Happy Gas Tax Hike Day

Last year the Illinois legislature doubled Motor Fuel Taxes from 19 to 38 cents per gallon.

And, those guys and gals decided to keep future State Reps. and Senators from electoral harm by increasing the tax by the rate of inflation every year for the rest of our lives…and beyond.

7/10 of a cent increase starting today.

It’s what happened with legislative salaries, which Democrats say won’t be increased this year, but readers of past court cases know, in the end, after the election, will be paid.

In any event, today the state gas tax increases from 38 cents per gallon to 38.7 cents.


Happy Gas Tax Hike Day — 23 Comments

  1. Good old Shysters who voted for this never ending always increasing tax nonsense.

  2. Go to Wisconsin.

    Gas is cheap there.

    It’s just 20 minutes from the Courthouse.

    Boycott the pumps here if you can.

  3. I hope each and everyone of these DA’s who voted for these swamp people are real happy as their pockets get dipped into… when will they wake up!?

  4. Yet another reason to accelerate planning to get the heck out of this state.

    Wisconsin gas all the way for me.

    Clinton, Delavan or Walworth.

    Would love to see figures on change in retail gallons sold on both sides of the border
    since this time last year.

    And, general sales tax is only 5.5% there as well.

    No grocery tax either.

    I especially make sure I do not put Illinois gas into my outdoor yard equipment.

    Pay road tax for my John Deere?


  5. Ethanol free premium is available throughout Wisconsin.

    Ethanol is death to small engines.

  6. Speaking of taxes.

    The Democrat party just loves raising them.

    And the Democrats were the slave party#

    Legislation exploring whether Black Americans should receive restitution for slavery may soon get a huge boost, as a growing number of Democrats are hoping to move reparations this summer as another response to the death of George Floyd.

  7. And you were here in 1916?

    What a stupid remark!

    Do you even relate to real people?

  8. Reparations should be looked at.

    The most heinous acts imaginable foisted upon a race of people.

    I cannot imagine how anyone would not at least consider it.

    And once we have dealt with the Native Americans, perhaps we can consider other groups claims.

  9. So, twelve Republican Senators – Anderson, Barickman, Brady, Curran, DeWitte, Fowler, McClure, McConchie, Rezin, Rose, Syverson and Tracy voted “yes” on SB 1939 that raises the gas tax to 38 cents a gallon, and one – Jim Oberweis – voted present.

  10. Gas in the early 1960’s was most of the time around 25 to 30 cents a gallon in Woodstock at the old Hahn oil co station.

  11. In todays dollars, I’m guessing .29 cents/gallon in 1965 is roughly $2.25 today.

    Inflation is an insideous monster! My first pay job as a carpenter’s assistant in ‘75 paid 2.65/ hr.

  12. DeWitte a piece of sh*t!

    But all the RINOS are.


    That is not going to make blacks successful, smart or productive. It’s just another income redistribution move like we’ve been doing since the welfare state began and we’ve been feeding and breeding.

  13. Paul Revere says the Democrats were the slave party. Correct. The Democrat Party through their Senators and Representatives in Congress fought Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves. Lincoln prevailed and the slaves were freed.

    In light of various statues of Confederate leaders coming down around our nation, it is time for law abiding and patriotic Americans to demand that the name, “Democratic Party”, be banned from use in the US due to that Party’s recorded opposition to free the slaves during Lincoln’s Administration. The Democratic Party should be required to change their name due to their disgusting history during Lincoln’s era.

  14. I remember gas & cigarettes both being in the 25-30 cent range as a kid, and gas crossing the $1 per gallon mark back in the pass-the-hat high school days.

    As much as I can appreciate boycott sentiments….

    I had to go back to live in Cook County for about a year, but was out here all the time, and the tax differential on cigarettes alone was immense, same with gas.

    Toni Taxwinkle was County Board President.

    Between here & Wisconsin?

    Not so much.

    Using one of those gas price sites for a theoretical:

    $2.15 in Johnsburg, $2.07 in Pell Lake.

    The additional distance is 16 miles, 32 miles extra round trip, at 28mpg = 1.1 gallons burned @ $2.07; $2.27.

    I can buy no more than 14 gallons, so my max savings are $1.12.

    But it cost me $2.27 to save $1.12.

    That’s $1.15 more.

    Still not sure if there’s a big enough differential on cigarettes Yet.

  15. I always fill up at Genoa City, never Hell-inois!

    Same with grocery shopping!

  16. I get my gas in WI too whenever I can.

    It’s sad to end up hating your own state.

    But Pritzker, Rauner, Lightfoot, Quinn, closet case Mark Kirk, Kenneally, Foxx, Madigan and degenerate daughter, Tom Skilling (Gay ‘Pride’ Marshal) Emanuel, Durbin, Joe Walsh, Althoff and several hundred other reptiles, leave me little choice

  17. DeWitte is phony, I agree Leopard Man.

    get cheap gas in WI & IN whenever I can.

  18. Mello Monk, my issue is similar.

    Gas is like 20-40 cents cheaper than where I live but my tank isn’t that big plus it costs time and money to go there.

    If you live close to the border then it’s a no brainer, but for me it’s only barely worth it if I’m near empty.

    btw I didn’t see a big difference in cigs. Maybe 50-75 cents cheaper is what I see up there.

    TheJohnsburger is right about groceries though.

    The sales tax is about 2 percent lower across the border compared to McHenry County, and I heard groceries are exempt in WI anyway so if that’s true you’re saving a ton.

    Lake Geneva is BOOMING too!

    They’re building homes there like crazy — maybe to accommodate all the people seeking to leave Illinois.

  19. I believe groceries are only subject to a 1% municipal sales tax in IL.

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