Big Girls Fighting over “Facial Coverings” in McHenry

From the McHenry Police Department:


John Birk, Chief of Police of the McHenry Police Department, announced today the arrest of an adult female in connection with a disturbance at McHenry’s Home Depot.

TERI A. HILL, age 54, of 2621 Wall Street, McHenry, Illinois, was taken into custody on scene without incident.

On July 3rd, 2020 at approximately 4:58 PM officers of the McHenry Police Department responded to the Home Depot store, 2461 N. Richmond Rd., for a reported disturbance between two customers.

Officers conducted an investigation and learned the two female customers had a disagreement about facial coverings.

The disagreement then turned into a physical altercation.

Story makes page 4 of the Chicago Tribune.

Minor injuries were reported on scene with neither customer requesting medical care.

After collecting independent witness statements and video footage, officers determined there was probable cause to criminally charge HILL with the following:
 1 Count of BATTERY (Class A Misdemeanor)
 1 Count of DISORDERLY CONDUCT (Class C Misdemeanor)

Hill was released on personal recognizance bond with a court date of August 19th, 2020 at 8:30 AM.

Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact the Criminal Investigation Division of the McHenry Police Department at 815-363-2599. Those wishing to pass along anonymous information are encouraged to call the McHenry Police Tip Line at 815-363-2124. All
calls made to the tip line are anonymous as Caller ID is not used.

Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he/she has had all the guarantees necessary for his/her defense.


Big Girls Fighting over “Facial Coverings” in McHenry — 75 Comments

  1. I think that the older lady was trolling the younger (liberal) one in order to get her angry.

    Apparently it worked.

  2. That video is cringe.

    Old woman threatened to cough on the younger one?

    I probably would’ve body checked her after she pushed her phone into the recorder’s.

    I only expect more of this though with people doubling down on refusing to equip a piece of cloth, which also steps on mass surveillance at the same time.

    You’d think it’d be obvious.

  3. Nothing that the older lady seems to be saying appears to be any more than an attempt to agitate her.

    Unfortunately, that’s a good way to get someone to assault you.

    Clearly this girl was trying to get right into her face with the camera, so we didn’t hear the alleged comment on coughing.

    This younger girl seems like a nice, decent, Christian lady with that potty mouth and the threats to knock out an older woman.

  4. You gotta be Christian to be decent, eh?

    That’s adorable.

    Older lady is essentially acting like an infantalized adult based on that video.

    The whole thing is cringey, but if she’s threatening to cough on people and be the one to make a big stink about masks and remove their own?

    Kudos to the younger one to record them being recorded.

  5. They are both wrong.

    I can’t tell really who hit who so much from this but I’m sure Home Depot has better video.

    Even if you think the older woman should wear a mask, all that was accomplished here is that she was in the store longer and a physical confrontation occurred.

    Let store employees deal with this, if that’s what thier employer wishes.

  6. Rob, I’m being silly.

    You should know that by now.

    Maybe I’m trolling you?

    I know that Christianity is a touchy subject for you though.

    You’ve made that much clear.

  7. Neal,


    They are both wrong.

    It’s very hard to tell how this went down but it’s reasonable to assume that the younger woman didn’t like that the older woman wasn’t wearing a mask.

    You could tell that she had a mask on by the sound of her voice.

    People are getting confrontational about this stuff.

    It’s a divisive issue.

  8. I’ve already been the odd one out, being the only one with a mask on.

    I feel like you could be confronted for either side.

    It’s getting Darwin out there.

  9. Rob,

    By the way:

    You never heard her say “I’ll cough on you”.

    You only hear the woman who’s taking the video make this claim as I mention above.

    And if she did say it, it’s possibly just to get the other woman to back off.

    We can safely assume that she’s stepping in close to get the camera in her face, because the footage proves this.

  10. Rob,

    There is no mask requirement in Illinois as of the date of this incident (per the Daren Bailey case) unless proven otherwise.

    If stores choose to still require masks, it’s up to them to call law enforecement; It’s not up to some vigilante liberal girl with a camera.

    I’m sure that you are more than welcome to wear a mask though.

    I don’t think that anyone will attempt to stop you.

  11. Exactly, if Home Depot has a mask policy, and I’m sure they do, the younger woman should have gone to the manager since it’s a store policy.

    It’s not her job to enforce store policies for Home Depot in this way.

    The other woman, should have just walked away.

    They both should just walk away and act like adults.

  12. Employees probably don’t want to enforce the mask use because of situations like this.

    They’d rather just let the people in and out with no extra conflict.

    I’m certainly not going to be the one drawing attention to myself because of others using or not.

  13. Did the older woman put the boots to the younger one?

    Anytime I’m involved in a physical altercation (self defense) I always give my attacker a full body massage with my steel toe boots.

    It’s a good leg workout and I really enjoy it!

  14. Businesses do what they think is in their best financial interest.

    If they thought that thier customers wanted masks to be required and enforced, they would make sure that they do so.

    Even if they had to hire a big strong guy to sit at the door.

  15. Full story:

    Even if she was trolling with the “white power” comment, this is a good way to give fakenews more fuel to add to the fire.

    Evidently someone else didn’t have a mask on.

    No clue how many.

    The story claims that Hill was wearing a mask and was actually complaining to am employee that others were not, and it’s alleged that she interrupted Sydney Waters and an employee when (at some point) Sydney Waters went full Karen Jr. on Karen Sr.

    The article doesn’t mention that Sydney Waters threatened to “knock out” the other woman, nor does it honestly transcribe how she spoke to her.

  16. The only time I find “White power” to be something to laugh at is when my old co-worker would walk into the maintenance shop and shout it.

    It was funny because he’s Puerto Rican and I’d say it was his inner Spaniard.

    Karen Jr & Sr only show what the holidays might have to bring when stores get clustered and tensions are high with Covid alerts streamlessly coming in.

  17. Even better, it was a Karen vs Karen cat fight.

    This is our future if the left gets its way.

  18. No, it’s just our future.

    Nobody is really going to get their way.

  19. I’m wondering if both women actually do believe in the narrative of systemic racism and white privilege, which would make it even more comical that they are actually fighting over the same things.

  20. This had to be leftie vs leftie.

    The younger one it’s pretty clear and the older one, well she was complaining about masks so I’d say probably a leftie.

  21. Now here is what is going to happen besides the criminal charges.

    If this woman has a job the crazy Twitter mob will track her employer down and make threats until they fire her.

    That isn’t enough though, eventually someone will post her name and address online and she will be getting dozens of death threats.

    Her friends and family will also likely be threatened.

    Besides that I wouldn’t be surprised if they start showing up or making threats to the Home Depot.

    While both these women are wrong, does this seem like an appropriate response, ruin someone’s life or try to because they said something stupid?

    I don’t even think the woman meant it, she was just baiting the other person.

  22. No, it’s not worth it.

    It’s making something out of a small situation.

    The older lady wasn’t coughing on people, but both were being cringey.

    Both were pointing their phones at each other like it was a standoff with no intent.

    I find it difficult to defend or incriminate one or the other.

  23. Twitter mob already are posting trying to track her down.

    Facebook post from Lake / McHenry scanner even has people who are posting her phone number.

    The commenters are accusing her of being the one without the mask when she apparently was the one with the mask: “Racist!”, “Disgusting!”, “No mask!” and don’t even know the context.

    Apparently didn’t read the article.

    Scanner isn’t doing anyone any favors with the way that they’ve reported this.

    They seem to be portraying it as hate speech or something, and that makes the angry liberals even more angry.

  24. That’s because people like running with their gut across the finish line only to realize their head has been up their ass.

    I can clearly see the older lady’s mask in hand/in pocket during the video.

    But, because the only thing most people will see and process is the one holding the phone whilst flipping off the recorder.

    Another one of those impact vs intent situations.

    Somebody here thought they were doing the right thing.

  25. Path to hell is paved with good intentions, Christian or not it pretty much holds true in practice.

    This is why we would be better off with our current system than a bunch of busy bodies that know what is best for us.

  26. I think the best intentions for us all is to mind our own.

    Don’t try and get the store to come down on the lack of masks.

    Don’t antagonize a mask wearer.

    Just get your store goods and go home and talk about it with your significant other and watch Netflix.

    Because the pressure is just gonna come back to an employee who probably wants nothing to do with anyone.

  27. Unfortunately her actions will likely wreak havoc in her neighborhood, her poor neighbors.

  28. older lady has some pretty good body-karate am I wrong people?

  29. This reporting is as bad as the commentary that follows.

    Did anyone even watch the video?

    It’s not about a dispute over facial coverings.

    It’s about the fact that the older woman said she believes she’s entitled via “white power”.

    That’s the story, full stop.

    No two sides.

    Shame on the author of this article for completely omitting the main point of this story and to the readers who didn’t bother watching the video and missed tye only thing that matters.

  30. FYI she’s a BLM supporter, so it’s safe to assume that making it go viral was all part of the game.

  31. Y’all are all sick. Sitting here defending a racist.

    Y’all wonder why there’s riots and protests. Y

    ‘all don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against.

    Roles are about to switch and you won’t like it.

    Teri would have gotten laid out if she put her hands on me.

    You wanna act crazy, we can get crazy.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  32. “Unfortunately her actions will likely wreak havoc in her neighborhood, her poor neighbors.”

    I don’t blame this woman for this.

    Blame the mob of stupid people on Twitter that want to use intimidation and violence to make thier point.

  33. Home Depot announces Pro Rewards will now offer a free Exorcism with a $1500 purchase.

  34. Perhaps a careful reader would see that the content of the article came from the McHenry Police Department.

  35. I’d knock her out too for saying stupid s***!

    Baby that’s not a threat, it’s a PROMISE!

    You wanna act froggy, you can catch these hands.

    You feel bad for the people in her neighbor?

    This is what happens when WE’RE TIRED OF IT!!

  36. BLM said: “Y’all are all sick. Sitting here defending a racist. Y’all wonder why there’s riots and protests. Y‘all don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against. Roles are about to switch and you won’t like it.”

    I don’t think that anyone is defending anyone.

    Note above that we commented that both seem to be in the wrong with how it was handled.

    Sounds as though you’re threatening people with violence.

  37. I don’t see how this lady is supposed to represent her neighborhood.

    If she was my neighbor and a bunch of people were outside her place making noise, I’m now indirectly affected and will probably see the noisy ones as the issue.

    Throwing fists at this dumpy bodied old lady isn’t an accomplishment.

    If you really want to get the white supremacists, go to prison and take on the brotherhood.

  38. Cal,

    Nowhere in the police report does it talk about the “white power” comment, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

    It only says that Home Depot directed them to the police department.

    In these articles, they are taking the account of one person involved without considering the full context of the altercation.

    I’d love to see video from before and after what we were given, as it could provide more of an indication as to why Hill said those things.

    Very likely that something is missing.

  39. I think I heard the older one repeating it after the recorder paraphrases it.

    Audio comes in funny with a phone case on it.

  40. BLM sounds pretty much like a violent thug to me.

    I don’t care what anyone says to you, violence isn’t justified in response to words.

    Comments like yours are what will cause more racism not less.

  41. The irony in BLM’s post is that the people who are alleged to be “discriminated against” are not the same people who are rioting.

    Most aren’t even the protesters.

    Looting wasn’t mentioned in BLM’s post so I won’t comment.

    Interesting how people consider some of these things as an excuse to perform illegal activities, such as rioting.

  42. BLM’s offer doesn’t sound bad at all.

    I gotta say, I could probably use a good ass whuppin.

  43. Home Depot has just announced black shoplifters can claim their thefts can be added to their rewards cards.

  44. No shoes, no shirts, NO MASKS, no service…..PERIOD the stores need to post this, just like the NO Guns sign.

  45. Lol, calling mask wearers Karen.

    Does that page regularly post satire this good Cindy?

  46. Gus, I’ve walked into many stores with my ccw.

    You wouldn’t even know it’s there.

  47. “No shoes, no shirts, NO MASKS, no service…..PERIOD the stores need to post this, just like the NO Guns sign.”

    Isn’t that up to the owner of the store, not you?

  48. The young girl comments at the end of the video of being sick of racism.

    What racism, the crap the media reports.

    Racism is way overblown.

    There isn’t a racism issue, ask the educated blacks, not the phony BLM group.

  49. New Gus is a moron. No one that cares about their safety actually obeys those signs. It figures that a moron would think that a sign will keep them safe from criminals who would ALWAYS obey those stupid signs by laying their weapons down on the curb before entering. LOL Do you people even think before you post such crap? Do you people even understand the Constitution? Have you ever heard of The Bill of Rights?

    Rob? YOU ARE AN IDIOT! You cannot even see past your wisecracks. Reading comprehension, not on your list? The world has gone to Hell and you are granting all the evil criminals their permission to do you in. Most CCW people are not that stupid. I’m wondering if you even passed the course if you didn’t understand what that page was saying. And absolutely mask wearers are INDEED tattletales that like to “snitch” on others. You perhaps do not understand anything about what the name implies. You are believing the lies of propaganda to have turned that meme upside down. English not your first language?

  50. Lol this Neal clown let’s liberals live in his head rent free.

    Its pretty clear the white power redneck conservative older lady was agitated by someone telling her to put her mask on.

    Hence the prolonged middle finger, ridiculous statements, and covering her face knowing she’s gonna become the next ‘Karen’ who goes viral and gets Nazi signs painted on her house.

    Sounds like Neal knows this all too well hence his determination to falsely paint her as a liberal.


  51. The one doing the recording (Waters) was harassing the older lady (Hill).

    Hill was responding mockingly, but meekly, to Waters’ harassments.

    Waters called Hill a racist and Hill responded, “Yes, I believe in whiiiite poooower.”

    Hill continued her sarcasm with, “I’m a white woman so I have priiiivilige.”

    It’s even more clear when you realize both women were white.

    Overall, the person doing the assaulting was Waters who kept batting Hill’s phone away.

    Hill knows that Waters goal from the beginning was to plaster her video online so that she’d lose her job and quite likely her life.

    So when Waters batted Hill’s phone away (assault), Hill responded with a warning

    Waters continued harassing and advancing on Hill, so Hill responded in kind.

    How anyone can support Waters’ behavior is beyond me.

  52. I felt embarrassed for the older female when she made a comment about ‘White Power”, the same way that I was embarrassed for the Chicago Black Caucus Chair Jason Ervin, for delaying recreational marijuana sales in Chicago for six months to give African American and Hispanic entrepreneurs a chance to get a piece of the action, after being shut out of the first group of “White” owners.

    Chicago Mayor Lightfoot stated that medical dispensaries are not only for “White Entrepreneurs”.

  53. For everyone that’s blind on here.

    The lady was being sarcastic mocking the white privilege garbage and at the end the crazy Mrs. Waters clearly closed in on Teri Hill’s space and started the initial attack hitting her phone Teri didn’t do much talking and just stood there but this BLM freak got aggressive verbally and physically yet Teri gets charged with assault lol.

    Welcome to the loser justice system where everyone’s afraid to go against the MSM

  54. The old white chick can wash sidewalks or something else useful.

    What an impulsive fool she is.

  55. Hill should have just put her mask on and went about her day instead of trying to turn this into a race issue by saying its because she’s a white woman.

    Putting a mask on isn’t a race thing, its just being considerate.

    Yeah duh, she’s just trying to get a rise out of Waters, but you know what she could have done instead of trying to get a rise out of liberals?

    Put her damn mask on.

  56. The fact that some of you are writing off Teri’s comments as “sarcasm” is absolutely delusional.

    As a 50 year old woman, she should know that hate speech has consequences.

    Haven’t we seen enough viral “Karen” videos to know better?

    Teri threatened Waters first by saying she would spit/cough on her to give her COVID.

    To which Waters’ responded ” I will knock you out”

    Teri is responsible for what happened to Teri.

    Nobody made her say “I believe in white power”.

    She deserves the public humiliation because her words were abhorrent.

    Oh yeah, she did get fired btw 🙂

  57. She was clearly being sarcastic to me, even if it was poor taste and judgment, and it was.

    Doesn’t make the Twitter mob right.

    The world would be much better off if people worried more about themselves than what others are doing

  58. “Teri threatened Waters first by saying she would spit/cough on her to give her COVID.”

    That wasn’t in the video, but Waters claimed that it happened.

    Did you hear her say it?

    Neither you nor I know what lead up to this situation.

    So many people quick to judge others and do not even know what really occurred.

  59. The fact that so people here are defending this extremely racist woman speaks volumes about the ignorance and bias of many people in this country.

  60. I know Waters very well personally, so yes, I know that is what happened.

  61. Completely FALSE accusations here.

    We can see the video MSM and tells a different story from their narritive!

    Hill although being a t total B as well as the other lady was was falsely charged as being the “aggressor” when it is completely obvious she was ot the aggressor!

    The girl attacked the older woman never mind the words that were said it doesnt give the right to get physical and if someone does then they need to be rightly charged!

    It seems there is a narritive forming that it is “okay” to punch and knock out so called “racist” and the police will charge the other individual for self defense.

    There are a LOT of lying hypocrites here who LOVE LAWLESSNESS and call good evil and evil good!

  62. Can we all just get along and wear a mask so everyone can go back to being themselves as they are?

    We should stop trying to turn pumpkins into princesses.

    People settle in where they feel most comfortable – usually in their own skin.

    It’s okay to be different and have 180 degree values.

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