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  1. This article is an opinion piece, by the way. Most “news” is now. A lot of assumptions and “what ifs” in the article by a very scared man.

  2. I wouldn’t trust a single thing that this man has to say, based upon his Twitter posts.

  3. Sweden’s Covid Experiment is Now a Certified Failure.

    Sweden put stock in the sensibility of its people as it largely avoided imposing government prohibitions. The government allowed restaurants, gyms, shops, playgrounds and most schools to remain open. By contrast, Denmark and Norway opted for strict quarantines, banning large groups and locking down shops and restaurants.

    More than three months later, the coronavirus is blamed for 5,420 deaths in Sweden, according to the World Health Organization. That might not sound especially horrendous compared with the more than 129,000 Americans who have died. But Sweden is a country of only 10 million people. Per million people, Sweden has suffered 40 percent more deaths than the United States, 12 times more than Norway, seven times more than Finland and six times more than Denmark.

  4. @Paul,

    More fake news.

    Certified failure by whom?

    New York Times?

    The charts show hand selection nations to use for comparison and don’t represent anything tangible at all.

  5. Paul, it’s way too early to call Sweden a failure.

    In case you haven’t noticed yet, things are not over.

    A scenario where Sweden is done with coronavirus virus because they got enough immunity while the rest of the world is still dealing with more cases is entirely possible.

    A year from now is when we can actually see a fair comparison of strategies.

  6. As far as the Bloomberg article goes it makes way too many assumptions.

    “And even though death is a lagging indicator, and the numbers are likely to catch up to some degree”

    This is actually where they halfway tell the truth by qualifying what the say with the phrase “to some degree”.

    We know it’s more young people this time and they don’t die nearly as much from covid.

    It’s not even close or debatable at this point.

    They then go on about how we are better at treating covid now and this is generally true.

    “Fatalities lag behind cases because COVID-19 is a rather slow-going illness. It takes time to develop an infection severe enough to require hospitalization. It can take longer still for an acute infection to result in death. Add in that deaths aren’t always reported in a timely manner, and you see why fatalities are slow to rise and fall. Note that at the moment, the U.S. is less than a month into a sustained increase in cases.”

    Yes it takes time for cases to progress and for deaths to show.

    The cases however started to spike around the first week of June and now it’s the first week of July so it’s been a month.

    This is the big one

    “If current trends continue, the virus will inevitably spread to more older Americans and other vulnerable people in households with those who get out into the community.”

    Why is it inevitable?

    Right now older vulnerable people are generally isolating and protecting themselves and for the most part are not getting as sick.

    The spike is mostly 20-29 year olds.

    If at risk people continue to do what they are doing then why would I expect this to change?

    Overall very one sided piece.

    We have no reason to think that hospitals are going to be overrun either.

    Most of the hospital patients in these state are just regular patients.

    Hospitals usually run at 80-90% capacity.

    The people who run the hospitals are saying it’s not a problem.

  7. Pritzker also laid out a number things he said the federal government can do moving forward, including more testing and tracking, continued funding for the National Guard to assist in COVID-19 response,

    a federal bailout for state and local governments, and a national face-covering mandate.

  8. A national mandate would at least stop staggering the re-opening and re-closings.

    If it makes some others irate, that’s an added bonus.

    All my regularly scheduled satire is delayed.

    Just the other day I had this man dehumanize me as he walked towards me with his spit frothing in his mouth.

    Trying to claim I dug a hole in his yard where the property corner was.

    He might’ve even gotten spit on me.

    For the record, I think he did a heavy line of coke or smoked some meth.

    I can only imagine this guy losing their mind and attacking someone.

    Because I felt like that’s what he wanted to do.

    I’d like to see stricter things just to see men like him suffer to keep up.

  9. A national mandate serves no purpose other than to prolong the manufactured paranoia.

    It will not save lives.

  10. I wasn’t saying anything about saving lives.

    I’m really feeling the chaotic neutral vibes today.

  11. To me it’s obvious JB Pritzker wants to be POTUS, eventually, and he is laying the plan down now.

    I could be wrong.

    Or right on the $money?

  12. Sounds right on the money Paul.

    After the Pandemic started I kinda had that feel.

    Or he was better at making an initial response, either way…

    He’s the only Govenor that I’ve seen advocating for states to work together.

  13. JB: “Putting on a mask gives you the freedom to get out of the house. If we want to win the battle against #covid19, we all need to do our part. #AllInIllinois”

    People responding to Pritzker’s Tweets continue to get more annoyed with his lies:

    He links to an article that’s technically incorrect to avoid saying that masks are still required.

    His request for a national mask mandate is because the state can no longer enforce it.

    Not that they even could before, but he liked to pretend that they could.

    How long will it be until Pritzker and IDPH are called out?

  14. As long as we keep fighting with each other, less and less likely.

  15. I’d have to go to such a place first to go back.

    Would watching Borat suffice?

  16. “Pritzker also laid out a number things he said the federal government can do moving forward, including more testing and tracking, continued funding for the National Guard to assist in COVID-19 response,

    a federal bailout for state and local governments, and a national face-covering mandate”

    Once again jb shows he has no idea what the law is or doesn’t care.

    Under what part of the constitution does the federal government have the authority to do such a thing?

    If you agree that Trump can’t force states to open, then you also have to agree that he can’t require masks, the same would apply to any president.

    Local issues for local government to deal with.

    Stop expecting DC to take care of everything for you.

  17. And let’s stop pretending we are a unified country, we are not right now.

    Regardless of who is winning in the polls, roughly half the country doesn’t agree with you, no matter what side you agree with.

  18. What are you people smoking? Crack? There IS NO virus! There is no such thing! It is a TOTAL hoax. No one has died from any FAKE virus. Nobody even knows anyone that has been sick with this fake virus – because- IT DOESN’T EXIST! YOu are being kept busy with this fear porn while they are robbing you of your livelihood, your family, and your country. But, you people insist on arguing over NOTHING! I told you from day one that this was a FAKE!

    To quote a very smart man …”If you are ruled by fear and force, with no laws and no representation by a legislature, you are a slave. Period.

    In fact, you are even lower and more ignorant than any slave, since you have just been ruled with no force applied. You have obeyed not because someone had a gun to your head or a whip to your back, but because you were fooled by some jackass university writer or talking head on the news, who lied right to your face and convinced you it was patriotic to act like a slave.

    Your shame could not be greater, since you have accepted your little cage with no force applied, and no attempt to resist.”… Miles Mathis

  19. I don’t know how they even do it with a straight face anymore.

    One minute if you want to work so you can feed your family and that means you are horrible and want grandma to die.

    Five minutes later they are issuing safe sex guidelines for sleeping with people you are not quarantined with.

  20. Correcting, that article is so beyond ridiculous.

    I can’t even believe that someone wrote it.

  21. Cindy,

    Nobody cares because even those who don’t believe that the threat is real don’t really care what you or they say it is or isn’t.

    Does it even matter?

    You’re so wrapped up in it being fake that it consumes you just as much as those who believe it’s real.

  22. Some Guy? YOU are an idiot! I have no dog in this fight. I don’t give a rats ass what anyone thinks of me. THIS IS WAR!!!!! If you do NOT stand up RIGHT now – the whole world is going down! This is spiritual. This is the honoring of Baphomet. The mark of the beast. The coming worship of the AntiChrist. This is it! You are all in the ritual and you are too BLIND to see what this is. Do you UNDERSTAND that the WHOLE World has believed the lie???????????????????????

  23. Coronavirus pandemic? Really?

    Here’s 4 more lies for you to believe:

    • Florida will be completely underwater by 2018 (UN pronouncement issued in 2009)
    • The police have a planned national conspiracy to murder unarmed black men, even though they commit the fewest crimes.
    • There’s no difference between the races, and IQ doesn’t exist.
    • Jews don’t control Hollywood.

  24. Cindy, if you believe the Bible, and you really do believe that this is the coming of the antichrist, then how exactly do we stop God’s plan?

    Maybe you are right, maybe not, but it isn’t going to help you any to try and stop something God said would eventually happen

  25. Neal? What are you talking about? You are speaking in tongues of nonsense. No one is trying to stop God, but YOU, when you are lining up with the evil! There is no eventually. This is NOW! Choose your side! You either follow the beast or you choose life. You are all following the beast!

  26. Cindy,

    The point is that it doesn’t matter whether or not you think that covid is real or fake.

    That doesn’t change the outcome.

    You’re obsessed with the details just like nutcases who are obsessed with masks and hand sanitizer.

    The whole world doesn’t believe in the lie.

    They just don’t operate the way that you do.

  27. He’s probably hoping to ignore it as long as possible before going to appeals, if he even does.

    It’s so very clear he broke the law on this.

    He will lose in any court if they apply what the law says.

    Don’t point out other cases either, none of them make the same challenge this one does.

  28. Some Guy? Unlike you, who thinks himself ever so witty and knowledgable and is led by a huge ego, this is NOT about me. Never was. Do you understand what happened to the people that mocked Noah? When someone brings you the truth and you refuse to see it because you think you know everything, do you know what that gets you? I bring truth for all that will hear. I have no choice but to honor the mission given to me. Should you choose to stay a fool, that is none of my concern. In any event, I am out of here very soon. I know where I am going because I refuse to bow to Satan. Do you know which path you have chosen? Are you ready to answer for those you led astray because of your maniacal ego and subterfuge while you continue to cloud all the waters? Would you even recognize truth if it slapped you on the ass? It appears not because you are an authority on just about every subject there is. You cannot refute truth and you will eventually find that out. Maybe too late.

  29. I don’t know where you get truth from, but it’s probably not where you believe it to be.

  30. Some Guy? It comes from The Creator! How could you not know! You never heard of John 14:6?

  31. All bullshit and lies brought to you by fear porn peddlers. If anything was real about this fake planned demic can anyone tell me why Hong Kong (a city of around 7.5 million people stacked on top of each other) has a death total of FOUR through June 2020? (July the number went up to Seven.) Or why Laos, Cambodia, and Viet Nam (countries that BORDER China)combined with a population of 122 MILLION have a death total of ZERO? More people have died from choking on noodles in those countries than from the fake disease you are all so frightened over.

  32. Cindyvirus: “More people have died from choking on noodles in those countries than from the fake disease you are all so frightened over.”

    Most people aren’t frightened, in spite of what you and the mainstream media claim.

    You sound about the same as those that you despise.

  33. Vietnam contained corona, quarantined it, contract traced it, tested for it and mobilization of state agencies.\(°o°)/

  34. Some Guy? This is why you are an idiot and a moron. (And possibly a liar!) Nowhere EVER have I said anything about despising ANYONE! You just have weird thoughts in your head and try to attribute them to others becauSe you are the King of all-knowing what everyone thinks. I see terror in their eyes. If you don’t see the terror, then you are a nitwit, too. Explain why people would do things that are detrimental to their own well-being if not for fear. The people have been pummeled for decades to fear pandemics and nuclear holocausts and global whining yada yada yada. NO one is working. People have lost their incomes and their businesses. Loads of people are mysteriously dying and no one can get into a hospital or get any kind of care for preexisting conditions. Lots of people died at home, alone. In nursing homes, alone. By walking in front of trains and all kinds of horrific things because they can’t take the fear. Do you really believe that crap that you are shoveling that people are NOT frightened? You are an insensitive boob on top of everything else!

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