Four Years for Criminal Sexual Assault for Lakemoor Man

From the State’s Attorney’s Office:


Kevin Graf

Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that 28-year-old Kevin Graf, of Lakemoor, Illinois, was sentenced to four years in the Illinois Department of Corrections, followed by three years to his natural life of mandatory supervised release, for the offense of criminal sexual assault following a sentencing hearing on June 25, 2020 before the Honorable Judge Robert Wilbrandt.

Graf will have to serve 85% of his sentence pursuant to the Illinois Truth in Sentencing Guidelines and register as a sex offender for his natural life.

This case was investigated by the Lakemoor Police Department and was prosecuted by Taylor Nesbit of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.


Four Years for Criminal Sexual Assault for Lakemoor Man — 7 Comments

  1. Why is Franks at large, but this nothing case gets a 4 yr jag?

    Who’s protecting Franks?

    Why is Kenneally fronting for Franks?

  2. More low hanging fruit! Jackalope Patty O’Kenneally is in Office for the purpose of protecting his benefactors in McHenry County government positions from their criminal activities consequences.

    He’s willing to overlook their conduct for the power, prestige and paycheck his position offers and of course he likes to march around in parades! Oh how he can march!

    McHenry County certainly can do better than this pear shaped, balding loser in my opinion.

    Is Richard Nixon available?

  3. Kenneally can do nothing to Franks for offenses that occurred in Springfield.

    Kenneally can only prosecute crimes that happen in Mchenry County.

  4. Just saw a video (Sarah Westphal) about how lawyers use a technique to steal money from unsuspecting elderly by getting them to sign a contract putting the lawyer as legal guardian.

    Then they disallow family members from taking care of their parents and stealing the inheritance while placing the person in a drug induced slumber, then death.

    The US Government’s own GOA estimates 500 billion to one trillion dollars ANNUALLY is wrongfully taken and the attorneys and judges do nothing to help because they are a part of the racket.

    20-40 trillion dollars would go a long way to solve Americas problems, when asked where this money goes….watch out!

  5. I’m writing of McHenry County Municipalities, Township and County Government not Springfield Jim.

  6. Jim doesn’t know what he’s yapping about.

    Patty ‘scum’ Kenneally has a responsibility to protect people in McHenry.

    But he doesn’t do sh*t bc he’s pals with the sh*theel!

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