IL-14: UPDATED Jim Oberweis Resumes In Person Fundraising Tonight and Thursday

Jim Oberweis
Catalina Lauf

Woodstock fundraiser headlines Catalina Lauf tonight

James Marter

From Jim Oberweis’ congressional campaign Facebook page:

Evening Reception with Special Guest James Marter Thursday

  • Thursday, July 2, 2020 at 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Whitetail Ridge Golf Club 7671 Clubhouse Drive Yorkville, IL

Please join Jim Oberweis, Republican Nominee in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District, and our host committee for an evening reception with Special Guest James Marter.

RSVP to or 847-657-0001

Link to purchase tickets through WinRed:


COMMENTARY: With Illinois now in Phase 4, candidates’ in person fundraisers resuming in earnest.

Tomorrow, June 30, at Midnight our time is the deadline for 2nd quarter fundraising activity to be included on the next Federal Election Commission (FEC) quarterly reports to be published by July 15.

Supporters of Oberweis, whether they will be in person at the event tonight or Thursday or not, purchasing your tickets/sponsorship through the WinRed link above prior to Midnight CDT tomorrow (June 30) night will help Oberweis’ fundraising for the FEC 2nd quarter report.

The FEC report issued next month will be the last one issued prior to the beginning of vote-by-mail balloting in Illinois in late September.


IL-14: UPDATED Jim Oberweis Resumes In Person Fundraising Tonight and Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. I guess this means less future liberals?


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  2. Both are dishonorable.

    The entire McH Co. Bd is a disgrace and Franks’ footstool.

  3. Any updates on what happened?

    Who attended?

    How many people?

    What was said?

    I don’t see anything from Lopez, Lauf, or Oberweis on Twitter about the event which is peculiar.

    One would think this would be a big deal because

    1. COVID has shut things down, and this is one of the first fundraisers since COVID started.
    2. Lauf was invited to speak; she had harsh words for Oberweis in the primary.
    3. Lauf’s support for Oberweis would be helpful since she finished first in McHenry County and third in the district.

    Yet I see no mentions anywhere.

    What happened?

  4. Still nothing, huh?

    John Lopez, I thought you were going to make some phone calls to figure out what happened regarding the Woodstock event that Lauf was invited to.

    Oberweis has not mentioned it.

    Lauf has not mentioned it.

    Neither Lauf or Oberweis even promoted the event beforehand on Facebook or Twitter, although Oberweis did promote the event with Marter.

    John Lopez, where did you get the flyer for this Oberweis/Lauf event in the first place?

    I don’t see anything on Marter’s timeline about his event with Oberweis, at least not anything during or after the event (just a heads up before the event).

    This is the only media I can find, a tweeted photo from the July 2 event in Yorville with five people including Marter and Oberweis.

    No mentions other than that?

    Was the Oberweis/Lauf event even real?

    Was it cancelled? Was it poorly attended?

    If it was real, what happened there? What happened at the July 2 event?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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