Nunda Township Supervisor Lee Jennings, R.I.P.

From left to right Joni Smith, Lee Jennings, John Heiser and Jim Schlader are shown in a meeting of the Nunda Township Boardin 2015.

The genial Lee Jennings, twice elected Nunda Township Supervisor after serving as Trustee, died this week, reportedly of heart problems.

I got to know Lee because my First Methodist Church of Crystal Lake every Friday free food distribution was run out of the Nunda Township Hall.

Lee was so helpful with any problems that we had.

Unfortunately, when Coronavirus reared its head, we could not longer allow people inside to go past the hard goods, meat, deli, vegetable, fruit, dessert and bread tables to select what they wanted.

We had to find a spot where people could stay in their cars and get whatever a volunteer put in their boxes. (Starting tomorrow, distribution will be at The Chapel in McHenry. Details here.)

That pretty much coincided with the primary election when the Town Hall was used as a polling place.

So we had to forgo the frequent visits from Lee.

Nunda Township issued this statement:


Lee Jennings, 2013.

Kelvin “Lee” Jennings, 58, born in Aurora IL July 17 1961, passed away peacefully surrounded by his girls on July 7 2020.

He loved his job as supervisor of Nunda Township.

He was an avid fixer/tinkerer/handyman often working on cars, computers, or houses.

He was a fan of old cars, motorcycles, and Jimmy Buffett.

He is survived by wife Sue Jennings, daughters Hanna and Savannah Jennings, brothers Larry Jennings (Jeanette) from Batavia IL, Lamont Jennings (Monica) from Bristol IL, and several nieces and nephews.

He’s preceded in death by his mother Imogene Jennings, his father William Edwin “Red” Jennings, and two infant sisters.

There will be a private service held at a later date.


Nunda Township Supervisor Lee Jennings, R.I.P. — 20 Comments

  1. Fifty-eight is kind of young to just pass away peacefully. Was he battling something not mentioned? Even so, if he was sick, it’s still very young.

  2. Township people age quickly……. many of them live in daily fear their many rackets will be found out.

    Maybe Jennings was one of the better ones.

    Judging from my own Township (Algonquin) the rule of thumb about township skullduggery seems to borne out.

  3. Cal, did Jennings vote for that insulting referendum that would abolish Nunda township, but not until 2038?

  4. Lee was a wonderful, kind man that will be sorely missed.

    Rest in Peace my friend…

  5. Is Lutzow still the Algonquin Supervisor despite his serious stroke 20 months ago?

  6. That poor man!

    Is he another non-Corona victim of the Corona hysteria and hospital/doctor shutdown?

    Was he prevented from getting cardiac testing treatment?

    I wonder how many Non-covid deaths have been caused by the “plannedemic” shutdown of regular medical care!

    “Lee was a wonderful, kind man that will be sorely missed.

    Rest in Peace my friend…”

  7. He was going to turn 59 later this month, but a life cut short.

    Prayers to his family.

  8. Everybody tears up bc a fat cat bureaucrat shuffles off this mortal coil?

  9. Condolences to Sue and her Daughters for the loss of a husband and father.

    Lee was an energetic leader in Nunda Township government.

    Always ready to fix something, find a better way to do it or help someone.

    Thank you for your friendship and sage advice as we worked to make township government better.

    I will miss our times together over your grill making great food for McHenry County Conservatives.

    Preston Rea

  10. There goes the tax hog Preston Rea who gorges off taxpayers every damned day praising Jennings!

    Why not?

    Rea made tens of thousands off Nunda and many other townships!

    Hog Rea was Bob Miller’s close friend!

    Tells you something about about both finks.

  11. Yes Jennings was involved in abolishing the township.

    He claimed he it would take 17 yrs to make the transition staring in 2019.

    Yes a fat cat bureaucrat that was trying to bolster his pension.

  12. I won’t be getting on the ‘Jennings was Great’ bandwagon of taxoholics and deluded chumps.

    If they erect a costly statue to honor the rat at Township Hqs, that’s one statue I’d assist in toppling

  13. Please comment positive things and do NOT tear my uncle apart. He was a great person.

  14. Please leave any negative posts in your mind. He was my uncle. My aunt and cousins do not need the negativity.

  15. We at Dream Riders are so very sorry to hear about Lee.

    He was a great man and really helped our not-for-profit program.

    He generously gave his time and resources for our cause and we will miss him dearly.

    Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

    Prayers for you….

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