Message of the Day – A Banner

Saw this banner memorializing former Mayor Aaron Shepley at the corner of Route 14 and McHenry Avenue.

“Mayor Aaron Shepley, 1963-1920”

Some have been asking for Aaron Shepley’s cause of death.

The Coroner’s Office says

  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • ischemic heart disease


Message of the Day – A Banner — 16 Comments

  1. Why not use the picture of this jackass’s eyes bulging out of his head like a cartoon character?

  2. Since we have new leadership in Crystal Lake.

    Let’s revisit some of eyesores in Crystal Lake’s Downtown and on Route 14 which should have been addressed long ago in Crystal Lake.

    1. A certain car dealership is holding up the revitalization of downtown CL. town homes and condos along or near the RR tracks (think Des Plaines, Mt Prospect, Arlington Hts etc, etc.) would be a great replacement and would further the development of the property on SW corner of 176 and Main St.

    2. Pressure whoever owns the old Walmart property to redevelop into again condo’s/town homes overlooking the Three Oaks Recreation Area.

    p.s. I’m not a realtor or a land developers.

  3. +1 Cindy, disgusting to say the least… more money wasted even in death!

    citizens just can’t get a break from these idiots …

  4. The Crystal Lake City Council should be known as…..

    ‘Shepley’s Slappies”.

  5. Oh, most these people would turn on eachother over one ideological difference.

    I didn’t know Shepley was a person until he died.

    I’ve lived in McHenry all my life but Crystal Lake was a minute facet of McHenry county to me.

    I dunno anything about him, but it was sad to hear when he passed suddenly.

    It’s his family that has to deal with it the hardest.

  6. Aaron had man fingers in many pies, and amassed a fortune doing so.

    He was arrogant as all hell; I just hope he ain’t in hell.

    Perhaps he had enough hidden virtues to keep him out of Hades.

    All his money and localized power ….. where did it get him in the end?

  7. Where can I drop off yesterday’s lunch in tribute to this greasy turd?

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