More Questions About Jack Franks’ Stacking Public Comments at Last County Board Meeting

From commenter “Correcting;”

Cal, these are some questions that you and others should explore.

-What was the official process of submitting a public comment during the shutdown?

-Where were emails supposed to be sent?

-Were Jack Franks’ chairman email address or personal email address acceptable places to send emails for public comment?

-Which email address did Jack Franks forward the messages from (personal email address or official chairman email address)?

-Who were the people and email addresses that sent the emails to Franks in the first place?

-Who did Franks forward the emails to and from what address did he use?

(Sorry for any redundancy, but this all ties together.)

That’s the line of questioning I am interested in.

Most of these questions should receive a very short answer.

Hopefully you, county board members, or other curious people with FOIA know-how can get to the bottom of all this.

There are some people who think the comments were phony; that’s worth looking into as well.

Getting the names and email addresses of the people who submitted the public comment is the place to start with for that issue.

I’d also look into whether there were emails that were not read, because I heard that Kelly Liebmann submitted something that was not read during public comment at one of the meetings but was added into the minutes.

Then, who else sent unread emails, if applicable, and what did they say?

If Franks did something wrong, I would think at the very least a censure would be in order.

Perhaps something more.


More Questions About Jack Franks’ Stacking Public Comments at Last County Board Meeting — 6 Comments

  1. “Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Seek”

    This is above Franks Law Firms front entrance but obviously it’s not in his view when entering.

    He obviously doesn’t believe it and it’s just for potential clients.

    Patty O’Kenneally also doesn’t subscribe to this quote either but what did you expect from a couple of unethical, valueless self serving dip shits in my opinion.

  2. One of the first comments that Jack Franks read at the meeting was from a person saying they had been considering voting for Suzanne Ness, but after looking at her record of tax hikes, reckless spending, and hypocrisy they would no longer be supporting Ness.

    Suzanne Ness is a Democratic county board member and candidate for state representative in the 66th district (currently represented by Republican, Allen Skillicorn).

    She is the daughter of Lou Ness who is well known in local LGBTQ+ and local Unitarian Universalist circles.

    If Franks fabricated these public comments (and I want to emphasize that is a big if at this point), that means he threw Ness under the bus either due to personal beef he may have with her or simply to further his own political career by giving a faux appearance of bipartisanship (by making sure to attack a Democrat as well as several Republicans at that meeting).

    That would be a really bad look for Franks, who has already made another female Democratic county board member, Kelli Wegener, cry during a public meeting due to his boorish behavior.

    There are many people who say Jack Franks doesn’t like strong women.

    I think Franks just doesn’t like people who refuse to do his will, regardless of gender, but each person has to make up their own mind.

    Certainly not being allowed to visit the state capitol without a security escort *to protect other people from him* contributes to the negative perceptions about his patterns of behavior.

    Bottom line: Many people are looking into these things and Franks has nothing to worry about if he’s been a good boy.

  3. Why is Franks still at large?

    If he needs a police escort to monitor his founds in Springfield, why doesn’t the States Atty Kenneally of Bob Miller protraction racket ill fame require the same safeguards here?

    Are the women and boys of McHenry County any less important?

    Yes they are!

    Where the hell is Prim, the Covidiot Sheriff on this?

  4. *Not ‘founds’ — doings

    * Not ‘protraction’ — protection

  5. Jack Franks lie?

    Everything out of his foul mouth is almost certainly a lie or half truths leading up to big lie!

  6. Did Jack Franks include any public comments about the sexual assault allegations against him?

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