the preponderance of the evidence is that masks do work. Not only is there statistical evidence from countries where wearing masks is more common, but there are now numerous studies showing that wearing common surgical masks reduces transmission by as much as 70%. That means if both parties wear masks, transmission is reduced by 91%. Including social distancing reduces the transmission to a fraction of a percent.

    Here are a handful of references to studies showing the effectiveness of wearing masks. You can find some articles to the contrary, especially early on in the pandemic. Those articles have been largely refuted.

  22. Steve- Wear your mask, buddy.

    I don’t care.

    I know that you can’t take it that other people won’t submit like you do.

  23. I have family members “on the front lines”. They are being laid off, hours cut, no one around to minister to! Steve is a liar. AND his family is a bunch of liars and morons if they actually did tell him anything like he pretends. There is NO SUCH THING as COVID! Turn of your teevee, Steve. You are a mind-controlled moron that believes in their conspiracy of lies.

  24. As one of the only true Humanitarians on this Blog.

    I too have faced hatred and persecution, for telling hideous Illinois people, to put a damn bag over their heads.

  25. Steve Willlllllllson is now our resident virologist, archeologist, epidiemiologist, comic, microbiologist and astrophysicist.

  26. Very well put and factual Steve Wilson, but wasted on very scary, ignorant people…Trump supporters!

    JustaVet, you forgot to mention my adult diapers?

  27. Wilson should confine his posts to economic policy, something he knows a bit about.

  28. No, Kevin, I’m a professional research analyst. But what I’ve done on this subject is something anyone could have done — even you.

    For those for whom common sense isn’t enough, and who think the fact that doctors and nurses wear masks isn’t evidence enough, here are few things I found in less than one hour of searching.

    Please, Kevin and “Some Guy”, explain why all of these studies reached the wrong conclusion.

    We detected coronavirus in respiratory droplets and aerosols in 3 of 10 (30%) and 4 of 10 (40%) of the samples collected without face masks, respectively, but did not detect any virus in respiratory droplets or aerosols collected from participants wearing face masks,
    June 01, 2020
    We did a systematic review and meta-analysis to investigate the optimum distance for avoiding person-to-person virus transmission and to assess the use of face masks and eye protection to prevent transmission of viruses. Our search identified 172 observational studies across 16 countries. Across 29 unadjusted studies and ten adjusted studies, the use of both N95 or similar respirators or face masks (eg, disposable surgical masks or similar reusable 12–16-layer cotton masks) by those exposed to infected individuals was associated with a large reduction in risk of infection. both N95 and surgical masks also had a stronger association with protection versus single-layer masks.

    A total of 19 randomised controlled trials were included in this study – 8 in community settings, 6 in healthcare settings and 5 as source control. . In the community, masks appear to be effective with and without hand hygiene, and both together are more protective.

    Cloth-based face masks reduce emission of particles by variable amounts, for example Anfinrud et al15 showed that they are almost completely eliminated. Davies et al16 showed that cloth masks filtered viral particles during coughing at about 50 to 100% of the filtration efficiency of surgical masks, depending on fabric, with absolute filtration efficiencies of 50-70%, and about 70-80% for oral bacteria. van der Sande et al17 showed 50% filtering efficiency for airborne particles.

    Efficacy of face mask in preventing respiratory virus transmission: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Authors: Mingming Liang

    A total of 21 studies met our inclusion criteria. Meta-analyses suggest that mask use provided a significant protective effect (OR = 0.35 and 95% CI = 0.24-0.51). Use of masks by healthcare workers (HCWs) and non-healthcare workers (Non-HCWs) can reduce the risk of respiratory virus infection by 80%.
    Wearing surgical masks in public could help slow COVID-19 pandemic’s advance
    Masks may limit the spread diseases including influenza, rhinoviruses and coronaviruses
    April 3, 2020

    In laboratory experiments, the masks significantly reduced the amounts of various airborne viruses coming from infected patients, measured using the breath-capturing “Gesundheit II machine” developed by Dr. Don Milton, a professor of applied environmental health and a senior author of the study published April 3 in the journal Nature Medicine. “In 111 people infected by either coronavirus, influenza virus or rhinovirus, masks reduced detectable virus in respiratory droplets and aerosols for seasonal coronaviruses, and in respiratory droplets for influenza virus,” Leung said.
    Does Wearing a Mask Protect You from the Flu and Other Viruses?

    One 2013 studyTrusted Source looked at how masks could help people with the seasonal flu limit spreading it when they exhale small droplets containing the virus. Overall, researchers found masks led to a more than threefold reduction in how much virus people sprayed into the air.

    Wearing a mask can significantly reduce coronavirus transmission, study on hamsters claims
    Published Tue, May 19 2020

    Experiments by a team in Hong Kong found that the coronavirus’ transmission rate via respiratory droplets or airborne particles dropped by as much as 75% when surgical masks were used.

    Face Mask Use and Control of Respiratory Virus Transmission in Households
    Emerging Infectious Diseases • • Vol. 15, No. 2, February 2009
    C. Raina MacIntyre

    The relative reduction in the daily risk of acquiring a respiratory infection associated with adherent mask use (P2 or surgical) was in the range of 60%–80%.
    May 14, 2020

    the evidence for wearing masks in public was very strong. It appeared that universal mask-wearing could be one of the most important tools in tackling the spread of COVID-19. The research that first convinced me was a laser light-scattering experiment. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health used lasers to illuminate and count how many droplets of saliva were flung into the air by a person talking with and without a face mask. The paper was only recently published officially, but I saw a YouTube video showing the experiment in early March. The results are shockingly obvious in the video. When the researcher used a simple cloth face cover, nearly all the droplets were blocked. This evidence is only relevant if COVID-19 is transmitted by droplets from a person’s mouth. It is. Another recent study showed that unfitted surgical masks were 100% effective in blocking seasonal coronavirus in droplets ejected during breathing. people without symptoms pose a risk of infecting others. In fact, four recent studies show that nearly half of patients are infected by people who do not themselves have symptoms. most researchers were looking at the wrong question – how well a mask protects the wearer from infection and not how well a mask prevents an infected person from spreading the virus. nearly any kind of simple cloth mask is great for source control. On Feb. 29, the U.S. surgeon general tweeted that masks “are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus.” This missed the key point: They are extremely effective at preventing its spread, as our review of the literature showed.
    Best way to reduce coronavirus transmission is by wearing a face mask, study finds
    June 12, 2020

    The new coronavirus spreads mainly via airborne transmission and wearing a mask is the most effective way to stop person-to person spread, according to a new study.
    A team of researchers in Texas and California compared Covid-19 infection rate trends in Italy and New York both before and after face masks were made mandatory. Both locations started to see infection rates flatten only after mandatory face mask measures were put in place, according to the study published Thursday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
    The researchers calculated that wearing face masks prevented more than 78,000 infections in Italy between April 6 and May 9, and more than 66,000 infections in New York City between April 17 and May 9.

    Face Masks Against COVID-19: An Evidence Review
    Jeremy Howard
    14 May 2020.

    Egress: Masks for Source Control
    When considering the relevance of studies of ingress (masks as protection for the wearer), it is important to note that they are likely to substantially underestimate effectiveness of masks for source control. When someone is breathing, speaking, or coughing, only a small amount of what is coming out of their mouths is already in aerosol form. Nearly all of what is being emitted is droplets. Many of these droplets will then evaporate and turn into aerosolized particles that are 3 to 5- fold smaller. (30) Wearing a mask as source control is largely to stop this process from occurring, since big droplets dehydrate to smaller aerosol particles that can float for longer in air. In a study by Johnson et al (31) on 9 influenza patients, surgical and N95 masks appeared to be equally effective in blocking egress droplets, given that no influenza could be detected by RT-PCR on sample plates at 20 cm distance of the coughing patients, while it was detectable without mask for 7 of the 9 patients. Milton et al (32) checked whether exhaled droplets might be large enough prior to evaporation to be effectively captured by masks used as source control. They found surgical masks produced a 3.4 (95% CI 1.8 to 6.3) fold reduction in viral copies in exhaled breath by 37 influenza patients. Vanden Driessche et al (33) used an improved sampling method based on a controlled human aerosol model, allowing longer time for droplets to evaporate and become airborne. By sampling a homogeneous mix of all the air around the patient, the authors could also detect any aerosol that might leak around the edges of the mask. Among their 6 cystic fibrosis patients producing infected aerosol particles while coughing, the airborne Pseudomonas aeruginosa load was reduced by 88% when wearing a surgical mask compared with no mask.

  29. Two other points, gentlemen.

    1) As I said above, I’m a professional research analyst. Forty years of experience. Several published papers to my name, all of which included statistical analysis. And one of my areas of specialization is the health care field, specifically hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

    2) I have never relied on my expertise to justify one thing I’ve said. I have always relied on the evidence and sound reasoning.

    So far while several of you have taken personal pot shots, not one of you has pointed to a single flaw in my reasoning, advanced any evidence to contradict my points, or responded to the overwhelming evidence that is available.

    When you do that, you’ll have added something of value to the conversation.

  30. Black? He’s frightened. He’s believing the fear porn. If he would shut off his teevee and use his head, he might see the light.

  31. People are growing tired of listening to Steve Willson, who is not a health expert, on anything having to do with coronavirus. Steve Willson’s career has/had something to do with municipal bonds. Steve Willson is considered an expert in that area (bonds), but how do we know he can be trusted on this topic (health)? People suspect that Steve Willson might be purposely leading them astray and hyping up the fear about this virus for his own gain or for his posterity’s gain. If Steve Willson wants to make himself more credible to people on this blog, and it is obvious that most of the people here are not convinced by what he is saying, then he should answer these three questions to assuage people’s skepticism about him.

    1. Steve, do you have any financial interests/investments in the pharmaceutical industry that the IRS is currently aware of or is about to be aware of in the 2018, 2019 or 2020 tax season? It seems like you are very pro-vaccine and don’t think highly of people who question vaccines. The government is pouring billions of dollars into coronavirus vaccine research and development right now, and there is even talk about mandatory vaccination.

    2. Steve, is it a conflict of interest that you make money somehow with municipal bonds? In other words, are you in a position to gain financially by governments going into debt due to lower sales tax revenue as a result of shuttered businesses which would then cause governments to sell more bonds to someone like you?

    3. Steve, are you an atheist or what? How do you describe your religion or spirituality?

  32. Steve Willson’s thoughts and words are well thought out and logical.

    Correcting says “People are growing tired of listening to Steve Willson”.


    What people might be tired of hearing, whether on this Blog or elsewhere, is the infinitesimal amount of people that think that there is no Virus that is killing people in the US and around the world.

    Ignore them.

  33. Steve? Are you completely illiterate? Have you not seen what I have been saying for four months now? Germ theory is a lie! The whole medical SYSTEM is BASED on LIES! You are a professional b/ser if you specialize in the field that is built upon lies! Your anecdotal evidence ain’t gonna cut anything!

    Correcting is correct! The pharmaceutical industry is ALL toxic poisons to bring you nothing but misery and line the pockets of the criminally insane people using these weapons.

  34. bred? You are a complete moron. Do you even know ONE single person that has this fake disease? NO one knows anyone that is even sick! TURN OFF YOUR TEEVEE! THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Steve, I welcome your comments!
    None of us, including dear Cindy, know everything about this situation, none of us.
    (Cindy does have a handle on many issues, but calling everyone moronic that has a different opinion doesn’t help convey her intellect and wisdom!
    Commenting on this blog is like spitting in the wind sometimes, sorry to say.
    I wear a non effective face covering at grocery stores that say “mandatory” out of respect for the management, I don’t go to Menards because it is mandatory. I do my best to stay 6 feet away from folks in public wherever I go. Home Depot and Farm and Fleet, my favorite stores, wearing one is optional. I spend a lot of time and money there, sans mask.
    If I was sneezing or coughing I would wear one, but I feel perfectly healthy.
    The reason I choose to be in the minority, like many of my positions, is this: if we all ‘fall in line’ at the mere suggesting that wearing a non effective face covering will prevent spread of a virus is showing the government we will do whatever they say, without resistance. Especially since the data the government uses is exceptionally flawed. I’ve always been instructed to “Question EVERYTHING!”
    Stay safe and healthy, get outside, increase vitamin intake and smile!🤗

  36. Gary? Don’t You EVER call me Dear! I am NOT your Dear. I do NOT take to condescension. You are absolutely wrong in kowtowing to the liars that are keeping you enslaved. You can watch who gets sick and comes down with infections because they were so dumb as to restrict their own breathing. Yes, it’s happening already to fools. You can jump right in line with them when you tout yourself as self-studied while you promote lies that came from Satan himself. We are at war. If you don’t like the battle cry, step aside!

  37. Steve, here is my problem with face mask.

    People such as yourself that are concerned about catching covid-19 can take actions on your own to protect yourself, without requiring me to do anything. As you mentioned if people go to the bar without face masks you don’t care because you are not going there. Well you also DON’T have to go grocery shopping. There are now many services that will bring everything you need right to your house. No one is making you go out in public.

    Actually you are the one making demands of everyone else, so that you can feel safer when you choose to go out. Unreasonable demands based on the evidence. The fatality rate of those under 50 is very low so the risk for most is minimal despite your personal experience. You think that because you want to FEEL safer, the government should just order everyone else around.

    You are responsible for yourself. If you think shopping is too dangerous, don’t do it. Use instacart. Just because you are paranoid about a virus that is mostly affecting elderly sick people. Roughly 50% of deaths so far have been in nursing homes. FYI, as sad as it is, most of these people would have died from something else within the next year. Otherwise healthy people are not dying from this in large numbers. Understanding statistics as well as you do, you must understand what outliers are, so don’t point to them.

    Overall the risk for the general population is pretty low according to the data. Instead of worrying about face masks, why not focus on protecting the nursing homes.

    If this were about saving lives we would be doing things like paying to isolate nursing home workers. We would come up with ideas like – why don’t we offer all nursing home workers free instacart for groceries and provide them an isolated place to live. In exchange they get a big fat bonus. Instead we pretend that all of us wearing face masks will help when all it really does is virtue signal that you are brainwashed.

  38. Sorry Cindy! My use of the word “dear” was a show of respect to you. I do appreciate your efforts to inform others of the fabulous LIES we are subjected to on a daily basis.

    May I suggest you attend a Toastmasters club? The purpose of Toastmasters is to become better communicators AND listeners in a positive environment. It is a great way to meet kind people that desire to serve others. Positive vibes!

  39. This forum needs more Steve Wilson’s.

    Thank you sir, for your thoughts, reason and lucidity.

  40. I haven’t been into a store since the mask requirement. I respect the store employees even though I don’t agree with it.

    I agree with Gary that we should all work a bit more to be civil and attempt to communicate more effectively. I know that some of this stuff is very divisive but we’ve got to get through it one way or another. To be honest, the entire point of this stuff is to make people angry with one another. You don’t have to agree, but it’s wrong to get to be angry. Take a look at who is out there getting angry, looting, beating, rioting. They aren’t people with compassion or love. We may very well be dealing with this for the remainder of the election. None of this is an accident.

  41. BigOrange absolutely nothing in those links provides evidence that masks reduce deaths.

    A lot of people seem to ignore the fact that the vast majority of alleged covid deaths (sometimes 80% or more in some reports) took place within nursing homes, among people who weren’t even in public places like grocery stores.

    Protecting your family and those around you is a situational circumstance.

    A blanket mandate by people with several ulterior motives is not reasonable.

    There are not “facts and reason” behind it.

    It’s chaos and authoritarianism.

    And those who agree with it are simply those who have something to gain.

  42. **I haven’t been into a store since the mask requirement.**

    Why not? Where/how do you buy things?

  43. In today’s world it’s totally possible to have everything delivered to you with Amazon and Instacart and doordash you don’t ever need to leave home.

    On the subject of violent protests, how bad do you think it will be if Trump wins in November?

    They were out blocking highways in 2016 or did we forget about that?

    The left has this tendency to get violent when they don’t get their way

  44. AlabamaShake: “Why not? Where/how do you buy things?”

    The Internet. You can have groceries delivered or pick them up and never leave your car. Been doing it for years. It got a bit difficult to schedule at the start of the plandemic, but has since returned mostly to normal.

    Also, I’ve always been prepared for some level of a food or supply shortage. Could go for months without groceries. When I was a kid, my grandparents always had a meat freezer and a large supply of canned goods. I don’t take it that far but I’m prepared for things.

    I learned a few new tricks to cook right from frozen with this.

  45. There are some problems with Internet food ordering.

    Sometimes the sell you things that have a short “use by” / “sell by” time.

    I probably wouldn’t normally buy those things.

    I also have received produce that’s been damaged or just not fresh enough.

    Normally they are pretty careful about picking quality items but occasionally you get a bad one.

    The refund process is pretty easy.

    Just a few clicks.

    They don’t normally require you call in for something like produce.

  46. Oh, I order online all the time. I’m just surprised that you are.

    But if you’ve done it for years, it makes more sense.

    I have only been inside one store since the stay-at-home order started.

    But, unlike you, I am doing so because COVID is serious and I’m doing my part to make sure that it doesn’t spread.

  47. I’ll take that as a compliment and that that your assessment of me may not be entirely accurate.

    Nevertheless, I have a background in many things that might surprise you.

    But online purchasing is primarily one of saving time.

    I don’t like wandering around a store several times per week.

    I’ve got too many other things I’d rather do.

  48. Bunch of weenies posting in here and telling everyone how to act. You people are NOT LISTENING! IN our house we go into stores DAILY! (Husband is huge on fresh salads.) NEVER wear a muzzle. NEVER are afraid of fools that “believe” in the lies. YOU are a HUGE part of the problem if you are “order” followers. I told you four months ago to NOT let them take your life from you by falling for their lies, but here you are commiserating with each other over your woe is me situation. Who is the fool now? You’ve done it to yourself. You threw away your freedom. For what?

  49. Cindy, if a store has a posted sign that says “mask is required”, it’s no different than “no shirt, no shoes, no service”. I’ve not worn a mask once, but I also refuse to cause more stress to some teenage grocery or convenience store workers who are being forced to comply by their employers. In my case, only a bit of extra planning was required as I don’t normally go into stores in the first place.

    You seem to be unable to draw a line between submission and outright defiance in a way that shows disrespect for others. I’s pretty clear that you’ve got no respect for others in the way that you communicate or in how you claim to behave in a public space. And even though I don’t really care if you go into a store without a mask, you really shouldn’t care that people refuse to go into a store in the first place.

    You and I both know that a mask is not legally enforceable, but a store also has a right to ask you to leave. They do not have to do business with you.

  50. Very nicely stated Some guy, we are guests in their store.

    Respect the management’s dictates or choose another option, simple.

    I am not a mask wearing advocate for many reasons, one reason is not being able to see the smiling faces.

    Making people smile is something I learned at Toastmasters.

    Sure miss my friends at CL and Fox Valley Toastmasters…good people.

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