Message of the Day – A Quote

This quote comes from State Senator Dave Syverson of Rockford, found in The Center Square story: “State, local video gambling revenue down $105 million during Illinois COVID-19 shutdown.”

“Each day that it’s not turned on for video gaming, that’s money away from small business, local municipalities, and the state of Illinois

“Three levels are all helped by turning video gaming back on. They’re all set. They’ve spent the money, they’ve made the investments, they’re ready to go.”

But, of course, there is another level–the gambling losers.


Message of the Day – A Quote — 4 Comments

  1. I those crooked bar slots are worse payers than the notoriously bad Indian reservations.

    The longer you play, the worse your odds on the rigged machines.

  2. If that money isn’t going to the state or small businesses that means it’s not getting flushed away by people who probably need it?

  3. “Go out and gamble.” -Republican family values man

    It’s literally sad.

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