IL-06/IL-14: House Passes D.C. Statehood Legislation

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Democrats continue their election year publicity stunts knowing ballots start to be cast three months from now by mail

Early this afternoon, the House of Representatives passed on a party line vote of 232-180, H.R. 51 which is legislation authorizing the division of the 69 square miles of the District of Columbia with 3 square miles encompassing the Washington Mall, the Capitol and the White House, and the remaining 66 square miles to be designated the state of “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth” (state of Washington, D.C.).

Predictable talking points of Democrats disguising their blatant power grab covered fully here, with Republicans arguing accurately this legislation is unconstitutional.

Sean Casten

Right before the vote, Congressman Sean Casten tweeted the following in support of the legislation. He did not speak during the morning debate:

“While recent weeks have brought to light many things our history books left out, one thing we ALL learned was Taxation Without Representation.

“Yet D.C. residents pay the highest per capita federal income tax & contribute more in fed. income tax than residents of 22 states.”

Congressman Sean Casten tweet prior to voting on H.R. 51

Prior to the final vote, Republicans introduced a Motion to Recommit (MTR) which would require conditions for the new state, including it could not be a sanctuary state. It was voted down by the Democrats, but 8 Democrats voted with the Republicans, while 3 Republicans voted with the Democrats.

Source: California Target Book

And on final passage, here’s the grid:

Source: California Target Book

All of the Democrats, either physically present or by proxy, voted for final passage, with the exception of Congressman Collin Peterson (D, MN-07), who voted with the Republicans and the Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash (MI-03).

As discussed in Tuesday’s McHenry County Blog article, this legislation will likely go nowhere in the U.S. Senate, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, knowing the legislation in unconstitutional will not waste the Senate’s time on this issue, regardless of all of the “Taxation without Representation” platitudes put on it.

Democrats know their only hope for this legislation to pass (only to be struck down in the courts) is with a Democrat clean-sweep in the elections (Presidency, House and Senate control), which was the purpose of this legislation.


IL-06/IL-14: House Passes D.C. Statehood Legislation — 6 Comments

  1. Ridiculous. Democrats are fools. Their party was hijacked by radicals and far left wing extremists that would destroy this nation. In the unlikely event that dufus dementia Biden wins and Democrats take over the Senate, expect that the US will replicate Venezuela. This is evident by their wanting open borders, elimination of ICE and police and their inaction by their Democrat mayors and governors allowing arson, looting, insurrection, violence and anarchy over the last month. Their last president was friends with a husband/wife team that bombed buildings and the group they helped found wanted to overthrow the US Government. Trust no Democrat. Ever.

  2. Washington DC was set up to be a part of the Federal government and won’t be becoming a State.

    It’s all part of the Anti American, Anti Trump Sedition and attack by the Globalist agenda!

    If America and the Constitution weren’t under attack we wouldn’t have loser politicians like Bush, Clinton, Soetoro, Prizker, Lightfoot, Sager, Shepley….. and Patty O’Kenneally marching around in my opinion!

  3. That’s why we need to get Underwood out.

    Flip our seat back red like it should be.

    Underwood doesn’t represent this district’s views at all.

  4. When is MLK’s statue coming down?

    Read what he said about homosexuality…its not in line with LGBQT Teachings at all…more akin to Ann Landers “its a mental illness” belief.

    So therefore, given the Mobs rules on statues, it needs to come down, otherwise its all hypocrisy.

    And MLK was a Republican so in the MObs eyes that should be OK..right Pelosi?

    Mobs are marching down the streets of Beverly Hills right now, the residential areas, shouting “eat the rich”—-they’re next. This is not going to end well for any Group, or anyone.

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