Another Day without a Coronavirus Death, Comparing Illinois with Florida, Georgia & Texas

From the McHenry County Health Department:

“As of July 4 , 2020, there have been 2111 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County, 97 confirmed deaths and 2 probable deaths. 

“The death(s) reported today: None.”

A Friend of McHenry County Blog who is keeping tabs on Covid-19 cases and death rates for Illinois, Florida, Texas and Georgia shares the following information:

Illinois still leads in cases and deaths per million population.

By a lot.


Another Day without a Coronavirus Death, Comparing Illinois with Florida, Georgia & Texas — 47 Comments

  1. Something is seriously wrong with Cal. Not a single word on the court ruling of July 2, 2020 whereas a judge completely struck down ANY mandates made by the governor since April 8, 2020. Are you now a minion of the system, Cal? Why are you still promoting the new world order lies and leaving the people in the dark on how none of what Illinois mandated over the fake virus is even constitutional let alone unenforceable?

  2. That ruling is not the victory you think it is, Cindy.

    Yes, it says Pritzker can not shut down the businesses, but it gives the authority to the health department who aren’t even elected.

    “The ruling did not find the state has no power to forcibly close businesses or to restrict a citizen’s movements, but rather that those powers are derived from the Illinois Department of Public Health Act, not under the Illinois Emergency Management Act. Pritzker’s administration has at times cited both portions of state law to enforce his orders.”

    And Cal you’re wasting your time arguing with pro-lockdown people.

    Nothing in politics is about facts or reason anymore.

    It’s just about do what I say and I’ll use any means necessary to destroy my opponents.

    Happy 4th.

  3. Correcting? You are 100% WRONG! The county health departments ALWAYS had that authority. They never shut anything down. You are reading the crap that mainstream is putting out. TURN OFF YOUR TEEVEE!!!!!!! You are an idiot! STOP LISTENING TO THE GOVERNMENT bullshit! Every single business should sue the governor for the junk he is doing. People like you are why he gets away the threats he is throwing around now. You are in a war and you are too stupid to even notice it!

  4. Nobody shut anything down. These businesses volunteered to nuke themselves.

    I don’t recall a single case where the state arrested anyone for non-compliance outside of perhaps disorderly conduct charges when an establishment asked for them to leave. However, Pritzker did threaten to withhold relief money for any cities / counties that didn’t do the dirty work for him.

  5. It’s honestly fascinating to me how easily these businesses complied with his demands.

    All it took was a few months of fear porn.

  6. My point was that this is not an absolute victory for people who oppose COVID restrictions.

    Cindy, admitting the health department has ALWAYS had the authority to shut down private business is not something for someone who complains about medical tyranny to celebrate.

    You can’t sit here and tell us that government health agencies are run by Satanists and idiots with a NWO agenda, and then tell us they have never and would never shut something down due to COVID.

    That’s nonsense and shows the lapse in your thinking.

    In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the public health agencies that have been warning us about COVID.

    Why do you think they wouldn’t shut something down when there is evidence that they already do that?

    You’re lying or ignorant when you say they NEVER shut anything down.

    They shut down a food processing plant in Kane County.

    They shut down a Taco Bell in McDonough County.

    The reason: COVID.

    It took me all of thirty seconds to find that and there are probably many such cases.

    But more importantly, they have the power to do so.

    What you’re saying is akin to saying, “If the government has the power to regulate speech or confiscate our firearms, but they never do it, then it’s okay.”

    Do you see how that could be a problem?

    So I stand by my comment 100 percent despite the childish insults from you and FarOut.

  7. I’ll believe it when everything opens up without restriction which is what you want to happen.

    Short of that, I’m not going to say this is an absolute victory and the lockdown is over.

    Instead, things are being shut down again, going back into a deeper stage of lockdown all across the country and this is happening at the local level.

    Are you aware that all the policy wonks who argued for a strong lockdown, like Rich Miller of Capitol Fax, have been citing the Public Health Act as justification for the lockdowns for months now?

    Try to keep up.

    I’m not saying the court decision was not a win, just that it’s not the total win that you would want to see.

    Nuance is completely lost to you.

  8. Be careful, Correcting.

    Next, Cindy and her aliases will castigate you en masse and then you will be cast down to hell as an agent of Satan.

    Remember that Cindy has been sent by God to lead the dumb and blind into the light of Youtube.

    When she’s not one of God’s angels she’s comparing herself to people like Gandhi.

    Consider yourself warned.

  9. I don’t know Cindy from a load of coal, but I certainly agree with her.

    My 4″months of personal observation give me NO reason to fear this “pandemic” and all the reason in the world to doubt the statistics being forced upon us by a bunch of fools.


    yes, the virus probably exists, but so do many other causes of death.

    Again, if I had a history of severe health issues and if I had serious lung issues in particular, I would be concerned, but being a healthy senior, I am not the least bit concerned.

  10. If you agree with her then you can’t say the virus probably exists.

    It’s hilarious that “intelligent” people look up and down the street, don’t see people dying in the street and think it’s all a hoax.

    It’s also hard to believe that you wouldn’t expect politicians to exploit the virus to further their agenda.

    I don’t believe the numbers either but call it all a hoax as Cindy and her aliases do is silly.

  11. Please cite the source for this data.

    It doesn’t appear to align with the CDC

  12. Cindy: Good

    Pritzker: Satanic

    Kenneally: Crooked

    Jared Kushner: Unregistered Foreign Agent

    Hunter Biden: Unregistered Foreign Agent

    Creepy Joe Biden: Unregistered Foreign Agent
    Ghislaine Maxwell: soon to Die. COVID fake case?

  13. correcting? You are an idiot. The never pertained to this particular circumstance. They NEVER shut anything down during this fake planned demic is part of the conversation. What are you going on about? You certainly are not good at comprehensive reading. CP is also an big idiot. NEVER EVER did I claim to be anything like the vile pedophile criminal GANDHI! Another “person” that has NO READING COMPREHENSION skills, whatsoever.

  14. BTW Some Guy kind of got it. He restated that no one shut anything down. What he said was 100% accurate there in that post. He is only a part-time nitwit.

  15. Nothing is being shut down. There are no Phases to recovery. You are being totally hoaxed. Print out the court orders and take them and hand them out at local businesses! NO, you want to argue your stupid silly inaccurate points. Go out and hug your neighbors like I said back in March! Your teevees have made you blind fools. TURN THEM OFF! No one has ever isolated ANY VIRUS from ANY Disease! It doesn’t exist! You have all been hoaxed into quoting a theory that was NEVER Proven!

  16. There’s the Cindy we all love.

    Tell us about the chemtrails, the fluoride, 5G, smoking, microchips in vaccines and our upcoming enslavement.

    Can count on Cindy for entertainment.

  17. The court ruling is a victory.

    As it stood, one man was making decisions for everyone with no checks on his authority.

    The way our laws say it should work is the health department has this authority.

    The key difference is the laws that give the health departments this authority also respect due process an give anyone subject to an order a chance to appeal in court.

    It’s quite likely the health department will not be able to meet the burden of proof outlined in the law.

  18. They actually would need a court order f someone didn’t agree to voluntarily isolate

    I quoted the relevent parts but here is where to look for yourself

    20 ILCS 2305/2 sections b and c

    “Except as provided in this Section, no person or a group of persons may be ordered to be quarantined or isolated and no place may be ordered to be closed and made off limits to the public except with the consent of the person or owner of the place or upon the prior order of a court of competent jurisdiction.”

    “To obtain a court order, the Department, by clear and convincing evidence, must prove that the public’s health and welfare are significantly endangered by a person or group of persons that has, that is suspected of having, that has been exposed to, or that is reasonably believed to have been exposed to a dangerously contagious or infectious disease”

    So this law really has no teeth if they can’t prove you have reasonably been exposed to covid. In other words, they can quarantine you if you have been around someone positive, but can’t order everyone to stay home or businesses to close unless they are the source of a known outbreak.

  19. Look, mankind has always lived as part of nature, viruses and bacteria included.

    We have survived, just as we shall survive the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Pandemics come and go, but we have to hold on to common sense, acceptance of nature, illness and death.

    Do you think you will live for ever inside a hazmat suit?

  20. Mask or no mask or (from the 60s fashion scene) mini-skirt or no mini-skirt or (from the 20s) flapper or no flapper or (from the pioneer days) wearing at hat or not wearing a hat or (from the 1800s) wearing a wig or not wearing a wig….you see where I’m going with this?

    Seems like wearing a mask is more of a fashion statement than anything else, and a place where folks feel they must conform.

    Remember in the 60s young men felt they had to grow their hair long to conform to Beatle-mania or something?

    And I”ve seen some pretty damned fashionable masks!

    In other words, it’s not about saving grandma or being thoughtful or saving lives or “droplets” or “obeying the law”

    …it’s about conformity!

    Don’t have stats on this, but very very very few people (esp. young folks who are just making their way into the world finding themselves) can handle non-conformity!

    Very few!

    I thank God every day, for the most part, that I’ve spent most of my life as a non-conformist for the most part.

    A good analogy to what CJ is saying–watch the Twilight Zone episode from the early 60s called “Obsolete Man.”

    One of my faves, where “the mob” wants death for an old man (played by Burgess Meredith) who won’t worship the State, being called “obsolete.”

    Then his persecutor visits him to bring him to his death, which doesn’t work, and then “the mob” “deals” with this dude, “cancel culturing” him if you know what I mean.

    And it isn’t just leftists, folks.

    Remember after 9-11 anyone who wasn’t anti-Muslim or pro-war was (sort of) cancel-cultured as well?

    Example: the country western music scene literally destroyed the Dixie Chicks (I met them once buying honey) because they refused to support the War in Iraq?

    And the way the neo-cons blast anyone who doesn’t bow to Israel?

    Same with Christian Zionists…they completely ignore the plight of Palestinian Christians!!!

    So, who will survive in the “new normal” USA?


    The rest will beat each other or themselves up until… get the idea?

    And Who said “Do not conform to this world?”

    Jesus Christ, that’s WHO!


  21. Good find, Neal.

    Thanks for contributing something of substance.

  22. I don’t think the masks are as much of a fashion thing as a political statement.

    Of course you want to look good while letting everyone know that you are more woke than they are.

    In the end it is about trying to convince yourself that you are a good person even though no one really is.

    The far left stuff has far more in common with religion than traditional politics if you ask me.

  23. Correcting, I’m a believer that we should follow the law, and you can’t do that if you don’t know what it is.

    If you agree with the lockdown, you should be disappointed with your state senator and reps.

    I will agree with jb when he says the GA could have met any time they wanted to.

    The governor has 30 days emergency powers to deal with a situation until the GA can meet.

    Madigan could have called the GA to session any time he wanted and made the lock down legal.

    He just didn’t want to talk the political risk.

    Instead they stayed at home and neglected their jobs, knowing that the law doesn’t give the governor this authority.

    If you don’t like the ruling, well the democrats could have made it a non issue.

  24. Cal, tell the “friend” of McBlog the following, and I’m using his/her own numbers….. From 6/22 until 7/24, the number of newly-identified cases (along with the percentage increase) in the states they mention are as follows:

    IL +9,768 +7.9%
    FL +86,924 +94.8%
    TX +85,652 +76.7%
    GA +26,684 +41.8%

    FL, TX and GA were some of the last states to shut down and the first to re-open.

    Too late and too early, respectively.

    I’ll take my chances in IL….

    seems we did something right.

  25. Plus, the FL and GA numbers have been proven under reported.

    I suspect TX too.

  26. Where is this proof?

    If there was hard proof of that, it would be all over the news since it fits the narrative so well.

  27. Big Orange needs a brain transplant. Even a chimp’s would be a vast improvement.

    I write that because years of public school has created a head o’ mush!

  28. “There are no Phases to recovery.”

    Cindy, there certainly ARE phases to recovery and everybody knows this.

    Did you ever watch a press conference with the governor?

    Have you noticed how the way businesses operated have changed as we go from one phase to another?

    I think you are conflating what you want to be real with what is real.

    You’re confusing the way things should be (according to you) with how things actually are.

    If this is totally voluntary like Some Guy said, then where are all the places that are open as normal?

    Don’t you think somebody would have figured out it was a scam and there was no teeth to enforcement and they would open up so that they could make money instead of risk losing their business?

    Why would so many people have to take Pritzker to court and spend money to hire lawyers if there were no rules or enforcement?

    Cindy, you being against any and all of these phases doesn’t mean they aren’t real, in the same way that me being against murder doesn’t make murder fake.

    You could be against FOID card laws, but that doesn’t mean FOID card laws aren’t real and that you won’t get arrested for having a gun without a FOID card in Illinois.

    You could view it as unconstitutional or illegitimate or immoral, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

    You seem totally incapable of dealing with the real world.

    How can you even fix problems if you just call everything fake?

    “Nothing is being shut down.”

    Do you know there have been people arrested for opposing these rules?

    You didn’t hear about churches being shut down or people being arrested for opening up their nail salons or surfing alone?

    I’m not saying that’s right.

    Maybe you think I am and that’s why you’re angry.

    You said nothing has ever been shut down and then I just told you about places that HAVE been shut down and you responded by saying they have NEVER been shut anything down…

    I think you’re legitimately mentally ill.

  29. Correcting? TURN OFF YOUR TEEVEE! You are a bonafide moron! Your Jezebel spirit is unleashing horrific lies.

  30. Well at this point, until an appeals court says otherwise the rules are voluntary. I don’t expect anyone to change anything yet as there are two potential appeals left to go.

    Even if the ruling stands, I would expect many businesses on thier own to require a mask. That’s thier right as a private business. If you don’t like it, don’t support them. Same goes for the other way too.

  31. Tell that to relatives of the huge number of people who died in nursing homes.

  32. Not to sound mean or like I don’t care but what are we supposed to say to people with family members in a nursing home?

    The flu and other infections are also highly deadly to nursing home patients yet we don’t shut down for it.

    I ask this question instead, “what should we tell our grandchildren about why they have to pay for all this debt we ran up and damage we have done to our country?”

    If you are a nursing home resident, you are generally at the end of your life already.

    Statistics say that you have about 13 months to live once admitted to a nursing home.

    People are there because they are not healthy and need constant attention.

    Although it is sad for the families involved, it’s pretty foolish to put or grandchildren in this kind of debt and destroy our economy over this.

  33. The court case has ruled that Pritzkers orders were void after April 8. So, yeah. It was completely voluntary that businesses shut down beyond that unless a future court case or law determines otherwise.

    Those who complied after that date did so voluntarily, or at least in ignorance. Those who fought it in court wanted an irrefutable guarantee that they could reopen.

    We wouldn’t likely even have a “Phase 5” in the foreseeable future if not for the court cases that challenged Pritzker’s illegal orders; Especially Darren Bailey’s case.

    It still remains to be seen how the Thursday ruling really impacts things across the state.

    We still may need to see more court cases out of Clay County, or even at a Supreme Court level in order to get Pritzker to admit defeat.

    He’s still threatening those who do not comply.

    The lawsuits are still piling up though over the damage that these people have caused the people of this state.

    Admitting defeat might mean that they were complicit in criminal activities against the entire state.

  34. BigOrange: Nobody cares what you or PinocchiOH claim about alleged fake stats.

    You don’t know what Florida lady was doing, nor do you know if she’s being completely honest about her claims.

    You two post this same stuff every day.

    Give it a rest.

    You know what is true?

    Every state, every nation, seems to be handling this differently.

    It’s all too convenient that you have claimed that only Illinois seems to be doing it “accurately”.

  35. **The lawsuits are still piling up though**

    Pritzker has won in every court but the one in Clay County, so don’t get too confident yet.

  36. That’s note entirely accurate, Alabama. Pritzker’s conceded at least twice on the the religious cases in order to have them moot, and we might even find that the same was true of the Kavanaugh July 4 ruling.

    It’s dishonest to claim that he “won”.

    Conceding and relaxing the restrictions on religious gatherings, twice now, is not a win.

    It’s an admission of defeat and an attempt to avoid having the court rule against him.

    If Kavanaugh happened to determine that the Clay County ruling is applied to all of Illinois, he’d do what he did on July 4.

    If you really want to call these “wins”, then by all means; Do it.

    Nobody else is fooled.

  37. They killed them, Cal No family was allowed in and they just plain culled those old folks. Could have already been feeble in health, but they killed them. Useless eaters, you know. Plus they might remember the world as it was unlike what they are going to present after the evil ones erase ALL history.

  38. Here is an interesting article on the Darren Bailey case from a Northbrook law firm:

    “If the Order was not a final order and/or the Order is not binding, then why did Attorney General state immediately after the Order was issued that he was going to appeal? Such is a rhetorical question. The Order is a big deal and the Governor knows it. Of course, the Order will be appealed, the Governor has no choice. However, unless and until an appellate court overturns the Order, then the Governor’s COVID-19 executive orders do not exist.”

  39. Having your elderly in a nursing home is a good way to have them end up dead, considering that many states are reporting that >70% of the “covid deaths” seem to originate from these places.

  40. OK the lady in Florida was not a medical doctor of any kind.

    “Jones, a geographic information systems manager for the department’s Division of Disease Control and Health Protection, told the paper that she was fired for refusing to manipulate data”

    She is an IT person not a doctor.

    “Rebekah Jones exhibited a repeated course of insubordination during her time with the department, including her unilateral decisions to modify the department’s COVID-19 dashboard without input or approval from the epidemiological team or her supervisors”

    So she is a IT person that was in charge of the Florida covid-19 website and she was fired for making changes to the site without permission from the actual doctors.

    Sounds like an attempt to manipulate the numbers the other way.

  41. People fall for this because of how it’s presented.

    The reason for her firing is way towards the end.

    Most never read that far, they see something that supports what they already think and stop there.

  42. They can fire her at-will.

    She can claim whatever she wants to claim.

    It doesn’t mean anything, but liberals are too dumb to understand that this is how the world works and they want to present it as undeniable evidence that Florida is cooking the books but Illinois somehow isn’t.

    Anecdotally, one state is renown for its corruption

    (Hint: We live there):

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