Stepping Away from Pritzker’s Purgatory

My wife and I had the pleasure of eating inside Outback Steakhouse tonight.

Outback Steakhouse opened its doors Friday, June 26, 2020.

We both had our favorites.


Stepping Away from Pritzker’s Purgatory — 9 Comments

  1. Cal,

    How crowded was it for the first night open and limited capacity?

    I was considering going out tonight but had too much work.

    Hoping for tomorrow.

  2. There was more room, but we went before five.

    I’d suggest calling ahead for a time.

    Not a reservation, but gets you closer to the head of any line.

    And, if there is a vacancy in the bar, there is no waiting.

  3. I realize you can’t wear a mask when eating, but did staff and servers wear theirs?

  4. Yes, they did.

    And I saw cleaning of the closed bar with a squirt bottle and cloth.

  5. BigOrange, I went to eat at a place in McHenry not long ago.

    Dining was outdoors.

    The workers were all wearing masks.

    I was at a place in Woodstock and most of the workers were not wearing masks.

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