Still No Coronavirus Infections at County’s Valley Hi Nursing Home

With eighty-one percent of McHenry County Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes and other long-term facililties, I inquired again as to infections at Valley Hi, the county’s facility.

Administrator Tom Annarella replied,

Valley Hi continues to experience no COVID-19 cases in residents and have only had 1 staff member test positive in the community following a child’s exposure at day care.  There have not been any residents or staff hospitalized for COVID-19 so there have also been no deaths.

Private nursing homes are regulated by the Illinois Department of Publlic Health not the McHenry County Department of Health.

Perhaps that should change.


Still No Coronavirus Infections at County’s Valley Hi Nursing Home — 15 Comments

  1. That is fantastic.

    I wish they would publish their infection precaution procedures for others to emulate.

  2. Valley Hi: Don’t Kill Grandma.

    Rest of Illinois: Grandma Deserves To Get What’s Coming To Her.

  3. Why is the county fleecing taxpayers to run a county nursing home for the parents of connected politicos, and retired politicians.

    How many other counties do this?

    No wonder we’re taxed to death.

    Maybe the county should initiate a zoological park and Kwanza Museum too!

  4. Susan has the right idea.

    Then we could also compare MCDPH to IDPH procedures.

  5. First time in the history of McHenry County that underachievement is paying off.

  6. What an outstanding accomplishment!

    Obviously Valley Hi is run by the best of the best!

  7. Really?

    Hate to be the skeptic, but…

    Run by government? hmmm

  8. Now I would like to know how many deaths they’ve had since Feb., and how many the same period last year!

    And I would like to know how this boondoggle nursing home got started.

  9. It start as a “poor farm.”

    Moved on to provide medical treatment to injured mobsters on the top floor.

    Referendum approved to totally replace the somewhat modern facility with what is there now.

    Republicans refused to give him taking tax money when the bonds were paid off until County Board member Mike Walkup convinced his colleagues to forgo the levy for a year, pointing to the $40 million bank balance first reported by McHenrty County Blog after Board member John Hammerand pointed it out.

    Hammerand got taken off the Finance Committee, which probably would not surprise skeptics who read this publication.

    Now, after given away part of the surplus to homeowners, not all property owners, there is a move afoot to build an addition for Alzheimer patients.

  10. Right on, Mustang Sally.

    John Jung aka Onion Boy is worthless on the county board.

    He just sits up there with that glazed over Onion Boy look, not knowing what is going on, not asking questions, not commenting. He just sits up there with that dumb, confused Onion Boy smirk!

    He should retire from the board so that he can do what he loves to do best: suck on his buddy Moy’s “soy sauce” and chop up the stinky stinky onions. Why do you think he looks like he’s always crying? It’s all the stinky onions and soy!

    I would love to see him retire and take that creepy little runt and child endangerer Carlos Acosta with him. They could both suck on Mr. Moy’s “soy sauce” together! I heard Jung and Moy had a falling out, but I’m sure Moy would let Jung come crawling back for his “soy sauce.”

    When’s the last time you saw Jack-off Franks get into a tussle with either of those two good-for-nothings (Jung, Acosta)? Hard for that to happen when you’re a get along go along type like those two are. And it’s John “Onion Boy” Jung’s fault that Acosta is on the board to begin with!

    Jung ran on a slate with Leslie Melendy in the 2018 primary, throwing his fellow incumbent county board member Michael Rein under the bus, signaling to Republican voters there was something wrong with Rein, and costing Rein that seat to Acosta in November.

    After Rein narrowly won the primary, did Jung ever help Rein?

    Did Jung ever defend ANY Republican (Wheeler, Tirio, or anybody) against Jack Franks’ reign of dark money terror?

    There is at least one Democrat on that board who has said more negative things about Acosta than Jung has, and there are a few Democrats who have been harsher critics of Franks than Jung has been.

    Jung is a scared and confused old man who’s been on that board WAY too long.

    His retirement would be a blessing for McHenry County.

  11. Sweet Onion pooch, John Jung, makes Joe Biden look sharp.

    I completely agree that Jung should be allowed to endlessly watch his reruns of his beloved Gilligan’s Island without being forced to attend COW mtgs for the extra $.

    Jung’s got the complete series, including the 2 bootleg episodes never released “The Professor Diagnoses Thurston Howell III’s Alzheimer’s” which makes Jung eccentrically laugh, and “The Skipper’s Cargo Cult” which featured cannibalism and veiled sexual situations. Both were deemed too shocking for a vacuous 60s sitcom.

    When Jung was more ‘with it’ a decade ago, like a Star Trek ‘Trekkie’, he’d try and engage anyone who’d give him the time with esoteric Gilligan’s Island quizzes and trivia contests about his beloved show. He always said he’d ‘write a book’ about what he called the show’s ‘mistakes’ and ‘implausibilities’.

    He tried to enlist Virginia Peschke (sp?), another County Board member, to help ghost write the book, but she did an about face when she saw what was in the Jung basement: a weird life size diorama of the Gilligan’s Island set and framed letters from Bib Denvers’ and Jim Backus’ lawyers’
    threatening action if Jung wouldn’t stop his antics.

    But alas his wife scotched that book plan when a psychiatrist informed her about his creepy fixation about the character “Ginger” who supposedly got a Beverly Hills restraining order against a tracked down McHenry Co official after his letters took a disturbing ‘sweet onion and shallot’ twist.

    Yup, it’s high time Jung was sent to pasture.

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