Minnesota Sees Twenty-Something Coronavirus Spike

Legal Insurrection‘s coronavirus correspondent Leslie Eastman ferreted out this graphic from Minnesota that shows a huge spike in Covid-19 infections among twenty-somethings:

They they come after the Black Lives Matters demonstrations is probablyk not a coincidence.

Eastman notes,

Despite the press ginning up fear of the big, bad COVID, I would like to note that the evidence is becoming more apparent that the coronavirus is substantially less lethal than initially reported.

It’s at 0.2% and likely lower, given the increasing number of asymptomatic people who have tested positive).

Therefore, it is on-par with severe flu, and with the bulk of the deaths occurring in nursing homes, it is clear that the elderly and already ill people are more at risk.


Minnesota Sees Twenty-Something Coronavirus Spike — 4 Comments

  1. I’m also guessing the Minn. Gov asking Trump for money, is what happens when your protests are so peaceful, they have to be declared a Fed Disaster Area.

  2. Who brought all the Hmong and Somalians to Minneapolis? Dubya and Obongo

  3. @Deer Slayer, actually it was the Catholics and Lutherans.

    Their home offices made quite a killing from Fed Govt for setting up the transfer and resettlement.

    Google it.

    As a Lutheran I was never happy about it, but like all Big Orgs, even religion, the top is a cesspool of greed.

    Why I tithe the equivalent to local causes vs my current church.

  4. Groggy is distracting from the issue of which administrations let these invaders in.

    Sure these religious rats catered to them, but they never brought them in in the first place!

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