Board of Health Schedules Secret Meeting re Litigation

On Monday, June 29, 2020, the McHenry County Board of Health will meet in Executive Session to discuss litigation, presumably with the Sheriff’s Department and other police agencies concerning the revelation of names of those with Coronavirus.


Board of Health Schedules Secret Meeting re Litigation — 9 Comments

  1. It was illegal! Kenneally and Prim should be ashamed of themselves.

    Pure scum.

    They praise BLM and trample on liberties.

    Take a knee surrender monkeys.

  2. First responders, police and fire, need to know if they are responding to Chinese Virus infected persons. It is in the code of CDC that this info is allowed and legal.

  3. Really Cal?

    I know hypocrisy is a major part of politics, but this is the headline you put up?

    So you complain the NWH doesn’t cover Frank’s bad behavior and complain that he spent a couple thousand dollars on mailers, but ignore what the court of appeals just ruled and how much Kenneally and Prim’s folly cost taxpayers.

    How about this, “2nd District Court of Appeals’ ruling eviscerates Judge Chimel stating that order issued to allow Kenneally, Prim, and their 4 municipality sycophants to violate McHenry County Citizens’ Rights wholly inappropriate and unjustified”.

    So when can we expect Wheeler or any of the other Republicrats to ask how many tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars were wasted?

    Will you be sending a FOIA to find out?

    Somehow I doubt it.

  4. Bred, whose instincts are usually good, is way off base with this post!

  5. Bred is an idiot who believes the fake virus is REAL! Anyone that stupid is helping usher in the new world order beast system. If you won’t turn off your programming, no one can reach you.

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