IL-14: Oberweis Statement on Federal Assistance for Dairy

From 14th District congressional candidate Jim Oberweis:

Jim Oberweis Statement on PPP Loan to Oberweis Dairy

Sugar Grove, IL – Below is a statement from Jim Oberweis on the PPP loan Oberweis Dairy received as well as a statement from Oberweis Dairy.

Statement from Jim Oberweis:

Oberweis Dairy did receive a PPP loan. The loan was used to pay for salaries and benefits for the company’s employees

PPP was passed by Congress and signed by the President to save the jobs of millions of workers who were at risk of unemployment or reduced employment because of the forced closure of the economy as a result of COVID-19. Oberweis Dairy applied for and was granted PPP funding to save the jobs and paychecks of its employees during this unprecedented time.

Jim Oberweis is Chairman of Oberweis Dairy. He receives no salary and his role in the company is advisory. His son, Joe, is President and CEO and runs the company.

The company also issued the statement below:

Oberweis Dairy was one of many businesses across the country that received a PPP loan while faced with unprecedented economic uncertainty. Similar to most retail businesses, we were undoubtedly concerned about the survival of our business given that we couldn’t confidently foresee what parts of it would be allowed to operate. 

All of the proceeds of the PPP loan were used to pay employees or to pay for their benefits as the PPP program was designed. Our participation in the PPP program enabled us to continue to operate each of our restaurants and ice cream stores – many of which saw swift and significant sales declines – and keep all employees working. Without the PPP, at a minimum it would have been prudent to close all restaurants and some ice cream stores that we operate for some period of time (and therefore layoff the impacted employees).

We are pleased to report that we have experienced zero closures, layoffs, furloughs, forced reduction of hours, or compensation reductions. In addition, we were able to offer a variety of temporary benefits to our employees (most of whom were on the front lines through the height of the coronavirus uncertainty) including paid time off for employees recommended to quarantine and direct additional pay for crew, shift leaders, and managers in our stores and restaurants, production, lab, building maintenance, and warehouse team members, customer service representatives, drivers, mechanics, and home delivery managers. 

We cannot foresee what the next 6-12 months will bring for our business or any other, but we are working to be prepared to weather those storms that are undoubtedly still in front of us.


IL-14: Oberweis Statement on Federal Assistance for Dairy — 15 Comments

  1. Good for Oberweis.

    Since it’s a loan, it’s not free money.

    Many businesses were entitled to apply as long as they met the requirements which included keeping people working by factoring payroll costs in the requirements.

    Authorized expenses for PPP have limitations and these included employee retention in order to maintain loan forgiveness.

    Evidently the liberals don’t like that future Presidential Candidate Ye also obtained a PPP.

  2. Oberweis – just another greedy, wealthy, virtue signaling Jumbo Boy wanna be who
    was finally able to buy himself a political seat.

    This self-entitled RINO azzhole didn’t even have the decency to step aside and let a younger
    person have the opportunity to serve.

    The only thing worse than Oberweis is the idiots that voted for him.

  3. JimBo is a RINO!

    Takes our taxpayer money when he’s got plenty of his own.

    MAGA faithful will not vote for a RINO!

    Send a message and write in Carolina Lauf!

  4. People who have been candidates in the primary election are not eligible to be candidates in the general election.

  5. “Since it’s a loan, it’s not free money.” Someone doesn’t understand what loan forgiveness means.

    I’ll explain…

    If the government gives you a loan and you don’t have to pay it back, then it’s free money.

    Well not to taxpayers.

    We pay the bill. None of this is to say it’s right or wrong what he did, but the bottom line is that taxpayers subsidized his business to the tune of $5.6 million (that number comes from his company).

  6. Dianne,

    My initial comment was intended to imply that the PPP loan was to cover losses due to forced shutdowns, which made it not “free”.

    Not everyone is going to get full loan forgiveness and the money is primarily used for employee retention, which is a a lesser expense to government than long-term unemployment claims and economic downturn.

    I commented on the payroll requirement (it’s 60% minimum for payroll), so clearly I know what forgiveness means because I spelled it out.

  7. HuntleyPatriot – Despite what Cal said, you can still send a message to JimBo and all the RINOs by writing in Lauf.

    Thank you for being a patriot!


  8. “All of the proceeds of the PPP loan were used to pay employees or to pay for their benefits as the PPP program was designed.” – this means WE THE PEOPLE, the taxpayers, paid the payrolls and the Oberweis Dairy salaries instead of their multi-millionaire owner.

    It was free money. Why can’t you ever accept to being wrong?

  9. Who is Dianne and why are you posting “stupid stuff” on this message board (that also happens to be not true)?

  10. Write-in candidacies which are not registered are not counted.

    No more Mike Royko columns about how many votes Mickey Mouse received.

  11. -Find just one post by “HuntleyPatriot”
    -Calls Oberweis “RINO”
    -Says to write in “Carolina Lauf”
    -That’s not even her name
    -Write-ins don’t count for candidates unless they are official write-in candidates
    -Oh, the resident Democrat commenter, encourages this, and adds her thoughts about how bad RINOs are and says we must MAGA by not voting for the Republican candidate

    Could these Democrats be any dumber? You guys are embarrassing Lauren, just stop.

    Meanwhile, people warn readers of this blog that Oberweis is sooooo easy to defeat and Democrats WANTED Oberweis to win — as they LARP as “patriots” and “real Republicans” telling Republicans to not vote for Oberweis and encouraging them to waste their vote on an undeclared and ineligible write-in candidate so that Underwood wins. Democrats are PANICKING right now, even with all of Oberweis’s weaknesses. If they weren’t worried, they wouldn’t be attacking him so incessantly on social media!

    Here’s the scoop for Republicans:

    This is Republicans’ LAST CHANCE to defeat Lauren Underwood.

    After this year, there is going to be redistricting.

    Underwood will end up in a safe, new, gerrymandered district and Republicans will NEVER be able to get her out of office.

    If you don’t want to vote for Oberweis, that’s your choice, but don’t complain about “socialist” Lauren Underwood because you were intransigent and couldn’t bring yourself to vote for a less than perfect candidate.

    I’ve met Democrats who don’t like Lauren Underwood but vote for her anyway because they understand the significance of U.S. House elections.

    They understand Underwood is closer to their beliefs than Oberweis is.

    They understand that the House is a check on the President.

    They understand it’s important which party controls the House.

    While Democrats understand realpolitik and how to win, it seems Republicans always look for a way to shoot themselves in the foot and lose.

    Democrats are LAUGHING at you right now.

    Democrats want Republicans to find any flaw in Mr. Oberweis and turn that into an excuse to pout and not support him, thus securing Lauren Underwood a spot in the federal government for life.

    Cal is correct about write-ins.

    If you write in somebody who is not a registered write-in candidate, that vote WILL NOT COUNT for the person you want it to be counted for — be it Mickey Mouse or Catalina (not “Carolina”) Lauf.

    The fact that resident Democrat commenter Oh is encouraging Republicans to literally waste their vote should be a clue that it’s not a good idea for Republicans.

    Not sure what HonestAbe1’s story is.

    Not everybody is a shill.

    There are a lot of people who are true believers/useful idiots.

    In their minds, they think they’re helping.

    Republicans need to urge Catalina Lauf (and the other primary candidates) to get on the Oberweis train, because I think some of her supporters and some of the influencers in her circles are actually pushing this “I won’t vote for Oberweis” narrative, for whatever reason, and it’s extremely harmful for Republicans.

    The election is about a lot more than Oberweis.

    The longer Catalina Lauf waits, the more this “don’t vote for Oberweis” message festers, and the more harm it does to not just Oberweis but to the prospect of Republicans winning back the House, to booting Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and to supporting President Trump.

    Lauf should really stop dragging her feet and get behind Oberweis asap.

    There’s no excuse to wait for fall like Lopez said she was going to do in another post.

    Lauren Underwood’s supporters are not waiting until fall to vocally support her on social media, to write letters to the editor, to give money, etc.

    By fall, early voting will already be under way. Oberweis needs to get some momentum and he needs to get some cash because Underwood has a ton of cash.

    Lauf has a national audience, has media connections, and she did well locally.

    She could garner him a lot of local support and help him secure funds from all over the country, and she wouldn’t even have to do much.

    If you’re still not convinced, consider the following: Republicans can always primary Oberweis in the future.

    Plus, he’s already up there in age.

    But if Republicans don’t defeat Underwood this year, it’s over for them.

    Consider yourselves warned…

  12. Like you said, this district will be a lost cause after redistributing and JimO is old.

    Dems will control the house either way.

    Hard pass on all RINOs.

    Send a message, patriots.

    Lauf has a real national audience of real twitter followers who are totally not bots!

    She’s the McHenry County’s Sarah Palin!

    That’s a compliment to us patriots!

    Maybe Palin and Lauf can be the GOP ticket in 2024 if the Dems steal this election and Don Jr decides not to run.

  13. His employees would have been paid one way or the other.

    But the business would have suffered.

    He has an obligation to his employees.
    Employee alternative would have been to go on unemployment.

    So it doesn’t really make any difference.
    The implication that Oberweis is a bad person because he took the money for his employees is a non sequitur.

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