After Improper Meeting, District 47 Board Moving Ahead on Fencing Kids Out of Neighborhood Park Behind Glacier Ridge Grade School

Resident taxpayers opposing the construction of a $37,000+ fence have a second chance to convince the Crystal Lake School District 47 Board to defeat the proposal. 

A vote to approve the expense was taken at the June 15, 2020, Zoom meeting.

The expense was approved five to two.

Rob Fetzner, Betsy Les, Curt Wadlington, Jonathan Powell, and Emily Smith voted yay.

Ryan Farrell and John Pellikan voted nay.

However the meeting was later declared invalid.

Not all the letters submitted to the Board from citizens opposed to the precedent-setting structure were read aloud to the Board.

In addition, citizens attempted to “raise” their virtual hands at the Zoom meeting and were not called upon to speak. 

Taxpayers have been fighting the Glacier Ridge Elementary School fence since July 2019.

The high cost of building and maintaining the fence, and the manpower needed mowing and cleaning debris along the fence are two of the reasons they oppose the structure.

Some cite the the possibility of setting a fence-all-district properties as a long term plan as the reason for opposing the fence.

Others question the necessity, and the aesthetic impact on adjacent properties, among other reasons. 

This neighbor would have to climb over a four-foot fence or go to the front of Prairie Ridge to enter the park, if area is fenced in.

District 47 plans to remove a mature natural barrier that has been on the property for years, and replace it with a four-foot chain link fence.

Chainlink fences are not permitted for the adjacent housing.

The school district is exempt from the building code restriction and is allowed to construct a chainlink fence as a barrier.

Sign urging “No Glacier Ridge Fence.”

Fences made of other materials are allowed to be built by adjacent homeowners, and approximately one-third of the homes have fences.

The result will be double fencing which creates an easement that needs to be maintained, cleaned, mown, and disallows students to walk to the school campus from their own yards.

Neighbors are concerned that access to the public property will be greatly impacted.

Residents report that many people use the property for recreation when school is not in session.

However the project is still moving forward at the request of administration and others in the name of safety for the students.

All parties agree that students should be safe.

However, those taxpayers against the construction of the fence do not agree that the proposed fence is the solution to any safety issues.

A vote is expected to be taken at the Monday, July 20, 2020, Board meeting. 


After Improper Meeting, District 47 Board Moving Ahead on Fencing Kids Out of Neighborhood Park Behind Glacier Ridge Grade School — 26 Comments

  1. Fences make good neighbors.

    A black chain link fence looks good and mowing along it is not a problem.

    Kids should use sidewalks or paths to walk to school and not cut across back yards.

  2. Who said it was black?

    Even if it is, black, the fence will be placed next to other fences creating an easement that is high maintenance.

    The kids will not be allied to use the existing path to access to property.

  3. The saying is “Good fences make good neighbors.”

    This fence is making unhappy neighbors.

  4. What kid can’t climb a 4 ft chain link fence??!!!

    Kids are like dinosaurs, they will test it for weaknesses.

    At a time of furloughs and unemployment, this is the way the district wants to spend money!!!

    The grass at Glacier Ridge was 17 inches this summer before it was mowed because the maintenance crew wasn’t able to get to all the district’s properties.

    This is a short sighted and lazy solution the board has chosen.

    It’s not their money,but they are sure are free to spend it.

    And why try to think outside the box!!

    Woodscreek school has a creek next to it, littered with garbage and soccer balls.

    THAT is a hazard.

    That’s where a fence should be.

    And actually, more than half the properties around glacier ridge already have fences.

    Seriously board, this is the best solution you can come up with????

    Shame on you!!

  5. It is to keep them imprisoned. When they turn on the weaponized Wifi they don’t want them to escape!

  6. Cindy, there’s a lot of porn being showered on those kids at school.

    Is bred serious about supporting the costly, useless fence?

    Bred, kids and shortcuts are like horses and carriages. Do you want them to be termite Red Chinese school kid zombies?

  7. I’ve lived in Crystal Lake 48 years.

    The high property taxes are pushing people out.

    Glacier Ridge has kept kids safe for the past 20 years without a fence.

    It is the safest playground in the district.

    Board members, if your reading this, please be good stewards of our tax dollars and vote no on this untimely, unnecessary expenditure.

  8. After looking at Glacier Ridge’s plat of survey from the October 21st 2019 board meeting there are 25 homes that back to the schools property.

    16 of those homes already have a fence!

    Is this the best use of tax dollars, especially during a pandemic and a hiring freeze on teachers, I think not.

  9. Here we go again another grab for more tax payers money like the bleachers fiasco cost us a million , get the popcorn… cause its not over yet…

  10. Unbelievable the ease the board members have in wasting tax payer dollars.

    Find a cheaper, more practical and prettier solution.

    This reminds me of the D155 bleachers all over again.

  11. Eighty percent of our tax dollars go to grade schools and high schools.

    It would be reassuring to know that the dollars are being spent wisely.

    The D47 Board consists of four educators, two lawyers, and one real estate agent.

    They should be representing their constituents, not special interests.

  12. Easily going to turn into D47’s version of the D155 bleachers.

    Fence entirely unnecessary.

    It was requested by Principal because they have a “runner”, kid has an assigned aide that isn’t doing their job if the kid is making a break for it that often.

    Keep the kid in indoor recess and save the district $50k.

    Do not set a precedent for wasteful fences.

    Marks, the principal of Woods Creek, already has Glacier envy (see the ridiculous parking lot remodel to match the larger GR lot) and a fence at WC will be next on the agenda, despite the creek and woods there being zero issue.

    This will not stop with this $50k.

    Dr. Les believes she is the personal owner of school property and needs to be told otherwise by the people actually spending the money.

  13. Mary Ann Hidding, have you thought about how you are going to make sure that board members see the signatures on that petition?

  14. You people are arguing common sense. You don’t get it. The fence has NOTHING to do with common sense. It is part of their agenda to incarcerate kids in their kill zone. Has nothing to do with anything else. The sooner you get wise to this agenda stuff, the safer you will be. Wake up! They are pushing their genocide agenda while you are dumbfounded for reasons to do something so stupid as to seem incongruent. While you are at it complaining you had better find out what is INSIDE that school. If they have recently upgraded their air conditioning system of installed newer deadly WiFi don’t let your kids go in there! They will be targeted.

  15. Cindy dear, WiFi doesn’t kill people or make them sick or any other conspiracy you’ve heard lately on YouTube.

    Come back to the real world.

  16. Thank you for the question about the petition.

    We are collecting signatures by going door-to-door.

    We also have an electronic petition (although I am not a huge fan of the website and have never used it before) that allows us to print out the electronic petition.

    We plan to submit both platforms of the petitions to the Board BEFORE the meeting so it can be read by the Board before the vote. has a PDF feature to print signatures and comments.

    I urge everyone to sign either the hard copy or electronic petition before Wed., July 15, 2020, for the BOE staff to print and collate the petitions and give them to the individual Board members.

    We also plan to print out the comments made here on McHenry County Blog to submit with other letters/comments to the Board.

    We urge you to email D47 Board member INDIVIDUALLY.

    We have been told that individual emails are more effective than the general email address.

    Feel free to email Supt. Hinz at

  17. Maybe the district should consider the impact Covid 19 will have instead of 1 potential runner.

    We are talking potential death from this pandemic.

    Schools are a Petrie dish.

    Postpone the fence idea until this pandemic is under control.

    Does the board want to face to possible liability exposure from deciding to put up a fence vs having available funds for Covid testing equipment?

    Do they want to have the potential of a parents demise vs a potential runner??!!!

    What if the district needs to purchase necessary equipment to screen students?

    Raise our already high taxes??!!!

    Who is sure the school will even open in the fall???

    This just seems personal the way it’s moving without proper review.

  18. Abigail? You are dead wrong. WiFi makes you VERY ill. And what is coming in the new generation of weaponized WiFI will drop you like a rock just like you’ve seen in other countries where they turned it on. You fools wearing masks are going to believe it is a virus. You being a smart aleck doesn’t sway my knowledge one bit. Had you done one bit of research or read a few books you wouldn’t be so smug about your Youtube remark. It is you who is in a dream world. Nice kindergarten retorts. And don’t you EVER call me DEAR! Condescension does nothing for your bona fides. You are a typical nitwit that cannot find anything close to truth on your own. All your catchwords reveal your complete ignorance on so many subjects. The cold plasma systems they are installing will take your breath away. The newer upgraded weaponized WiFi will target your children. Learn to read before you open your STUPID mouth! Hosea 4:6

  19. It sounds like you have a pretty well thought out plan.

    You should reach out to the Northwest Herald and Daily Herald if you haven’t already or if they have not covered this story yet.

    What’s the deal with some of these people who voted yes?

    Robert Fetzner’s reputation as a lawyer is pretty bad.

    He has awful Google reviews as well.

    Jonathan Powell and Betsy A. Les are up for re-election in 2021, right?

    Why do they want to kill a bunch of CO2 eliminating plants and waste so much money on an unnecessary Trump Wall around the school?

    I thought that area was mostly Democrats.

    Well, we know who’s NOT going to get re-elected!

    Imagine the campaign literature that will be used against the people who vote yes.


  20. Despite potentially exculpatory evidence in George Floyd’s autopsy, District Court Judge Jeannice Reding raised accused police officer Derek Chauvin’s bail from $750,000 to $1.25 million.

    Judge Reding is a lesbian and a gay activist in the Minnesota Lavender Bar Association, making a fair trial unlikely.

  21. D47 board members please vote no on the current plan for the fence.

    There has to be a better way.

  22. The community has come together and want their voices heard!


    Over 200 signatures have been obtained so far to stop this unnecessary project.

    Pls share the link to

    Kids have been safe at Glacier Ridge for 20 years.

    Maybe the board should think again about how they are spending money.

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