Rob Hanlon Files Motion to Disqualify Jim Kelly from Algonquin Township Road District Tax Protest Case

Fom Algonquin Township Road District Attorney Robert Hanlon, filed this morning:


Rob Hanlon Files Motion to Disqualify Jim Kelly from Algonquin Township Road District Tax Protest Case — 12 Comments

  1. Great Day in the Morning!

    Crooked Kelly finally called on the carpet for his corruption.

  2. Rob Hanlon is an excellent Attorney.

    Perhaps he should run for States Attorney and replace the incompetent and inept Patty O’Kenneally

  3. Townships are the most useless layer of smothering government.

    And carrion feeders like Kelly feast on the bloated township carcass.

  4. The best thing that could possible happen is if Kelly, Hanlon, and Gasser all just went away and never wasted Alg twh tax payer $$$$$ again.

    From the Union mess, the ending summarized.

    “The submission of these statements in the Road District’s brief conduct (sic) only further underlines the lack of credibility if Gasser and of Hanlon throughout these proceedings, not in any way aiding the Road District’s case, and warrants sanction.” • “The Act and the Board’s Rules provide for sanctions on the parties only and does not give it authority to sanction a party’s counsel or representative personally. Therefore, I find that this conduct warrants sanctions against the Road District, on whose behalf these representations were made.” (Page 41).

  5. Kelly is a disgrace on many levels.

    But he’s not shy about misrepresenting his abilities.

    Now his duplicity will be out for all to see.

    The gloating Kelly will not be laughing it up with his township losers when the full scope of his evildoing is exposed.

  6. Let me clarify or translate the motion.

    In regular people speak it says:

    You prick, you f..nken liar, pos!

  7. Tell me again about how much Gasser saves us.

    How much more could have been saved if he were competent.

  8. @Stephen, Gasser has lowered the levy and budget since he took over!

    That is even on top of all the lawsuits that Miller dumped on him to protect his legacy and family.

    What does that actually mean is that Gasser has done a better job than Miller ever did!

    With Miller still in there taxes would have continued to go up!

    He saves money and you bitch because he is trying to right a wrong!

    But Gasser is the bad guy?

    Dumb people that think Gasser hasn’t done a good job over there will always complain!

  9. Why should Kelly have to abide by the Rules if Professional Conduct when Hanlon so brazenly disregards them?

    Remember, Hanlon has been admonished by various courts for

    (1) making false statements to the court,

    (2) plagiarism,

    (3) not acting in good faith,

    (4) misquoting his opposing counsel, and

    (5) indifference to court deadlines.

    He is a pest abuses the judiciary.

  10. Amicus

    Lucky for you Hanlon won the court battle protecting your anonymity.

  11. If you’re referring to the McClellan suit then you should know that it was dismissed on the Plaintiffs’ failure to file a second amended complaint, not because your white knight Hanlon fought valiantly to protect anyone’s right to anonymity.

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