Appliance Price Switch at Harvard Walmart

From the Harvard Police Department:

Harvard Walmart


On 06-28-20 at 1458 hrs, an Employee (m-22 yoa) of Walmart, 21101 McGuire Rd, Harvard reported on 06-25-20 at approximately 1437 hrs an unknown male and female entered the store obtained several appliances switched the price tags with clearance items.

The male and female utilized the self-checkout paying the reduced price and left the store without paying the full retail price.

Under Investigation.


Appliance Price Switch at Harvard Walmart — 12 Comments

  1. This sounds like the modus operandi of the illegal Mexican criminal.

    Get Patty O’Kenneally to investigate if he isn’t marching around today.

  2. Frank, it could just as easily been white trash or blacks, I go with the latter.

  3. Aren’t there cameras?

    How can these people be unknown.

    This is a typical traveling gypsy trick.

  4. How can we help if we dont know what or whom, we’re looking for.

    Probably a crime that happens everyday.

    Wal Mart has cameras everywhere, especially at checkout and the parking lot—even a car and plate would be of help, otherwise we dont know what or whom to BOLO.

    I thought too, WalMart wasnt real big these days on pressing charges for thefts, especially for non Whites, bad publicity and all.

  5. I wonder how many hours they stayed up thinking of this scam?

    did they learn nothing from the Lawn mower thieves at Farm and Fleet ? recently

  6. Hey CubFan – I truly appreciate that you are thinking about me.

    It is a little strange that you let me live in your head, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

  7. Alabama, you think you’re so smart.

    We’ll just see how smart you.

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