John Kass Takes on Limited Scope of Black Lives Matter

Somehow I managed to screw up my access to the Chicago Tribune, so maybe a commenter will post the link to the article from which excerpts are printed below:


John Kass Takes on Limited Scope of Black Lives Matter — 21 Comments

  1. Reverse racism does not justify racism, therefor I cannot support the Black lives Matter movement.

  2. The organization with that name is marxist and seeks the overthrow of the U.S. Government. Not much different from the violent groups of the late 60’s and early 70’s such as the weather underground which had the same goal. Two of the creators of that group, which bombed buildings, were Bill and Bernadine. In later years, they were friends with the young wanna be politician, Barak Hussein Obama in Chicago.

  3. A couple, man and woman, named David and Nicole in Martinez, California used black paint to cover up the full words of BLM that were painted in yellow on the pavement of a public street. For this they were charged with a hate crime.

    Some elements of our nation, left wingers, socialists and Democrats are socialists/marxists and if given full control in the elections this November will destroy the US. Fully expect that they will allow open borders, full citizenship and voting rights for all illegal aliens, elimination of ICE, cutback in police forces, etc.

  4. bred winner – I’m opposed to ‘Hate Crimes’ entirely.

    A ‘Hate Crime’ is a crime of thought and intention.

    Yes, it is generally applied where actions occur, actions that might be described as ‘hateful.’

    But we have a nation founded on the notion of free speech and with it, unnecessary for the Founders to have pointed out, free thought.

    In the ’30s and ’40s, Imperial Japan had something called, “The Thought Police.”

    They carefully monitored the words and actions of Japanese citizens to ensure all was in line with the Imperial agenda.

    This went so far that, when members of the Neighborhood Association came to let someone know that their son, husband or father was killed in the war, the ones receiving this news were at risk of violating appropriate thought if they cried or expressed anything other than happiness over the opportunity to give their loved one for the Emperor.

    Hate Crimes are Thought Crimes.

    I’m not saying that a person’s motives shouldn’t be taken into account when they commit a crime.

    It should be.

    Once a person is convicted of a crime, it’s entirely appropriate to take their motives into account as the judge passes sentence.

    Unfortunately, we have taken a step off the side of the cliff with this notion of ‘Hate Crimes.’

    This is a further example of where the Left, with their divisive tactic of ‘Identity Politics,’ is taking us.

    At the expense of taxpayers, on roads paid for by taxpayers, we are painting a politicized message on our streets – “Black Lives Matter” – politicized because it assumes that a special caveat is required but politicized all the same.

    Many in our society are embracing the ‘Cancel Culture’ because, if black they see opportunity for personal advantage and, if white, they have this nonsensical idea that they’ll cleanse their souls of an absurd sense of guilt spread by Leftist with a distinctly disassociated motivation.

    Pandora has opened her box and we’d better hope there’s a parachute in their as we take the next step off the cliff.

  5. May be its because its not about RACE and always throwing out the RACE card, look at the facts!

    who is doing the shootings who is doing the vandalism who is doing the robberies?

    its not that hard .. to figure it out why should white woke have any skin in the game?

    geezus.. wake up All peoples…

    stop running !!!

    Stop resisting !

    own your stupidity.

    instead of pointing fingers as liars do… Be a Man!

    none of my peoples and that’s from the 15th century had anything to do with you being here !

    i don’t owe you Chit!

    as many others don’t either, the only ones that got screwed in this New World which we came to due to the powder wiggers taxes and tyranny was the INDIAN if any one has a REAL bitch its them.

    You want your roots no one is NOT telling you to go to them wherever you think that is.

  6. The white woke crowd doesn’t care, because caring about black on black crime doesn’t help them feel better about themselves.

    They have been convinced that they are guilty of the crime white privilege and that they must cleanse themselves of it.

    It really is some kind of new age religion.

  7. The killing of the guy in MINN by a rogue cop gave Marxists and anarchists a golden opportunity to enlist the gullible, the useful idiots and the thugs of our nation to advance their cause to destroy our nation. The useful idiots include most of the media and the Hollywood entertainment industry.

    Meanwhile, in Seattle –

    “The city of Seattle held a training session for white employees aimed at teaching them how to “practice self-talk” that “affirms their complicity” in racism and about “undoing” their own whiteness.”

    What next in the event that Biden is elected and Democrats control the US House and Senate?

    Will school children be required to sing praises of Biden just as they did for Obama?

    Will criticism of Biden and his administration be a crime?

  8. Where’s all of this “White Privilege” that’s being repeatedly told about on the MSM?

    Somehow I missed out on all of these things, educated myself, held a job, paid my bills, stayed out of jail etc.

    Where do I get my reparations for this?

  9. End result will be the same.

    Rich celebrities of color will remain rich, the black inner city neighborhoods will receive no investment in jobs, zero interest loans for buying houses, neighborhood enrichment etc.

    Instead, black leaders and politicians will keep out all large companies and keep the status quo.

    The answer is always jobs, opportunities and the resulting tax base to improve lives.

    Rely on the usual suspects to ensure this does not happen as they march in step.

  10. Seriously… the ultimate goal of censorship is to make people censor themselves.

    We’re just about there now.

    It’ really about thoughtcrimes.

  11. Who are the people, guys, shooting up injuring and killing people including children and babies in Chicago? Who can answer that?

    Can anyone imagine an entrepreneur wanting to invest in a neighborhood of Chicago with the crimes there? Those who know must turn in the violators. If they don’t, then there is no hope. They are part of the problem and it will only get worse.

  12. There is a signal failure of leadership with the Marxist democrats who run Chicago, NYC, Minneapolis, etc.

    They are unable to govern effectively and uniformly blame Trump or other imaginary hobgoblins for their total incapacity.

  13. Still waiting for real community policing.

    The closest we have is state troopers patrolling the highways.

    When they see you pulled over they ask how they can help.

    Woodstock PD decided community policing was coffee once a week with the Chief and then write tickets all evening to your community as they drove home from work.

    Time for police to get out of their cars, ask how they can help instead of asking who can they arrest first.

    The inner city minority communities are indeed difficult but to continue the status quo of doing nothing is contributing to the stagnation of the neighborhoods.

    As difficult as it is, the first step is to encourage investment and ownership of the neighborhoods to those who live there.

    Marching and kneeling is insulting to those dying on the streets as it on its own solves nothing.

  14. Whose families have been here, since the 15th century? Native Americans? ⊙.☉

    What companies are Black leaders and politicians keeping out?

    Some Black communities have Target, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens.

  15. If the inner cities didn’t have murders (a free will choice) and abandoned dwellings, (more) companies would invest in them.
    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡ಠ_ಠ)̲̅$̲̅]

  16. If the inner cities didn’t have murders (a free will choice) and abandoned dwellings, (more) companies would invest in them.

    Then, the inner cities would begin to resemble outer cities.
    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡ಠ_ಠ)̲̅$̲̅]

  17. What have the politicians and black leaders done for these communities in the last 50 years?
    Absolutely nothing!

    That’s the biggest problem.

    I remember Jesse Jackson fighting to keep Walmart out.

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