Jack Franks Spends Thousands of Tax Dollars in Campaign-Style Every-Household Mailing

It’s been a long time since I scanned a campaign post card.

But what should appear in my mailbox this morning but a piece that contains Jack Franks’ name five times on the address side, which comes to “LOCAL POSTAL CUSTOMER.”

It appears to have been financed with tax dollars.

Our tax dollars.

Oh, well,

Jack Franks is what Jack Franks is.

He still thinks like he did as State Representative.

Force those who receive your political mailings to pay for them.


Jack Franks Spends Thousands of Tax Dollars in Campaign-Style Every-Household Mailing — 15 Comments

  1. Franks can’t spend our money fast enough.

    The solution is there –

    Make your commitment to vote for Mike Buehler.

  2. I’d personally like to see Franks picture on a Wanted poster!

    Then after his arrest, trial and conviction, a picture of his first night in prison sharing a cell with Big Bubba!

    The first case of Crisco margarine is my treat!

  3. Do board members know they approved tax payer funds for mailers such as this?

  4. I got a similar really expensive card four-color process printing on heavy stock telling me about District 47 and Covid. This is what they do with the dollars they steal from us? Some people are too greedy and too stupid to even function in society. While we are at it, I noticed the illustrious City of Crystal Lake has once again squandered our tax dollars on huge flower arrangements all over downtown. You know, the place nobody was allowed to go to for the last three months! Morons all!

  5. He does not need board members approval under a certain amount.

    Citizens fell for his bs and voted for him, giving him keys to the kingdom.

  6. Why not, Cal?

    How long has he been doing it to us?

    If he had any true feelings (other than contempt) for us serfs, he would have printed it on tissue paper and given us something useful!

  7. Wait for the antiBuehler hate pieces to arrive via the US Mail from phony ‘senders.’

  8. Of course not Cal!

    It’s called reality and what happens to these types of gutless weasels and assorted turds once the doors swing closed!

    In the Big House, Bubba and others are just looking for some friction and Jack Franks would be quite popular as would others around McHenry County politics who’ve avoided the consequences of their actions thanks to the incompetence or compliancy of the State’s Attorney and Northworst Herald in keeping things out of the public discussion IMO.

    I’m sure Franks would be worth a pack of cigarettes to many lifers and gang bangers to whom ever owned him.

    In addition to the Crisco I’d also be glad to donate ten cartons of Lucky Strikes.

  9. Sex creep figured out a cute way to campaign on the taxpayer’s dime.


    His daddy OK’d it!

  10. Perv-Franks yucks it all up.

    His Igor, Peter ‘Rabbit’ Austin, is his prime meridian minion hired from Madigan’s crime staff.

    Peter Austin likes mocha.

  11. Franks, the pervert Little Caesar shouting out orders to his goons like Craver and Austin Fears nothing from Poddleboy Kenneally or LGBTQ Kwame.

  12. I don’t see the section where Jack Franks covers the sexual assault allegations against him?

    Will that be in his next taxpayer-paid mailing..?

  13. Are the allegations against the freak asserted by:

    1) Men/boys

    2) Women/girls

    3) trans

    4) farm animals

    5) Thai ‘dancers’

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