Pritzker Disses McHenry County Fire Departments

The press release from Governor JB Pritzker announcing grants to fire departments leaves out all in McHenry County:

Illinois State Fire Marshal Awards $3.5 million in grants to Illinois First Responders

Springfield, Ill- The Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal and Governor JB Pritzker have announced the recipients of the Small Equipment Grant Program.

A total of $3.5 million was awarded to 154 fire departments/districts and EMS providers.

The OSFM received 540 applications, requesting around $12 million in funding during this grant period.


Pritzker Disses McHenry County Fire Departments — 8 Comments

  1. Has McHenry County been singled out with a Madigan spanking from JB, Franks’ mentor and hugging buddy?

  2. is this not what blogo did to mchenry?

    what jb could not buy senator but governor good job IL.

  3. How did Pritzker diss McHenry County?

    These were grants – they had to be applied for.

    McHenry County Fire Departments need to hire a better grant writers!

  4. Oh this is nothing compared to all of his corruption, Google it -and sign the multiple online petitions to Impeach J.B. Pritzker!!!

  5. Hey Dinah…

    I’m an independent thinker who deals with facts and could care less about Jack Franks.

    At least I’m not a mindless whore for Donald Trump!

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