Joe Biden Goes Hard Left on Labor and Jobs

Joe Biden

Embracing the PRO Act which is based on California’s controversial AB5 law, Biden’s Leftist agenda robs American workers their freedom to work how they want to work

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign has been described as “moderate” and “center laning” on multiple issues. Compared with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the description would be accurate.

Take healthcare, and Sanders’ “Medicare-for-All” single payer plan. Biden does not embrace the far Leftist agenda but supports the “public option” and lowering Medicare eligibility to age 60 (“Medicare-for-some”).

Similar techniques used on climate change, defunding the police (Biden opposes) and other Leftist/progressive wish list items.

But make no mistake about Biden, he has embraced a far Left position on workers’ rights, by stripping the American people of their freedom to choose how they will provide for their families and robbing the states to protect their residents’ right-to-work free from compelled participation in a labor union.

Biden wants to strip the 27 states (plus territory of Guam) of their right-to-work laws, while mandating workers to pay union dues even if they are not members of the union.

This is “socialism” because Biden wants to implement government control instead of Americans’ self-determination.

Dan Crenshaw

What is the PRO (Protecting the Right to Organize) Act?

Back on February 6, the House on a partisan vote, passed H.R. 2474, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. McHenry County’s two freshmen Democrats in the House, Congressman Sean Casten and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, both voted in favor of it.

This short video from Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R, TX-02) gives a short (2 1/2 minutes) capsule view of the PRO Act:

If one was to pause the video at the 1:07 mark, references to the implementation of the California version of this law, known as Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) are highlighted, and Crenshaw clearly points to the many failures of AB5 and the damage it has done to freelancers, the gig economy and especially independent contractors.

Taking a deeper dive into the PRO Act in a mid January column is freelance writer and RedState Editor-at-large Kira Davis:

Kira Davis

“H.R.2474 – benignly titled ‘The PRO Act’ was originally drafted in May of 2019 as a union-strengthening bill.

“In its infancy it had nothing to do with independent contractors and everything to do with thwarting the Janus decision.

“On its face the bill is a complete disaster and could have chilling repercussions for employers and small-business, including stripping employers of their ability to stay open during union strikes. If the only thing this bill pertained to were mediation and strike rules, it would be terrifying enough. We should all be amazed that the business community and Congress have allowed this to fly under the radar since last May.

“But this is government and with government there is never enough. Somewhere between September of 2019 and December of 2019 someone added an amendment to the behemoth employer-rights killer that was a simple copy and paste of California’s AB5. In fact, it is so awkwardly jammed into the text that it can be nothing other than a literal copy and paste.

Kira Davis RedState 1/17/20 with emphasis added

Joe Biden’s Policy Statement on Workers Rights

Relevant excerpts from Biden’s position paper “The Biden Plan for Strengthening Worker Organizing, Collective Bargaining, and Unions”:

“Biden will ensure employers respect workers’ rights. Specifically, he will:
“Hold corporations and executives personally accountable for interfering with organizing efforts and violating other labor laws. Biden strongly supports the Protecting the Right to Organize Act’s (PRO Act) provisions instituting financial penalties on companies that interfere with workers’ organizing efforts, including firing or otherwise retaliating against workers. Biden will go beyond the PRO Act by enacting legislation to impose even stiffer penalties on corporations and to hold company executives personally liable when they interfere with organizing efforts, including criminally liable when their interference is intentional.

Aggressively pursue employers who violate labor laws, participate in wage theft, or cheat on their taxes by intentionally misclassifying employees as independent contractors. As president, Biden will put a stop to employers intentionally misclassifying their employees as independent contractors.”

Biden, later in his position paper, unloads on right-to-work laws 27 states have implemented, including all of Illinois’ neighboring states, except Missouri. As Crenshaw pointed out in the video, the PRO Act would effectively make all state right-to-work laws invalid, but Biden wants to take it further and prevent states from ever enacting right-to-work laws by repealing the Taft-Hartley provisions for states to enact laws protecting individual workers from union dues and membership being forced on them.

McHenry County Blog believes in full context and the link to Biden’s entire position paper on Workers Rights is at the end of this article under external references.

Mike Garcia

About California’s AB5

As documented on McHenry County Blog last month when Republican Mike Garcia won the special congressional election in the 25th congressional district of California, one of the significant issues that mattered to voters was AB5, and how voters reacted at the ballot box by electing Garcia over his Democrat assemblywoman opponent who voted for AB5 in Sacramento in 2019.

One would expect the Democrats to have learned their lesson concerning the unpopularity of AB5. But Biden’s union allies did not let up, and late last month, Biden tweeted the following in response to California voters’ initiative effort to repeal the AB5 law during the general election:

To which one of many vocal opponents to AB5 tweeted a few hours later:

A couple of days later, former presidential candidate and Biden surrogate Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted the following to which Repeal AB5 Leader Lisa Rothstein responded with a 2-part tweet:

Do not read over the May 29 tweet response too fast and the freedom that was lost in California when AB5 became law on January 1:

“We demand our right to ‘classify’ ourselves.”

A couple of weeks later, after the racial unrest hit the country, Ms. Rothstein sent the following response in Twitter to another freelancer as a portend of things to come, possibly in the general election:


Joe Biden left no doubt he supports socialist agenda to eliminate freedom for workers to choose how they will work by having the government impose a law like California’s AB5 on a national basis while at the same time stripping over 27 states of freedom-protecting right-to-work laws.

Due in part to AB5, an issue with real consequences caused voters who are normally blue/Democrat voters to cross party lines and vote red electing Mike Garcia to Congress last month in CA-25.

Locally, both Sean Casten and Lauren Underwood voted for the PRO Act, which is the cornerstone of Joe Biden’s workers’ rights and labor policies. If local voters knew what was at stake, particularly independent contractors, freelancers and gig workers, will they still want to reelect Casten and Underwood, or vote for their opponents in Jeanne Ives and Jim Oberweis?

If the rest of the nation knew what was at stake with workers’ rights and freedom, will voters react negatively to House Democrats seeking reelection knowing the full impact of the PRO Act?

Time will tell, and McHenry County Blog hopes with the collection of these relevant facts for a significant issue facing our country, discernment will be applied and voters will cast informed votes this fall across the country.

Biden and the Democrats’ plan to rob individual Americans of their freedom for self determination in the workplace is “socialism” because Biden wants to implement government control.

External references:

Appendix: Lollipop

Many of the opponents of AB5 use the term “lollipop”. This happened when a state senator in Sacramento used the term “lollipop” to describe the loss of independent contractors’ livelihoods. If Biden and his big Labor union allies get their way, will this be how the Democrats address us?


Joe Biden Goes Hard Left on Labor and Jobs — 27 Comments

  1. **Joe Biden left no doubt he supports socialist agenda**

    How exactly is this socialist?

    Do you think collective bargaining is socialism?

  2. Nice try Alabama Shake, now please reread the article, and watch the Crenshaw video again.

    It’s not about collective bargaining, it’s about worker’s choice.

    It’s socialist because it takes the choice out of the individual worker, and compels through union backed tests who will be able to work, and how.

    If one wants to work for a company as an independent contractor to write articles for an internet publication, one is free to market their labor and find someone willing to purchase the labor.

    Biden, Casten and Underwood believe you shouldn’t have that choice, and all want to supersede states who’ve put right-to-work protections of freedom and strip states from protecting workers.

    Biden/Underwood/Casten’s record is socialism.

  3. I have lots of experience dealing with and supervising various unions in Chicago.

    If the rest of the country were to turn into that, it would be impossible to ever get anything done.

  4. Joe Biden is suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    He won’t even be able to debate the President and will stand there in front of the camera looking confused, looking like Gomer Pyle grinning like the fool that he is.

    Look for loser Hillary Rodham Clinton to be chosen as his running mate.

  5. I think communists like Alabama snake need to be renditioned.

  6. This is a tremendously well-researched piece and it hits on an issue of fairness and freedom running up against the union bosses and their huge influence in our political system.

    I see this issue being especially vital in swing states where Right to Work laws/freedoms would be taken away.

    Wisconsin and Iowa come to mind.

  7. He must be using the same math that said 120 million Americans have died from coronavirus.

  8. Neal – hahahahahahahaha… it was only 120,000 Americans dead from coronavirus!!!

    Stupid Biden said 120 million.

    Nope, Sleepy Joe….. try 120,000 dead Americans from Covid!

    what an error by Biden when it’s 120,000 dead from something that Trump said would be zero.

    Great catch, Neal!

  9. Jon A. Zahm/Lopez – No votes will be moved on a politician’s views on “right to work.” Trump’s response to COVID, Trump’s lies about COVID, Trump’s lack of leadership on COVID, Trump’s lack of any empathy, Trump’s lack of leadership with respect to civil unrest, Trump tear gassing peaceful protester’s so the press could snap a photo holding a bible in front of a church, and heath care are the only issues that matter in this race. That’s it. That’s the beginning and end of the list.

    Trump can try to make this about Biden’s mental heath but Trump says stuff like “drink bleach” and said “we have too much COVID testing… I told my people, ‘slow the testings doooooowwwwwnnnnnnn.'” (he said it multiple times with video recording devices).

    I’m sorry you spent so much time on this Lopez. Looks like you poured your heart into this piece but no one cares…………

  10. Nice try, OH, but Freedoms in the workplace, which right-to-work is a part, may or may not move voters in Illinois, but in other states, in states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan…oh yest it can.

    Right-to-work is a big deal in states have have these protections, and combined with California’s workers for half a year now living under AB5, yes it will.

    And clearly, California voters were moved and backed Garcia over his opponent, and will do so again in the fall in their rematch.

    President Trump will rebound, and all of this will come into play and our President will win a 2nd term.

  11. Re 6:56 am posting. Lots of pictures in there of creepy Joe Biden putting his hands on young girls and young women. Disgusting. Has his wife and sister asked him to stop touching young girls and women, stop kissing them, stop smelling their hair? These are matters that an honest media, if we had one, would be talking about and talking to the girls and women that Joe had touched and kissed.

  12. Bred, Abe, Lopez:

    On The View, 2006
    “I don’t think Ivanka would do that, although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

    On The Howard Stern Show, October 2006
    Stern remarks that Ivanka “looks more voluptuous than ever”, and asked if she has received breast implants. Trump engages in the discussion, saying she has not. “She’s actually always been very voluptuous,” Trump responds.

    On The Howard Stern Show, 2004:
    Trump: “My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka.”
    Stern: “By the way, your daughter…”
    Trump: “ – she’s beautiful”
    Stern: “Can I say this? A piece of ass.”
    Trump: “Yeah.”

    Rolling Stone interview, September 2015
    “After I met Ivanka and praised her to her father, he said, ‘Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . .’”

    BUT, I’m 100% sure Bred isn’t disgusted and fainting on the ground when he sees that stuff. Lopez doesn’t care because he thinks God sent us Trump (but not Obama or Underwood or JB or name any Dem).

  13. Lopez, don’t your supposed religious beliefs and your need for candidates to get right with god seem a bit at odds with your support of your crotch grabbing, philandering, racist pig president?

  14. OH,

    Right to vote is not a new issue and is considered important to people in certain states.

    As far as Trump goes his biggest problem is he should have cracked down on the riots and statue stuff.

    I don’t know anyone personally that would not have supported that idea including relatives in Chicago who always vote blue.

    Instead we have 5 shootings at last count in the country of CHOP.

    This makes him appear weak and will cause independents to vote against him. Go look at Seattle, normal people don’t want that.

    The idiot mayor of Seattle is probably going to give him a chance to fix this.

    It will only be a matter of time before a federal court orders her to end it.

    Then if she can’t, the court has already decided constitutional rights are being violated and Trump can step in.

    All the stupid stuff he says or has said are irrelevant.

    It gets the left all bent out of shape but to everyone else it’s already expected.

  15. I still fail to see how being opposed to right to work (for less) makes one a socialist, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    Calling something socialism doesn’t make it so.

    Those pushing right to work (for less) don’t seem to understand that a union security agreement is actually a contract between two parties — the employer and the union.

    An employer has to agree to said union security clause in order for it to be in a collective bargaining agreement.

    Since when do conservatives want to interfere in the private contract negotiations of businesses?

  16. Tara Reade claims that Joe used his fingers to violate her. Tara was an aide and her boss was Senator Biden. When you look at years of TV news videotape, Joe has been shown many, many times violating womens’ spaces and making unwanted touches. A definite pattern over many years so Tara Reade’s claim is plausible.

    Biden has been on national tv, on videotape, smooching women on their face cheek, on the back of their neck, smelling their hair, nose to nose touching, putting his arm around them HIGH above their waist, etc. He has even done this to young girls such as daughters of Democrat politicians. It is amazing that some father of a girl had not punched Joe after Joe touched his daughter.

    One can easily see that the women are uncomfortable with Joe’s behavior. Joe by no stretch of the imagination is someone that a girl or woman wants any contact. It’s not like he is an attractive young big movie star or young athlete. He is a balding old man. A jerk and dufus that likely now has a mental problem or dementia. Recently, Joe has taken to insulting Americans face to face. At a campaign stop last February, he told a 21 year old woman college student that she was a “Dog Faced Pony Soldier”. At a campaign stop in Michigan he told a worker that he was full of s***. At another campaign stop, he insulted a man and challenged him to do push ups.

    Joe also has a long history of making racist remarks. One of his most famous was in early 2007 when he insulted all African Americans by saying that then Senator Obama was the FIRST African American who was clean and articulate. This came straight from the heart and mind of Joe years before he started showing signs of dementia. Amazingly, the Democrat Party did not ask for his immediate resignation from the Senate.

    Joe Biden represents the Democrat Party.

  17. I never said that opposing right to work makes you a socialist.

    I said it’s an issue that in some areas of the country people do care about.

    I’d say let’s make a compromise on the right to work issue.

    Right to work laws can include an exception for unions that do not use any dues for politics.

    You should not be forced to support a particular candidate with your dues just to keep your job.

  18. And Joe made a racist remark a few weeks ago.

    He claimed that you were not black you don’t vote for him.

    An old white man thinks he gets to decide what it means to be black.

  19. Joe also told a homo soy boy he wasn’t gay if he voted for Trump.

  20. Biden will be replaced, but will the Killary beast make a return flight?

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