Algonquin Township Road District Tax Protest Suit Drags On

There was a short hearing on the tax protest suit against the 2018 Algonquin Township Road District tax levy Wednesday afternoon.

Both Algonquin Township Board attorney Jim Kelly and Road District attorney Robert Hanlon appears via Zoom.

With regard to Kelly’s petition to intervene in the case, Hanlon said, “I have an absolute objection.”

He claimed Kelly had Rules of Conduct for attorneys and had made “false statements to the court.”

“I believe that the Township, as a matter of right, should have been allowed to intervene.”

Judge Joel Berg tried to speed up the trial with a final hearing at the end of July, but with 21 days to file more motions and 14 more to reply, the date got put off until August 17th at 10:45 AM.

Hanlon noted that he had not notified Kelly of his motion to disqualify him and asked that the Court consider it contemporaneously on August 17th, but before the subject matter trial.

“I try to cut back on the work I have to do,” Judge Berg replied.

Then he offered to prepare the order himself, which he typed as those in the courtroom watched.

“The caption will take four pages.

“Holy smoke, people,” concluded the Judge, who was in a very good mood.


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