Five of Seven Lakewood Village Board Members Approve of Report Exonerating Village President Philip Stephan and Chief Administrative Officer Jeannine Smith

Phil Stephan before the meeting.

At the Lakewood Village Board meeting Tuesday night, only one Trustee, Amy Odum, took exception to the long report read by Trustee Brian Berman.

It found charges of misconduct on the part of Village President Phil Stephan and Chief Administrative Officer Jeanninee Smith unfounded.

Trustees Brian Augustine, Ryan Berman, Pam Eddy, Doug Ulich and Stephan indicated agreement with the report, although no official vote was taken.

Amy Fues Odum said any comments about the report she might have would fall “on deaf ears.”

“I’m not on board as to the way this was handled.”

Another, Bryan Younge, did not participate in the meeting.

Here is the report Berman read:

I may have miscounted, but there are 37 pages of Exhibits and Appendices attached.

Jeannine Smith

People I take photos of often complain about them.

So, when Phil Stephan did so before the meeting, I took the one at the top of the article.

After the meeting Jeannine Smith made a similar comment.

So, I showed here the pictures I had taken and she liked this one taken after the meeting.


Five of Seven Lakewood Village Board Members Approve of Report Exonerating Village President Philip Stephan and Chief Administrative Officer Jeannine Smith — 15 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t call Paige Sorensen a reliable or trustworthy witness for much of anything. She likes to fib.

  2. Only time will tell.

    Certainly seems like a group that cannot work and play well together but. . .

    IF this was a whitewash, expect to see retribution against the accusers and watch as this moves into another forum: Dept of Labor, EEOC, US District Court.

    Then, if it was a coverup, watch the bodies tossed in the fire.

    Pass the popcorn, please.

  3. That’s an awful lot of smoke…

    There has to be some fire somewhere.

  4. Stephan looks like that Little League Coach, parents hope their kids don’t get.

    Jeannine, a gal whose ice cream parlor just went broke.

  5. Report by Ryan Berman, one member of Phil’s goon squad.

    Fox finds Fox innocent of murder of sheep.

    Zero investigation into complaints of work environment, especially of quotes in the NWherald.

  6. This doesn’t address the meat of the issue, which is allegations of ongoing harassment.

    More whitewashing.

  7. So what about Jeannine’s complaint against the Chief of Police?

    Is that considered closed as well?

  8. Cal, They did not take a vote on the findings of fact.

    Phil took a straw pole, then moved on without a vote.

    None of the Board members I spoke with were provided the document or backup at anytime before the vote, which would indicate NONE of their “agreements” with the straw pole were well informed.

    We should label this the “Ryan Berman” dossier.

  9. In Crystal Lake, if Aaron Shepley was calling the shots this would never have happened.

    He had full control of the puppet City Council, key administration positions and assorted dipsticks at the Northworst Herald and States Attorney’s Office.

    There never would have been a public meeting where something like this was given a minute!

  10. Paige Sorensen needs a 12 step program for liars. Maybe a 45 step program.

  11. Why the derogatory comments about Paige?

    Why would she need to be elected?

    Funny how people who stand up to and call out bad, corrupt government get attacked as bad guys.

    20+ employees all call Stephan and Smith horrible and Smith and Stephan try to paint Paige as the bad guy?

    Police Chief Mike Roth who had an impeccable record and did wonders for Lakewood, resigned specifically because of Smith and Stephans behavior.

    And he refused to be complicit.

    Now the new Chief says the same.

    Smith and Stephan are A BAD element.

    Treasurer Jean Heckman was an asset to the village.

    She recently quit stating that Smith and Stephan were committing very questionable acts and were stepping on any who threatened to expose them.

    At least one other long standing employee with an exemplary work history who Lakewood PD will tell you was an integral part of the administration just walked away.


    Because Smith and Stephan are toxic!

    Jan Hansen Has served well for almost two decades and she concurs.

    Smith and Stephan are rotten and are hurting Lakewood.

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