IL-14: Jim Oberweis Fundraisers June 29-July 2

Jim Oberweis

Catalina Lauf, Ted Gradel and James Marter headlined fundraisers

Thank you to commenters, in particular Correcting, for asking for the information about in-person fundraisers for Jim Oberweis which began in earnest within a few days of Phase 4 being implemented of Restore Illinois.

Thus far, McHenry County Blog has determined there were at least 3 in-person fundraisers headlined by former primary opponents of State Senator Jim Oberweis:

  • June 29 in Woodstock, headlining Catalina Lauf
  • July 1 in Naperville, hosted by Ted Gradel
  • July 2 in Yorkville, headlining James Marter

McHenry County Blog has learned last Monday’s fundraiser in Woodstock took place, although due to a last minute development, Ms. Lauf was not in attendance. According to our source, members of the McHenry County Republican Party enjoyed a night getting back together in-person and talking politics for the first time since March 21.

Word is there will be another Oberweis fundraiser in McHenry County very soon with Catalina Lauf present to formally endorse Oberweis’ candidacy against Congresswoman Lauren Underwood this fall.

Last Thursday, Ted Gradel tweeted the following:

Finally, the Yorkville fundraiser was tweeted by LaSalle County Committeeperson Beth Findley:

Curious, nothing was posted on Kendall County Republican Chairman James Marter’s social media sites.

As McHenry County Blog learns about more in-person events in or near McHenry County for the 14th congressional district, we will post the information to our readers.

REMINDER: Second quarter campaign disclosure reports to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) are due on July 15, and as candidates in the 6th and 14th districts general election file, it will be posted here on the blog.


IL-14: Jim Oberweis Fundraisers June 29-July 2 — 5 Comments

  1. God Bless Catalina, Ted and James. I personally asked them, during the primary, if they would support the winner of the primary and they all said, “Yes.”

    My eyes are becoming a little misty as I type this, I am so impressed with their sincerity and their ability to keep their eye on the ball – defeating Lauren Underwood.

    Oh, and God Bless Jim Oberweis, too.

  2. Oberweis should hold a fundraiser on the south side of Chicago where he
    was recently handing out milk and other goodies to the slaves on the DEMOCRAT plantation,
    I’m sure he would rake in millions.

  3. Abe is right, again.

    Obercow is great at form and virtue signaling, but not substance.

    Underwood told her RINO friends to vote for him.

  4. Oathkeeper, if that really happened then why didn’t you warn Republicans before the primary election?

    I didn’t find anything on this blog where you tried warning anybody, but if I missed it go ahead and share the link(s).

    Since Oathkeeper is making a strong & certain claim about Underwood doing something specific, I encourage Oathkeeper or anybody reading this to post evidence that Underwood and/or her surrogates were advising people to do that (support Oberweis in the primary).

    Town halls, Twitter, a Democratic PC stepping forward to admit that, whatever you can find.

    I kind of doubt Oathkeeper’s story but let’s see how people respond.

  5. It was obvious to all Oberweis would be the weakest candidate, save Catella, to run against Underpuppet, so it kinda makes sense

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