No Mention in Latest NWH Jack Franks Puff Piece that JB Pritzker Ignored Franks’ Early Re-Opening Request

The Northwest Herald continues to pump out articles putting McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks in a favorable light.

Considering the investigation in Springfield, it is no wonder.

WTTW screen shot of Jack Franks.

The latest has Franks completely accepting the timing of Governor JB Pritzker’s partial lifting of his lockdown.

Jack FRanks and JB Pritzker

No mention whatsoever of Franks’ effort to convince buddy Pritzker to separate McHenry County from Chicago for purposes of evaluating when opening would be appropriate.

“We went to Phase 4, on schedule…,” Franks told the NWH.

No mention either of the taxpayer-financed puff piece mailed to every household in McHenry County.


No Mention in Latest NWH Jack Franks Puff Piece that JB Pritzker Ignored Franks’ Early Re-Opening Request — 18 Comments

  1. No doubt. Look at the imbeciles running this fishwrap in my view.

    One person at this rag has a pencil neck with elephant ears and looks like they escaped from a mental health facility.

    Hopefully the Herald goes Chapter Seven soon and another publisher starts a paper that is objective and does actual investigative reporting.

    I’ve seen better managed Middle School newspapers.

  2. Two coreligionist tyrants, thick as thieves, hug each other in gratitude of their supposed brilliance but actual goyim stupidity. One of the pigs is worth we’ll over $20 billion (but still did his toilet removal fraud to escape a $40k property tax hit); the other worth about $50 million with off shore hidden assets in Turks & Caicos, Panama and Cayman Islands (majority).

    These Caribbean spots have no income tax, no corporate tax, no estate or inheritance tax, and no gift tax or capital gains tax, making them pure tax havens.

    Weimar America! Just remember what came after Weimar.

  3. What do you figure are the waist sizes of the 2 politicians in the picture above?

  4. Looks like Pritzker and Franks finally struck a deal, to share a Winnebago under an Interstate Overpass, in the post-virus hellscape.

  5. Two greedy shondas conspiring to plot more evil deeds
    as more Illinoisans run for the exits with each passing day.

  6. Since we are experiencing a BLM moment, the fact is the black middle class are moving out of Chicago at a rate faster than any other race.

    Lori Liteweight is running out of people to boss around.


    The steady exodus of African-Americans has caused alarm and grief in Chicago, the nation’s third largest city, where black people have shaped the history, culture and political life.

    The population of 2.7 million is still nearly split in thirds among whites, blacks and Latinos, but the balance is shifting.

    Chicago saw its population decline in 2018, the fourth year in a row.

    Since 2015, almost 50,000 black residents have left.

    They have been driven out of the city by segregation, gun violence, discriminatory policing, racial disparities in employment, the uneven quality of public schools and frustration at life in neighborhoods whose once-humming commercial districts have gone quiet, as well as more universal urban complaints like rising rents and taxes.

    At the same time, white, Latino and Asian residents are flowing in, and Chicago’s wealthier, whiter downtown, West Loop and North Side have been booming. Lori Lightfoot, the city’s first black mayor in decades, has vowed to stem the loss of longtime residents, and the city has collectively grasped fo

  7. Paul,

    If you’ve seen the rezoning of places like West Loop and Fulton Market, they’ve changed the demographics and brought in very specific types of people to both live and work in the area.

    Oodles of overpriced studio apartments have popped up and armies of mostly young to middle-aged women working as corporate slaves in the cubicles have taken over.

    Even though the black demographics have declined in many areas of the city, it’s been replaced with gentrification and mostly white liberals, even in places like the South / Southwest side.

  8. Since BLM is erasing history, I agree with this, ditch this tax 🤠

    Critics now call for federal income tax signed by Woodrow Wilson to be cancelled after his name was removed from Princeton due to his ‘racist thinking’ – while an alumni member says the school has ‘given in to the woke leftist mob’

  9. Tax Slavery I tell ya

    Woodrow Wilson
    ‘He also wrote the Federal Reserve & Federal Income Tax into law.

    ‘I propose removing those as well to FULLY heal from the pain of racism.

    ‘Lefties, do ya thang.’

    Another Twitter user echoed the sentiment, tweeting: ‘How about repealing 1913 – the year of Woodrow Wilson? Repeal the 16th Amendment (income tax), & #EndtheFed (Federal Reserve).’

    In December 1913, Wilson signed the Rederal Reserve Act into law, creating the nation’s central bank.

    Conservatives have long been opposed to the Fed, claiming that it wields too much power in interfering with the economy by determining the interest rate.

    This was expressed by another Twitter user, who wrote: ‘In Wilson’s case, income tax and the Federal Reserve Act, were arguably worse than the man himself. Which is impressive.’

    ‘I dont know who needs to know this but Woodrow Wilson was a Democrat,’ according to a Twitter user.

    ‘But keep going Libs, delete all of your racist leaders.’

    JR Hoell, a former state lawmaker in New Hampshire, tweeted: ‘Instead of changing the name of a college, how about eliminating the two most devastating policies Wilson put in place: Federal Reserve, Income tax…During his first term, Wilson presided over the passage of his progressive New Freedom domestic agenda.

    ‘His first major priority was the passage of the Revenue Act of 1913, which lowered tariffs and implemented a federal income tax.

  10. See the hell that democrats have wrought on the US population?

  11. Franks + N.W Herald + Kenneally = C3

    Corruption, Collision and Cover Up

  12. What happened to that investigation of Franks?

    Did the political establishment shut her up?

  13. We are now in a state of actual war.

    That means to quote Geo Washington in 1776 “For the nation to be free, some must die.”

  14. You’re mad at Franks?

    For trying to get what you wrongly wanted?

    Wow, that’s kind of weird.

  15. Was that a photo of Jack Franks whispering about the sexual assault allegations against him, into J.B. Pritzker’s ear?

  16. Is Franks banned from the public washrooms at CL.?

    I thought I saw a sign.

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