Gun Sales Skyrocket, Political Involvement Essential

From the Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association:

Executive Directors Message 

Illinois State Rifle Association President Richard Pearson

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) produced 3,951,607 for June 2020. 

Illinois lead the way with 706,000 NICS checks. 

In Illinois, every FOID card and Illinois Concealed Carry License holder must go through a check when applying for a new card or renewing an existing card. 

This does not count the daily background checks Illinois gun owners must go through. 

New FOID card applications hit the 40,000 mark in June, by the way. 

Thus far, Illinois has accounted for 3,878,025 background checks in the first 6 months of 2020. 

The total new firearm purchases for the United States in June are estimated to be 2,387,524 units with 1,511,714 being handguns, according to the Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting. 

Right now, 2020 is on pace to be a record year for firearm purchases.

I expect firearm and ammunition sales to continue to remain high for the rest of the year.

If Joe Biden should be elected President, sales will skyrocket beyond anything we have ever seen. 

The lame stream media mumbles and rambles about why firearm sales are breaking all records.  

Their next story is about riots and the one after that is about defunding the police and they still wonder why.  Anyone with the brain of an amoeba could figure that out.  

Add to that, no one seems to have the back of the police except a few conservative groups like firearm owners. 

The chaos in Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Portland and other places is being orchestrated by outside forces bent on destroying the United States as we know it. 

The 20th century communist revolutionary Che Guevara said that it is not necessary to wait for conditions for revolutionary insurrection, you can create them. 

I think that is one of the things going on now. 

Another is to create a diversion so we are distracted and don’t watch attempts to steal the next election. 

We have to be alert to everything. 

There are gun owners who tell me they don’t want to be involved in politics. 

That is like passengers on a floundering ship saying they don’t want to help save the ship. 

They would rather drown or, in our case, lose their Second Amendment Rights.

According to the Chicago Police Chief, the Chicago Police took 173 illegal guns off the street over the 4th of the July weekend. 

While this makes a great soundbite, a gun is just an inanimate object. 

The fact is they did not take any of those people who illegally possessed those guns off the street. 

The Chief complained that there is no penalty for illegal gun possession.  Umm, sorry Chief, that just is not so. 

Illegal firearm possession is a local, state, and federal crime. 

The jurisdiction to enforce the law starts with local government; the state follows the local lead and the federal government follows the state. 

In some of these cases, felons possessed the guns. 

If a felon is convicted, a person can get 10 years per change in the big house for that. 

Then we have the case of an eight year old girl who was shot in her grandmother’s back yard. 

They actually know who fired the shot. 

That guy isn’t in jail either.

The Mayor of Chicago is blaming the Coronavirus for this sharp rise in violence. 

The fact that the authorities released everyone out of jail and required no bail if arrested, and are not charging anyone with crimes has nothing to do with what is going on. 

It is true that they let everyone out of jail using the Coronavirus as an excuse. 

It is apparently okay to let them run around killing people but heaven forbid they get a runny nose. 

This situation is similar in every major city in the country. 

They, of course, blame guns for all of this. 

Gun owners need to stand up and get organized. 

= = = = =

If you would be willing to volunteer to check signatures of mail-in ballots, call the Republican Party’s Vice Chairman of Outreach, Diane Evertsen at 815-943-3298.

= = = = =

Joining the ISRA is the best way to do that. 

There are literally thousands of new gun owners in the Illinois and the United States.

Most of them are still in shock as to how much paper work and red tape it takes to simply purchase a firearm for self-defense. 

These new people are like piles of iron ore, nickel, limestone and coal in a materials yard at a steel mill.  

At this point, they are raw material. 

They have to be put together to become steel. 

What we are talking about is political steel.  

They have to be organized into the pro-gun movement.  

To do that, the ISRA needs your help. 

You all know new gun owners. 

Ask them to join the ISRA.  We need your help.

Thanks for being a member. If you are not a member, JOIN NOW!


Gun Sales Skyrocket, Political Involvement Essential — 14 Comments

  1. “Illegal firearm possession is a local, state, and federal crime.”

    Depends upon what they mean when referring to an illegal firearm.

    FOID is a state requirement, not a national requirement.

    We don’t know from those numbers just how many of the “illegal” gun owners were felons.

    Probably very few.

    There is no way to enforce the FOID rules on private sellers.

    There is no background check, nor is it a federal requirement.

    Only “legal” gun owners in Illinois are subjected to its rules for the FOID, not the “illegal” gun owners.

    FOID serves no purpose except to appease the gun grabbers, who, often were buying guns for the first time ever this year at the first thought that their state and local government was not going to be able to protect them from a crisis (this is proving to be true).

    Miraculously, most were not aware of what it would take to get their first gun.

    A neighbor has told me that he’s waited over 3 months for a FOID.

    Of course, they’ll also have to go through a background check yet again EACH TIME they buy a gun from a dealer.

    A gun buyer needs only to cross the state borders to buy a gun under a different set of rules.

    It still would be “illegal” in Illinois for a full-time resident to possess without a FOID.

    Technically someone might have a permanent residence out of state and be a legal gun owner, but you still can’t buy ammo in most places in Illinois without a FOID.

    And the taxes are INSANE in Crook County anyway.

    Criminals aren’t doing any of this, yet it’s the FOID holders that are often the victims of the authoritarian gun confiscation rules.

    But now that more Illinoisans than ever want those guns, it seems to be an issue that’s been swept under the rug to avoid driving left-of-center (more traditional liberals) toward the right if they expect that their “vote blue no matter what” policy means that they could be unable to protect themselves when their cities are failing to do the job.

  2. Also, they aren’t going to convict the illegal gun owners in Illinois right now.

    They need for them to vote.

  3. Well with incompetents like Kenneally in Office you have to protect yourself as that dipstick won’t.

  4. Yeah, the fund raising letter to saps sounds great.

    But Pearson’s jellied spine won’t allow him to take the real issue head on.

    Is he scared he won’t be invited to upcoming lobbyists’ balls?

    Namby Pamby’s like Pearson get my goat.

    I remember when a Monica Young called his card in public at some event.

  5. Mike Hunt, you are 1000% right on!

    Kenneally is a Democrat of the Foxx type in RINO clothing. Ask Bianchi how he feels about his rotten, traitorous protégée.

  6. @ Some Guy sez: “A gun buyer needs only to cross the state borders to buy a gun under a different set of rules.”

    Buying from licensed dealers: Federal Law prohibits the sale of handguns to non-residents of the state in which the gun is purchased unless it is transferred through a federally licensed dealer and all appropriate paperwork and laws are followed.

    Long guns – shotguns and rifles – may be purchased by residents of a contiguous state however applicable restrictions of the buyer’s home state must be followed.

    In Illinois that means a 72 hour waiting period, the same as handguns in state.

  7. The NFL, NBA, and now major league baseball are forever dead to many patriotic Americans.
    TRUMP 2020!

  8. give us a break?

    We’ve already determined that Some Guy is chock full of himself and wrong on so much that it is pathetic.

  9. Why would I join this guncuck group?

    Pissed off individuals suing cities do more good for gun rights than these guncucks ever will.

    Are these guncucks going to tell us about the lawsuits in court right now and how we can contribute to their legal defense funds???

    Or are they just going to soak up money, pay this boomer Richard, and sprinkle a little cash to Republicans who are in the super-minority and can’t do anything, and most of the people they will give to are in safe R districts anyway?

    They don’t even know how to use money properly.

    Worthless guncucks

  10. oh yeah the snowflakes are now afraid so buying guns after they start the BS now they run to protect them selves like chickenlittle… helpmehelpme…

  11. Cindy, lighten up. You seem to lash out at everyone here over just about anything. Nothing that “give us a break” said contradicts my post at all and your insult doesn’t actually prove anything.

    Just because you believe something to be true doesn’t mean that it works that way in practice. “give us a break’s” comment was strictly about licensed dealers.

    You may have missed the part where I opened up with the following:

    “There is no way to enforce the FOID rules on private sellers. There is no background check, nor is it a federal requirement.”

    It’s well-known that people in Chicago cross over to Indiana to buy guns, which is what I was speaking of specifically.

    They are acquired though fake / dual residency, having a friend or family member buy them, from private sellers, or several other means.

    For a private seller, there is NO background check required in Indiana, and the law only specifically states that you cannot *knowingly* sell to someone who is ineligible under federal law.

    However, anyone that doesn’t check and doesn’t do it through an FFL is taking a huge risk but it doesn’t stop them.

    CPD said that 60% of guns that they recovered came from outside of Illinois, and some even came from FFLs.

    Private sellers outside of Illinois do not care at all about a FOID, nor would they have any reason to care that it exists.

    That’s because other states do not have the same requirements of FOID for private sale that exist within Illinois.


    “Both federal and state law require background checks at licensed dealers, and Illinois also mandates that all sellers, regardless of setting, check a person’s Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card prior to completing the transaction.

    However, private sellers are exempt from penalty for failing to verify a buyer’s FOID card ahead of the sale – a policy the report urged lawmakers to address, particularly in light of an audit this year that found that just 30 percent of revoked FOID cards are actually returned to Illinois State Police.”

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