Colonial Cafe Closing in Algonquin

First it was the shuttering of the Colonial Cafe in Crystal Lake.

Now, the restaurant chain is announcing the closure of its Algonquin eatery.

Dear Algonquin & McHenry County Guests,

For 15 years we have enjoyed hosting you at our Algonquin Colonial Café, located at 2555 Bunker Hill Drive in Algonquin. 

On July 19th, we will be closing this café location, but we look forward to still serving you in St. Charles, Naperville & Aurora. 

A new restaurant called SYRUP will be taking over this space as of July 22nd. We are excited for SYRUP to open as an elevated breakfast and lunch destination and are thrilled that the Algonquin Colonial Café team will be given the opportunity to join the SYRUP team. 

SYRUP has also agreed to convert any Colonial Café gift cards into a SYRUP gift card and will convert all Colonial Café Frequent Diner Points into SYRUP Frequent Diner Points.If you have a Colonial Café coupon, these will be accepted through July 19th at the Algonquin location, or anytime at our other existing Colonial Café locations. 

SYRUP has already begun to remodel the interior space and to accommodate them through this transition, we will be adjusting our Algonquin Colonial Café hours to assist them in training their servers, baristas, and kitchen team before their official open date of July 22nd. 

Effective Friday, June 26th, our hours will be 7 am – 2 pm daily. On July 19th, at 2 pm, we will officially close our Algonquin Colonial Café location and pass the torch to the SYRUP team.

We are confident that you will love all that SYRUP has to offer. Their upscale, modern farmhouse-meets-luxe restaurant concept is full of wonderful surprises and flavors. From the full-service coffee bar to the elevated breakfast and lunch menu and the visually stunning interior design of the space, SYRUP is raising the bar on breakfast and lunch dining. 

From now until July 19th, let’s celebrate all the great memories with friends and family around a legendary Kitchen Sink sundae.

= = = = =



Colonial Cafe Closing in Algonquin — 12 Comments

  1. I haven’t been to the one in Crystal lake for years, and even then it was like once or twice only.

  2. John Macrito alias P. Revere, quit creeping around. You’re scaring the children again.

    Plastina told me all the dirt on your rotten joint.

  3. I stopped going to Colonial when they stopped allowing smokers. They were one of the first anti-smokers so I remember boycotting them. Slowly they all caved so I boycotted the rest. Great decision to jump on the bandwagon setting people against each other. That was the first social experiment death knell of divide and conquer that the new world order brought in to test the waters. Restaurant (and I use that term lightly) food is crap. Nothing healthy or economical about them.

  4. Cindy — your comment was hysterical:

    Colonial sucks because they followed Illinois’ smoking ban (that all restaurants followed) . . . and Colonial isn’t healthy (but smoking is??).

  5. Colonial in Algonquin was/is great.


  6. Colonial in Algonquin was a great place with a nice banquet room.

    I will miss the best muffins I’ve ever had (Morning Glory)!!!!

  7. Macrito, the Corkscrew proprietor and rat catcher up in McH?

    He’s ok, and runs a halfway decent place.

  8. Jacob? You are missing the point entirely. When the Gestapo starts ordering people around and “making policy” just to divide the populace then they are part of the Communist takeover. Rewarding them for taking away your rights is probably not a good policy if you think you are all about freedom. (Colonial just happened to be one of the FIRST to cave to the new world order agenda brought in through divide and conquer.)The comment about fast food not being actually “food” is just an offhand bonus. You are still allowing corporations to dictate your lives. Everything that as been taken away from you – you allowed. Some are actually joyfully helping this agenda.

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