Algonquin Library “Stands Against Racism”

From the Algonquin Area Public Library District:

We Stand Against Racism

June 25, 2020Uncategorized

Recent events have resulted in actions and conversations around the racial inequities in our country, and are causing many people to pause and give consideration to the broad and painful impacts of ongoing systemic
racism and devaluing of Black lives.

As an institution that stands for equity, access, and diverse representation,
the Algonquin Area Public Library District is committed to examining our practices and doing more to ensure that we represent the diversity of our community and allow people to see themselves and others in the materials and services we provide.

AAPLD is committed to conscientious efforts to better serve our whole community.

We are taking action to create opportunities for community learning and an environment of awareness and inclusivity in the library.

We are building our print and digital collections to meet demand for anti-racist materials, creating lists for adults and children with diverse characters and messages of anti-racism, and we will be auditing our programs and collections to ensure that Black and other non-white voices are not only represented, but celebrated.

We envision AAPLD as a place to be who you are and explore who you can become.

We invite you to explore and engage so that we as a community can become better together.


From Our Collection:
• Reading for Understanding (Adults)
• An Anti-Racist Reading List: Overdrive/Libby ebooks & audiobooks (Adults & Teens)
• Conversations About Race: hoopla eBooks & eAudiobooks (Adults & Teens)
• Anti-Racist Youth eBooks Part 1 Part 2 (Youth)

For Speaking to Children About Racism:
• Conversations with Common Sense: Helping Kids Process Violence, Trauma, and Race in a World of Nonstop News
• How to Speak to Kids about Race Relations in America (Today Show with Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely)
• Kojo For Kids: Jason Reynolds Talks About Racism And The Protests
• How To Talk To Your Kids About Race, Racism And Police Violence (WBUR’s On Point)
• Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture: Talking About Race
• Talking to Kids About Racism (Marie Tae McDermott interview with Christiana Cobb-Dozier, a school counselor in Los Angeles, and Christian Robinson, children’s book author/illustrator)

Recommend Reading Lists:
• Black Lives Matter Reading List (0-12), compiled by Sujei Lugo Vázquez & Alia Jones
• Brain Lair Books: This List is Anti-Racist, created by Kathy M. Burnette
• Black Joy Booklist, written by Alia Jones

American Library Association Statement:
• ALA Executive Board Stands with BCALA 
• ALA Executive Board Stands with APALA

Illinois Library Association Statement:
• ILA Condemns Racism and Violence


Algonquin Library “Stands Against Racism” — 13 Comments

  1. I feel so much better about my tax bill now!

    I’ve been quite concerned all this time that my tax dollars were being wasted on a bloated, and more importantly, racist, library.

    I better not find any copies of “Gone With The Wind” or I’ll schedule a “protest”!

    But in a city with one of the most leftist Mayors continuing to be elected term after term, I guess it is to be expected.

  2. Nothing like blowing your own horn about doing something that’s expected and of common sense.

    Look I’m breathing and can dress myself!

    Golf clap Algonquin Library.

    Next….. Patrick D. Kennelly wipes his own backdoor with questionable results.

  3. When’s the next drag queen show for tots scheduled in that rathole library!

  4. Board Members of the Library per their website:

    Katrina McGuire, President
    Stephen Schaaf, Vice President
    Gabriel Mejia, Treasurer
    Michael J. Smith, Secretary
    Ramanan Athmalingam, Trustee
    Fatima Medrano-Sanchez, Trustee
    Peter J. Pelke II, Trustee

    Did this entire group approve using the phrase “ongoing systemic
    racism”? “Ongoing”? “Systemic”?

    That is a very serious claim and THEY need to come up
    with facts and data to substantiate this claim. When, where, how,
    who, etc.

  5. Schaff is a real creep….. wanted all kinds of transgendered crap, ‘story hour’ with flaming homosexuals, etc

  6. Confederate?

    Probably not, but I do.

    I have the 2011 First Edition thus.

    You want to borrow it?

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