Mandy Montford’s Letter Requesting Appointment to the Crystal Lake City Council

As I have requested in the past, I asked the City of Crystal Lake for documents concerning the appointment of the new City Council member:

Here is what I received about newly-appointed member Mandy Montford:


Mandy Montford’s Letter Requesting Appointment to the Crystal Lake City Council — 11 Comments

  1. Funny that they put Robert Miller ( not from the Township) through the hoops rejecting his City Council application as the County government offices were closed on the deadline date because of a blizzard but Crystal Lake City Hall remained open.

    I’d bet that those holding Council seats and high paying management positions didn’t show up but a few front desk people that day and the Access Key Card records would prove it!

    Montford was just appointed with no opposition and just another turd in the punch bowl in my opinion.

  2. Anybody know the results of the mayors autopsy and toxicology?

    This should be public information by now.

  3. When did we vote for this one?

    i don’t remember any voting process for anyone to sit on council right now?

    What is going on i thought all the FAV sheep went to the grave with the last one?

    who is double dealing here?

  4. One of the organizers of the BLM rally in Crystal Lake appears to be the son of the board president of the McHenry County Community Foundation.

    Last name Middaugh.

    What is the McHenry County Community Foundation?

    They are part of the Chicago Community Trust.
    “The Chicago Community Trust mobilizes people, ideas, organizations and resources to advance equity, opportunity and prosperity for all.

    In 2019, the Trust launched a ten-year strategic plan focused on addressing the region’s racial and ethnic wealth gap.

    The three-part strategy to close this gap centers around growing household wealth, catalyzing neighborhood investment and building collective power.

    In addition to this work, the Trust will continue to address the critical needs of the region and maximize the impact of philanthropic giving.”

    One of their goals is to close the income gap between whites and Black and Latinx communities.

    “In the Chicago region, White families hold nearly ten times the wealth of Black and Latinx families.”

    Their endowment is over 3 billion dollars.

    Did BLM have anything to say about Montford being appointed?

    Montford works for a large real estate firm.

    But does BLM talk about THIS disparity?

    Their “equity” is limited to wanting to make whites and blacks more equal.

    They don’t talk about the BIG PLAYERS: major financial institutions, real estate, insurance, big pharma, central banks.

    BLM is a sheepdog organization, leading people astray making them think WHITE people are the source of all these problems in society.

    Many white people are POOR themselves. Take a look at Wonder Lake, Harvard, or some of the places around here and you can see it.

    But BLM does not talk about the people and institutions who have ripped us ALL off.

    They want to divide us by race.

  5. Hello Cal,

    Thank you for posting Mandy Montford’s letter. Do you know if any other people applied for the vacancy and/or submitted a letter of interest?


  6. I do not, but, if someone did, there is no paperwork at City Hall.

  7. Mandy Montford was a friend and close political ally of Lakewood’s Erin Smith.

    So you just know she is a bad Apple.

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