McHenry Mayor Wayne Jett Announces July 4th Fireworks

From McHenry Mayor Wayne Jett:

We will have fireworks!!!!

Gary Lang, Buss Ford and Sunnyside Dodge have graciously sponsored the fireworks on July 4th

After reviewing a number of potential locations, to create as large of potential showing as possible, the show will be “shot” from two locations,

  • near the Municipal Center and
  • Fox Ridge Park. 

We have coordinated with Mad Bomber to help ensure that only the highest elevation shells are fired so that they can be seen.

The show will begin at approximately 9:30 pm and will last from 20-25 minutes. 

The notification for the event identifies that no pedestrian or vehicular traffic will be allowed at the shoot locations and residents are encouraged to watch from their homes.

= = = = =

Woodstock also is having fireworks:


McHenry Mayor Wayne Jett Announces July 4th Fireworks — 4 Comments

  1. Woodstock is cars only.

    Since Pritzkers mandates were ruled null and void yesterday can the kick people out of a tax funded park??

  2. I boycott the dive Jexal’s which Wayne owns partly through a trust.

  3. Saw the Eastern McHenry show launched from Knox Park.

    I’m about as far South as you can get, have a pretty decent horizon, and 🌯at a higher elevation than the park.

    Most shells were fully visible.

    The biggest ones were pretty well up there, with most of the remaining either only just entirely visible, a few at about 70%.

    Quality was good.

    Short, because only half the show, but I think it was good to go ahead the way they did.

    Be interesting to hear impressions from others in town.


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