Coronavirus Spiking Stories Compared to the Broader Story

The stories about Covid-19 all seem to concentrate on newly-identified cases in Florida, Texas and Georgia.

There is more to the situation that new cases.

Here is what the Friend of McHenry County Blog who did the research a reader who emphasized the increase in cases, but refused to look more broadly at the disease’s statistics, found today:

“Guess what? 

“While the number of cases have increased, the Deaths per 1M have increased less in Georgia than in Illinois while Texas and Florida rates remain well below Illinois.”

“The MSM is really working hard to present information which will support the socialist / communist narrative which will get the public to demand face masks for everyone followed by MANDATORY vaccinations.”


Coronavirus Spiking Stories Compared to the Broader Story — 4 Comments

  1. And, for the third time, Florida, Texas, and Georgia have all been proven to have been fudging their numbers.

    When the people in charge of reporting them are told to fudge them, they refuse and then get fired.

  2. I would be interested to see these statistics broken down even more as this is based on the total pandemic period.

    How about for the last 2 weeks, over the last month etc.

    This will give people a better picture of what is actually happening now.

  3. BigOrange believes that other states are “fudging the numbers” and that Illinois, one of the most corrupt states in the republic, is producing honest stats.

  4. The numbers in Chop Suey land aka the dog eaters of China must be multiplied by 20.

    A lot of dead cell phone accounts.

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