Three Women Deaths of Coronavirus Puts County Total Over 100

From the McHenry County Health Department:

“As of July 8, 2020, there have been 2195 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County, 101 confirmed deaths and 2 probable deaths. 

The death(s) reported today: 3 females 70s.”

Men still account to 60% of the total, although women account for 52% of the infections.


Three Women Deaths of Coronavirus Puts County Total Over 100 — 8 Comments

  1. Still fake. Total hoax. There is no such thing as a virus. There is no such thing as contagion. Get educated and stop the enslaved mentality. While you are uneducated you are agreeing to your own enslavement!

  2. In public places, masks need be worn by everyone. Also, social distance of at least 6 feet. Avoid people who think the virus is fake. Might they be the biggest carriers?

  3. bred? You are a moron! You are exactly what they want. Someone that hates and will divide everyone with the sheer idiocy you spout.

  4. Bred, come on.

    Has TV and ‘The View’ zapped your mind?

  5. The “View”? I have taped (recorded) that program a handful of times when the tv guide indicated someone of interest. It is a program for useful idiots, fools and low information people run by highly biased left wing people and except for Meghan McCain, stupid and dumb anti-Trump hosts. The top host moron refuses to mention Trump by name and refers to him as “You know who”. This show is an embarrassment.

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