GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Curren Seeks Debates with Veteran Democrat Dick Durbin “Any Time, and Place”

From Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark Curren, who will be at Woodstock’s Red Mill Inn (just south of Business Route 14) tonight at 5:30:

U.S. Senate candidate Curran says Illinois deserves to see debates with Democrat Sen. Durbin

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill., June 11 – Mark Curran, IL Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020 and former Sheriff of Lake County, is seeking numerous debates with incumbent Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin because he believes the people of Illinois deserve to have them.

“I want debates with Sen. Dick Durbin.

“I would want debates every week if I could.

“The citizens of Illinois deserve that because they only have two U.S. Senators.

“So essentially that’s the highest office they are going to be able to vote for other than the president.

“So it’s a very, very, very important office,” said Curran in a released statement.

Curran has not yet had the opportunity by the Chicago media to debate Sen. Durbin during the 2020 election cycle and he believes not having debates feeds corruption.

Curran is willing to meet any time, and place for several debates with Sen. Durbin.

“To not have debates is just feeding the corruption, fueling the corruption that exists in Illinois.

“Not having debates signals to the Illinois citizens that the incumbent party is essentially saying that THEY don’t need debates, we are going to squash any opposition, and that is what dictatorial regimes do,” said Curran.

“If the democrats and Illinois media do everything they can to make sure the opposition isn’t heard, that the opposition’s voice isn’t out there, or that the opposition can’t get traction, that’s not America,” Curran said.

Illinois constituents are encouraged to contact their local media and Sen Durbin’s office requesting debates with the Republican candidate in 2020 not be denied to the voters of the state. 


GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Curren Seeks Debates with Veteran Democrat Dick Durbin “Any Time, and Place” — 21 Comments

  1. I’d pay to see corrupt Durbin become a political punching bag for Curren.

    Just to witness Curren bitch slap that smarmy grin off Durbin’s lying face
    would be worth the price of admission alone.

  2. Just a reminder to any existing Illinois Republicans that may attend.

    Our secret handshake is the “I don’t know’ shrug.

  3. Back in 2005, Senator Dick Durbin compared our US Troops at Gitmo at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Nazis, Soviet gulags and Cambodia’s Pol Pot. After a tremendous outcry by citizens, he apologized for his outlandish and ridiculous statement. Unfortunately, he was not asked to resign his position nor did the Democrat Party demand his resignation. Durbin is the Number Two Democrat in the US Senate.

    The Number One Democrat in the US Senate is Chuck Schumer. Last Spring, on the steps of the US Supreme Court, Schumer threatened US Supreme Court Justices if they did not do things his way. Unfortunately, he did not resign his position nor did the Democrat Party demand his resignation.

  4. Sign of weakness of any candidate is asking/demanding debates with your opponent(s).

    That is what Mark Curran is doing here, showing how weak he is.

    Next Tuesday is the FEC fundraising cutoff for the 2nd quarter.

    Curran then has two weeks to file his 2nd quarter report.

    Best way to help Curran is go out and give as much as you can, up to $2,800 individual limit.

    If Durbin sees a couple of million dollars in Curran’s cash on hand, he’ll want to debate him, because Curran will be seen as viable not only by Durbin, but by everyone else.

  5. “give thousands of dollars to Mark Curran”

    John Lopez, what you are suggesting is objectively BAD ADVICE for Republicans and here’s why.

    1. Durbin and Curran are going to debate anyway, regardless of how much money Curran has.

    2. Curran has no chance of winning.

    3. That money could be better spent in other contests that are close and winnable.

  6. Durbin and the rest of the Democrats are weaker now than ever before.

    They have openly gone all in on socialism, are defending criminals who tear down public statues, making excuses when they burn down buildings and have supported criminals who have taken over part of a major US city.

    If there ever was a time where we could take out someone like Durbin it’s now.

    Look how hard the left goes after McConnell.

    Well, Durbin is something like the 3rd ranking Democrat in Congress.

    The Republicans so be going after him very aggressively.

    It’s pretty much now or never.

  7. I do agree with John, don’t ask for a debate.

    Go on the attack strongly enough where he has no choice but to debate him.

  8. **Durbin and the rest of the Democrats are weaker now than ever before.**

    LOL – believe what you want, but all data points say that you are very wrong.

    Just like all the folks that said similar things in ’18 – and the Dems then crushed the midterm elections.

  9. Data points were wrong about Trump in 2016.

    Besides I know he’s behind.

    What I am saying is that they are weak in certain ways that can be exploited.

    A year ago he was being ranked as one of the least liked Senators.

    He is weak, question is will his opponent take advantage of it.

  10. Correcting, you miss the point and I thank Neal for reiterating it, asking/demanding debates is a loser’s move.

    As to your numbered points, #1 will not happen because of #2, and #3 is valid if someone who’s maxed out goes out of state to donate.

    If I’m Durbin, I don’t debate Curran.

    Same goes for Underwood against Oberweis, unless Oberweis begins to show some real life, and that includes a Catalina Lauf endorsement (many of her supporters in social media openly saying they’ll either vote Underwood or simply leave the 14th blank).

  11. **Data points were wrong about Trump in 2016.**

    No, they really were not. The national polls in ’16 head Hillary winning the national vote.

    The RCP average ended at 3.3, and she won by 2.2 points.

    That is WELL within any margin of error.

    The swing states (with Wisconsin being the exception, where the polls were further off than the others) that Trump won by a handful of votes were all within the margins of error of what the polling was saying.

  12. You are missing my point and distracting with facts that don’t matter.

    The nation vote is POINTLESS. It’s not what counts.

    I’m not even disputing the polls.

    My point has nothing to do with CURRENT opinion.

    My point is once again, is that there is a strategy that has a CHANCE of working.

    They are weaker now than in the past, but still not losing.

    Now is the time to go on the offense and maybe those polls can be changed is my point.

  13. **I’m not even disputing the polls.**

    Ok. “Data points were wrong about Trump in 2016.”

  14. Data points about Trump in 2016 were not as wrong as you and other Republicans think, Neal.

    That’s a Republican cope to disregard any poll that is unfavorable to them so they don’t have to deal with reality.

    The truth is that Trump narrowly won a few swing states and most the polls showed a very tight race, within the margin of error, in those states.

    Anybody looking at poll averages close to the election knew PA, FL, WI, and MI were going to be close.

    What was surprising was that he swept them all, but that’s not even too surprising since Clinton took the rust belt for granted and didn’t campaign there enough.

    Republicans disregarded polls in 2018 and got absolutely smashed.

    Durbin is going to win by double digits.

    He crushed Oberweis by double digits in 2014 and that was in a GOOD year for Republicans, the year when Rauner won.

    This is a presidential election year.

    Curran is toast.

  15. Stop sidetracking with a pointless discussion that has nothing to do with the point I am making.

    I agree all the polls right now are accurate.

    There is no dispute on this.

    I still think that there is a crack right now that can be used.

    Polls do not determine the outcome of a race, people do.

    A poll is just a snapshot.

    Think back to January and try telling me that nothing can change in 4 months.

    The left is going for the kill, go very out on a limb with the far far left stuff.

    Let’s not forget there is a huge part of the democratic party that doesn’t agree with that or Bernie would be the nominee.

  16. Durbin Gotta Go…. his days are numbered now… useless pos..

  17. Durban, the AIPAC whore.

    BLM whore.

    AOC whore.

    Union whore.

    LGBT whore

    He doesn’t represent me for a NY minute.

  18. Anyone who supports the organization BLM doesn’t support the United States or the views of the majority of the population.

  19. A series of ‘unfortunate’ staged events will insure Trump’s victory.

    Then all the cities will burn.

    Then the gloves come off and ‘shoot to kill’ orders issued.

    Sorry oh, you are a thumb sucking loser.

  20. I agree with your general idea that Trump will win, that will trigger protests (like in 2016), and that there will be a crackdown at that point.

    The dems are sore losers and will do everything possible to act like it.

    I don’t know what you mean by ‘unfortunate event’ but I do think the longer this goes on the better Trump’s chances.

    The protesters do not represent most Americans, despite what the news says.

  21. Alabama, normal people will not vote for an imbecile hiding out in a basement, spouting holocaust type wild exaggerations, like his recent ‘124 millions have died of covid’….. the DNC’s last minute switcheroo can-dud-date won’t work when sleepy creepy joe is step’s down for ‘ health reasons’.

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