Jack Franks’ Attempt to Get Special Action from Governor Pritzker Failed

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks trumpeted his attempt to convince Governor JB Pritzker to separate McHenry County from Chicago and Cook County for Coronavirus re-opening purpose.

The argument, undoubtedly prepared by the County Health Department, was well-reasoned.

But Franks obtained no dispensation for local residents resulting from either the logic of the presentation or his special relationship.

JB Pritzker and Jack Franks in Lake Geneva.

The Illinois Public Health Department has just released a map in which blue is good.

Note that there is no difference between the good counties and the bad.

See details here.

County-by-county statistics considered important are here and listed below:

Listed are

  • New Cases per 100,000
  • Test Positivity %
  • (%) CLI ED Visits, Adults
  • Number of CLI Admissions
  • Number of Deaths
  • ICU (%) Available

Date from the McHenry County Health Department is here.


Jack Franks’ Attempt to Get Special Action from Governor Pritzker Failed — 29 Comments

  1. ** Note that there is no difference between the good counties and the bad.**

    What does this mean?

  2. Riddle me this: Are the BLM picketers/rioters covid19 spreaders?

    Yeah, that’s a possibility

  3. Another fail?

    US Sees Second Straight Record Jump In Daily COVID-19 Cases; Biden Says He Would Make Mask-Wearing Mandatory

  4. It means that all of these orders are simply arbitrary and being made by one man illegally, with zero checks on his power.

  5. And how exactly would Biden make masks mandatory?

    Things like that are beyond the power of the federal government.

    Local and state governments have that authority.

  6. **It means that all of these orders are simply arbitrary and being made by one man illegally, with zero checks on his power.**

    One judge has issued a TRO, but I believe that Pritzker has won in every other court where his EOs and emergency declarations have been challenged.

    So, you can call it illegal all you want, but so far the courts are not agreeing with you.

  7. I refuse the mask.

    I refuse the lies.

    I refuse to wash negro feet.

    I refuse to hop around like a Tutsi tribeswoman whenever Underwood ululates or Lightfoot rages.

  8. Read the law for yourself. It is very clear about the 30 days. If you allow the governor to just keep declaring disasters then that defeats the intent of the GA putting that limit in. If the courts end up ruling otherwise they are clearly making the law up and that is a separate issue.

    I’m not saying he doesn’t mean well or even that his rules are all bad. I’m saying he should follow the law. There are laws on the books that address how to deal with a epidemic. It’s pretty clear the GA didn’t intend for the governor to have supreme power for months on end. Even if they did intend that, it would still not be valid as it violates separation of powers.

  9. Joe Biden can’t count to 10 anymore.

    He has dementia and the democrat party is stuck with him.

    For now.

    So the question becomes, how do they get rid of him?

    Or will he just be the delivery driver for his female running mate, and fade away soon after the election?

  10. That picture was just missing my big ass to make it perfect.

  11. Besides the Republican Party championing the fine accomplishments of Trump and advocacy for a 2nd term, they ABSOLUTELY need to make sure that every American voter knows that a vote for the Democrat presidential ticket is actually a vote for the named VP to become the president. Joe Biden has on numerous occasions shown a number of signs of dementia. He is getting worse as each day passes. The Democrat Party is keeping him in his basement and out of the public eye to keep the damage of his image to a minimum. Biden has a number of other problems besides dementia that make him unfit to be president

    Make no mistake. If the dufus dementia Joe Biden somehow beats Trump on Nov 3rd, the Democrat Party will likely declare him unfit to serve as president in the first year and will ask to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. Unfortunately for the future of the USA, there is not a single person speculated to be Biden’s pick for VP that is even remotely qualified to be president.

  12. All fabricated nonsense. People need to start seeing through all of their lies and bologna. Stop chasing rainbows! Ignore all their shenanigans and take your own life back from the interlopers. While you follow and believe their bullshit your own soul is in jeopardy.

  13. Isn’t it too little way late to be advocating for McHenry to not be in the Chicago region?

    We’re in phase 4 now…

    Can’t really get much further than that until a vaccine or it just goes away.

  14. At this point, it doesn’t matter anyway.

    “Phase 5” is nowhere insight and you can bet that JB will do everything to keep the entire state “All In” regardless of regional differences.

    You are all going to suffer in the way that Cook County always makes the state suffer.

  15. Is it true that local governments were exempt from some of Pritzker’s executive orders on gatherings and that Franks could have been holding public meetings sooner but chose to do them online instead (making it more difficult for public participation), all while putting out the public image to newspapers that he was trying to “re-open” McHenry County faster than scheduled?

    If that is true, that is not good!

    I don’t know for sure; these are just things I’ve heard through the grapevine.

    I’m just asking for clarification from people who know what the heck is going on here.

  16. Suffer? Not here.

    I can ride my horse to my old house up on Geneva Lake.

    If Chicago got flushed into Lake Michigan think of the nice new shoreline*

  17. Been waiting for a vaccine for HIV since the late 1980’s.

    None yet.

  18. No MERS vaccine either.

    Even the SARS-CoV-1 vaccine has limited testing, and took about 2 years to develop.

    By then, it didn’t even matter.

    Pritzker wants you to wait for a vaccine until we can progress to “Phase 5”.

    Let’s see how that really works out.


    Ezike’s response is sickening.

    People need to start making up their own minds and stop letting this communist dictatorship decide for them.

  19. I know a few communists in these forums who would gladly wait 2 years for a vaccine, if it meant keeping you locked in as well.

    They toe the party line with extreme prejudice.

  20. The “new normal” is meant to make you go crazy and make you go broke.

    “THE CORONAVIRUS crisis could lead to social unrest, violence and mass unemployment, a business expert has warned.”
    Written in March.



    “While the pandemic ravages American workers, the federal government has orchestrated a monumental transfer of wealth from the bottom of the economic ladder to the top.”

  21. Cal? There will NEVER be a vaccine for HIV because it DOESN’T EXIST. It is a fake disease.

  22. Cindy is correct in a weird way.

    As any virologist can tell her, AIDS, is a syndrome, not a ‘disease’ itself.

    HIV could be 1,000 different viral strains, most quite harmless.

  23. ‘Lilrip? I know this because my brother-in-law died of “HIV” eight years ago. Nevermind the heroin speedballs. I object to your use of the phrase viral strains. I hope you are not hinting at the notion that a virus can cause any disease.

  24. Was that waitress aware of the sexual assault allegations against Jack Franks before she got that close?

    Because I don’t see Franks’ Capitol escort with him…

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