County Board Resolution Urging Other Tax Districts to Show Restraint Postponed Until County “Sure Our House Is in Order”

Excuse me for being skeptical of a resolution propose to the Law and Government/Liquor Committee at the end of June, but I smell another front page story in the Northwest Herald patting McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks on the back.

The title of the resolution is


It has clauses that say, among other things,

WHEREAS, government should not ask for more when the people they serve have less, especially during a national emergency; and

WHEREAS, County government’s past requests for other local governments to follow its example on tax relief taxes take on new urgency during this national emergency.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by this County Board of McHenry County, Illinois, that all McHenry County taxing bodies – school districts, municipalities, townships, and special-purpose districts – aggressively pursue cost savings and increased efficiencies so they can reduce their tax levies and fees; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that if lowering the levy is not possible, that taxing bodies hold their levies flat and reject any automatic inflationary increase they are entitled to under the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL, aka the “tax cap”); and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the County Clerk is hereby authorized to distribute a certified copy of this resolution to the County Board Chairman, Treasurer, the Director of Finance, and the County Administrator.

Before I go further, note that the resolution is not even going to be sent to each district that extracts property taxes from McHenry County real estate owners.

So, the only way local governments will be implored to keep their levies flat or constant would be through the NWHerald.

The quote in the headline comes from the opening remarks of Crystal Lake Board member Jeff Thorsen.

“I really do appreciate the sentiment,” he said.

Jeff Thorsen

“But I want to make sure our house is in order before we tell anyone else where they should stand.”

Thorsen said he had discussed this “with the Chairman.”

County Administrator Peter Austin admitted, “The timing on this could be better because there is so much uncertainty on the horizon.”

While admitting Board members would like “to keep your levy flat for a fourth year,” Austin said he didn’t “know if that’s where we’re going and I don’t pretend to speak for local governments.”

Committee Chairman Robert Nowak pointed out it was “hard all around.

“I guess we have to make it work for the next couple of years.”

“We do have that responsibility with our own tax levy. We have to be able to deliver that to our constituents in such a way to keep it flat or to lower it and we don’t know if we can do that.

“So, to turn around and ask all the other municipalities to follow a lead that we may not be able to follow is at the very least hypocrisy.

“And, we need to be very careful not to be caught in that trap.

“And right now the timing is kind of not good because it will be guaranteed you it will be the subject of political propagand.

“We are in the middle of an election cycle and the levy cycle is in November/December.

“If we are going to pass a resolution on that [we] should know where stand.

“I would recommend we hold off until levy time.”

Thorsen argued that the resolution was about “posturing” which “half the people won’t hear us and the other half might forget by levy time.

“We need to encourage our residents to go to those levy hearings to represent themselves in each and everyone of those taxing bodies.”

Continuing, Thorsen argued that the County Board should not appear to be “holier than thou,” that to call on other tax districts to cut their levies or hold the line would be inappropriate if McHenry County ended up raising its levy.

It that happened, the Board members would be “hypocrites.”

Tom Wilbeck

Tom Wilbeck agreed.

“Let’s wait until we see where the budget process goes.”

Thorsen returned to the political nature of the resolution,

“Believe me, the timing on this is definitely going to be political,” referring to “the political craziness season we’re going to be in.”

Wilbeck moved to table the resolution “until after we see the budget.

“Does that sound fair, Peter?”

Austin mentioned two factors–“our own budget time table” and “what’s happening around us.”

“Let’s see where we stand before we tell everybody where they should stand,” Thorsen said.

“You can quote me on that,” he said to chuckles from Wilbeck, who was sitting next to him.

Robert Nowak

Chairman Nowak agreed, “I don’t want to make it political. It’s my preference to wait until November.”

Thorsen referred to Board member Jim Kearns’ talking of the need for budget “sustainability.”

“We need to make sure there’s money for services.”

Austin revealed that several minor funds will have to be increase:

the TB Fund, the Veterans Assistance Commission and the Mental Health Board.

Other levies would take money from other parts of the budget.

“From a timing perspective, October is better than September.”

“I’m really struggling with this,” Democrat Kelli Wegener interjected.

“I know we still need them [taxes, but] I see how real estate taxes are hurting people.

“I have friends who are having trouble paying their property taxes because they are out of a job.

“But, yet I also see we don’t want to cur any services, especially social services and mental health services.”

“Remember, we’re not talking about our budget here,” Thorsen commented.

“I understand that,” Nowak replied.

“I don’t think there’s any demand that the levy remain flat.”

Tom Wilbeck noted, “We have sent the word out [by the county’s cutting its levy] and nobody is listening.

Reiterating his argument, Thorsen said, “If we’re going to suggest how others should do their business, let’s at least make sure we can do it ourselves.”

“In this environment, I don’t think anybody will be able to lower their tax levy. So, I would like to see that changed,” Wegener concluded.

The delay was passed on a voice vote.


County Board Resolution Urging Other Tax Districts to Show Restraint Postponed Until County “Sure Our House Is in Order” — 30 Comments

  1. “I’m really struggling with this,” Democrat Kelli Wegener interjected.

    “I know we still need them [taxes, but] I see how real estate taxes are hurting people.

    “I have friends who are having trouble paying their property taxes because they are out of a job.

    “But, yet I also see we don’t want to cut any services, especially social services and mental health services.”

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    After years of being bullish about home prices, CoreLogic suddenly turned bearish.

    It forecast that prices of single-family houses, including distressed sales, would begin dropping on a month-to-month basis with the June reading – it just released its May reading, which was up 4.8% year-over-year – and that prices, as tracked by the national Home Price Index (HPI), would be down 6.6% year-over-year by May 2021.

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    “Strong home purchase demand in the first quarter of 2020, coupled with tightening supply, has helped prop up home prices through the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. However, the anticipated impacts of the recession are beginning to appear across the housing market,” the report said.

  3. Paul, you and Bred Winner are like the lowest IQ people on this blog.

    The entire context of this is that they might “have to” raise taxes.

    It’s not just Kelli Wegener or Democrats.

    Every single person in this article (Wilbeck, Nowak, Thorsen) is implying that they might not be able to keep taxes flat and that’s why they don’t want to pass this resolution.

    That’s why they want to table it.

    You actually read this and all you got out of it was “Kelli Wegener Democrat Kelli Wegener bad”?

    Your reading skills are so poor, and all you and Bred Winner ever do is copy and paste unhelpful garbage.

    I want to know who your and Bred Winner’s English teachers were so I can sue them for crimes against humanity…

  4. I’m wondering what kind of a parallel universe these people are coming from and which of the three categories they fall under. Nothing is “open”. Businesses have been decimated. People are in their homes frightened of a fake disease while countries are in lock-down mode and no “services” are being performed by any “taxing districts”. Society is a terrible joke.
    Our society is satanically possessed, governed by psychopaths, traitors, and liars who wish to poison and enslave us. Yet, these clowns are acting like business as usual and still have their hands out. Who in their right mind thinks ANYONE is going to be paying ANY taxes?

  5. “Our society is satanically possessed, governed by psychopaths, traitors, and liars who wish to poison and enslave us”

    Yeah, I agree with what you said, but taxes are as old as the Bible — probably older.

    “Who in their right mind thinks ANYONE is going to be paying ANY taxes?”

    Pretty much everybody except you.

    You expect that NOBODY is going to pay ANY taxes?

    Do you refuse to shop anywhere because of sales taxes?

    Do you refuse to pay property taxes?

    How do you get away with paying zero income tax when it’s taken right out of your paycheck?

    Tell us how you get away with paying ZERO taxes, Cindy.

    Many on this blog would like to know.

  6. Everyone’s taxes, especially property taxes are going to go through the roof next year!

    Without revenue the only place to pillage from are property taxes!

    Even if Biden happens to win and bail out Illinois that money is going to pensions and not handed down to local taxing bodies!

    Can’t wait to see the look on peoples faces next year!

  7. Dear Correcting, what will happen when inevitable hangover from all of the money creation has to be paid back?

    What will home owners think about rising property taxes as their home values shrink?

    The good times are in the rear view mirror

  8. If anyone raises taxes there will be revolts.

    I don’t think the politicians realize how much pain they have inflicted on the people they “govern”.

  9. in reference of this article, its my understanding that the County Board Members, its Chairman Jack Franks and administrator of the office Peter Austin,are all receiving compensation from all citizens of McHenry County, to represent their best interest and provide for their safety and security.

    I believe each and every one has included in their oath of office the McHenry County Judicial “Mission and Vision Statement”.

    If all of the above is true, I don’t know why this resolution is necessary.

    Some citizens believe that it is a power play.

    I would like to comment that some citizens believe that there is some hypocrisy on the County Board, when allowing special interest groups to allegedly use obstruction of justice to support, advance and maintain business and actions against the best interest of our citizens.

    The McHenry County Sheriffs office and The McHenry County States Attorney office should assign their special investigators to investigate the McHenry County Conservation District, and the City of McHenry Library District for obstruction of justice and prejudicial activities against the citizens of McHenry County.

    It is my experience, over the last few decades that the McHenry County Board has been prejudicial and has been involved in illegal and unethical activities, causing pain and suffering and financial distress to all our citizens.

    If everyone honors the Mision and Vision statement there is no need for the resolution!

  10. Thanks Jeff and Tom and all of the County board members who will vote to table this resolution.

    It is more campaigning by Jack Franks.

    This resolution, like others before it, is similar to some legal “opinions” or resolutions previously proposed by the Board Chair.

    There is the familiar political stench and style of their

    Any guesses who?

  11. Paul Revere, I’m well aware of the funny money problem, but what does monetary policy have to do with local government?

    The county board doesn’t have money printers that go brrrr.

    They can borrow or they can tax to pay their bills.

    I agree with you CLM.

    Raising property taxes while people are earning less money will lead to revolt.

    (But I don’t think NOBODY is going to pay ANY taxes like Cindy said. You’re already in one of the highest tax counties.)

    Governments are going to have to make large spending cuts.

    They’d be really stupid to raise taxes with what’s going on right now.

    Thorsen, Wegener, and these other board members can cry all they want, but they’re going to have to make tough cuts and think about taxpayers who have been laid off work, not just their government buddies.

  12. Thomas Matthews: When you suggested that the State’s Attorney investigate the McHenry County Conservation District, would you confirm if the State’s Attorney’s “investigator” in the Miller Algonquin Township case was hired as the Conservation District Police Chief?

    Her qualifications and salary?

    The citizens of McHenry County deserve an answer.

    Thank you for asking.

  13. It is kind of funny that Correcting points out the low IQ of two posters and then dives right into the pool with them. I am honestly stumped by those unintelligent questions. You might be able to read, unlike those other two, but you certainly cannot think in a critical fashion. (Maybe you just work at Walmart and have no idea that the rest of the world is NOT pulling ANY paychecks!)

  14. Get rid of Chairman Franks AND ALL THE BOARD MEMBERS, TOO!

    They are all rotten in their own ways.

  15. Spectator and Matthews get an A+ for awareness on our pathetic SA KENNEALLY!

  16. So you’re not going to tell us how to pay no taxes???

    There you go again, Cindy, with your inability to cope with the real world.

    The fact that you don’t like taxes doesn’t mean taxes aren’t real.

    I don’t like potato salad, but I acknowledge that potato salad is real.

    Tell the people who got kicked out of their houses that they didn’t need to pay property taxes.

    Tell the businesses that they don’t have to collect sales taxes.

    Tell people in prison for tax evasion that taxes aren’t real.

    We are waiting for you to tell us how we can pay no taxes.

  17. You’re going to want to find a more respectful tone Correcting.

    Paul Revere has made a great many insightful comments.

    Bred is on your side and, frankly, flies off as much as you do.

    I didn’t crush you a couple weeks ago because you’re young, intelligent and absolutely doing a great job of trying.

    You’re ignorant.

    It’s okay because your intelligence and hunger for knowledge will eventually lead to more knowledge and, one day, wisdom.

    Paul is playing with kid gloves with you because many fundamentally agree with your comments.

    Who knows how Bred will respond.

    We’re hopeful for you, encourage you, enjoy you and look forward to your growth.

  18. Correcting? Talking to you is like talking to a kindergartener that no matter what you say they always retort, “I know you are but what am I?!” Are you naturally that obtuse or do you practice? I gave you the answer to your childish questions and you are just too stupid to understand it.

  19. First, Cindy is respectful to nobody on this blog, even to people who defend her, and I’m growing tired of Paul and Bred Winner’s pointless drivel and red herrings.

    Second, neither she nor anybody, including you, have answered the question on how to pay no taxes.

    I’m still waiting.

    Third, you have not argued against anything I said here, only said I need to watch my “tone.”

    A pointless post on your part; you must like to hear yourself talk.

    I look forward to the day when you, Priest, actually address the content of people’s posts instead of going off on your typical pseudo-intellectual and self-righteous horn-tooting.

    The last time you tried to “crush” me was when you tried arguing with me that the FBI was a bunch of good boys, and then a few weeks later you were up in arms over how they were compromised!

    I didn’t rub it in your face because I was feeling nice.

    MY tone?

    You constantly patronize people by implying you’re smarter than others as you lose arguments, ignore people’s points, and act obtuse, all while you pretend to be this wise sage-man.

    You’re doing it right now too. Your shtick is bad.

    “We’re hopeful for you, encourage you, enjoy you and look forward to your growth.”

    Well thank you but who the HECK appointed you to be the voice of this blog???


    On second thought, I was sort of being a jerk though.

    I agree Paul does post some good stuff.

    I’m just getting fed up with all these games.

    It feels like the clock is running out and this sort of “democrats are bad” “no republicans are bad” crap is completely missing the mark. There are bigger problems that transcend party affiliation.

    Cindy understands that better than most people on this blog but…

    …trying to have a conversation with Cindy is really like trying to talk to a wall.

    You can agree with her on pretty much everything, but if she finds one problem with something you wrote you’re an idiot and an NWO puppet and blah blah blah.

    You can throw her a lifeline as other people are attacking her and she’ll spit in your face for not totally agreeing with her.

    I’m fed up with a certain “fact checker” who only comes on this blog to defend Pritzker and Democrats and complain about racism.

    I’m fed up with Richard Rostron who thinks he can have “open dialogues” with people who want him dead and who admit the NW Herald censors him and works for his opponents yet he pays for a subscription to their newspaper.

    I’m growing tired of all of this.

    The stakes are too high.

    The world doesn’t don’t need more self-appointed “enlightened” shamans, Priest, or partisan wackjobs distracting us; we need people who will call out bs, speak truth to power, and who will be confrontational.

    Being nice gets you nowhere in a hard power struggle.

    Spectator made a very good comment in this thread (which people ignored — I wonder why?).

    Gary Christ is usually on point too.

    I’ll try to be kinder to people who I generally agree with — including you, Priest.

  20. Cindy, I don’t see any comments where you explained how to pay no taxes.


    No, but what job do you work at where you pay zero income tax? Under the table work like illegal immigrants?

    Even if you can manage to get all of your federal tax money back by earning less than all of your deductions, the state takes income, and there are payroll taxes like Medicare and Social Security.

    (I never said people were “pulling” paychecks, I said money is deducted straight out of workers’ paychecks. Try to read better, especially if you’re going to insult people’s intelligence.)

    Then there are other taxes besides income tax.

    If you do know how to not pay ANY taxes, including income, sales, and property taxes, many people would seriously like to have that information.

    Once again, you provide NO DETAILS and then call people stupid and childish for not understanding what YOU do not explain.

    Excuse me if I can’t understand your cryptic esoteric ramblings.

  21. Correcting, you chase rabbit trails no one put you on but yourself.

    Your argument to me was no one was talking about generalized societal violence.

    We had offered you, perhaps, needed more exposure.

    You got huffy and chased a rabbit trail.

    It was interesting how widespread violence happened nigh immediately after your denials.

    It was cute how you yourself offered violence as a solution to our culture’s current ills.

    Ignorance plus arrogance equals stupid.

    Don’t be stupid.

    Cindy mentioned “taxes”.

    You now want a librarian to tell you how to pay no taxes.

    Get an accountant and tax attorney on your payroll and ask them.

    You’re chasing a rabbit trail no one put you on.

    You don’t know how or where to gather the information you seek and attempt to blame a retired woman for your ignorance while belittling behaviors she has had all along.

    We’ve all learned to take the good with the bad on her comments without trashing her for things her comments don’t say while screaming for answers she couldn’t possibly have.

    Ignorance plus arrogance equals stupid.

    Your ignorant assertions about commenters along with your arrogance in saying “I’m sick of….” blah is just over the top idiotic.

    Your ignorance of the value of the open marketplace of ideas along with your arrogance in believing ANYONE gives a wild rats behind what you’re “sick of” shows melt down stupidity on your part, Correcting.

    This said, you humbled yourself and offered you could find new ways of relating with the people and the world around you.

    Well done.

    Humility is the destroyer of walls put up due to arrogance.

    This is the first step on the path to growing and learning past your ignorance.

    Humility plus personal growth equals wisdom.

    Good job.

    You are smart.

    Just a bit not self aware.

    We continue to watch you, hope for you and look forward to more productive discussions from you in the future.

    BTW…. We are very complimented you think we are an “enlightened shaman”.

    Great rabbit trail there….

  22. Correcting? You moron, thirty-three million people are on unemployment! Think about it. Maybe you can deduce how “no one will be paying any taxes”! Look around. What do you see? Have you noticed ANYTHING that is going on outside of the fantasy world you are in where you like to put all kinds of strange thoughts in other people’s words? You are in a war that no sophistry is going to overcome. TURN OFF YOUR TEVEE and get rid of any WiFi in your home and vehicles. Maybe your cognitive skills can come back.

  23. And BTW Correcting? Since you TOTALLY do not understand me or anything I post, perhaps it could be that you have ALSO misjudged Priest. This person seems to be coming across as pious and pretentious while looking down on others – but look again, maybe you are also wrong on what you THINK you perceive. Reading between the lines is not your forte. (OMG That last sentence gave me a fit of giggles!)

  24. Widespread societal violence was NOT a response to Pritzker’s actions though, Priest, and that was what YOU were saying in that post.

    I told you in that post that I HAD heard about generalized societal violence, but not in the context of protesting Pritzker and the lockdown.

    Maybe specifics don’t matter to you or Cindy, but they matter to most people.

    Who are the people rioting?

    What are they rioting over?

    It’s not generally Republicans or people protesting Pritzker who are doing the burning and looting.

    The riots were over the death of George Floyd who was still alive when we had that exchange.

    Nice try, Priest.

    You are wrong.

    And I have not called for violence in this post nor in that other post that you are referring to — don’t strawman me and pretend to be a righteous man.

    You were the one who implied politicians were going to get killed, and I made a lighthearted joke about the FBI reading your manifesto.

    Then, after people jumped on me, I explained how I simply didn’t want what could be perceived calls for violence on this blog because I don’t want this blog to be shut down.

    This blog has already been subject to multiple lawsuits.

    You also made a lot of stupid assumptions about me in that post, like I don’t talk to people or I don’t go out, which were completely wrong.

    It seems details don’t matter to you or Cindy — you hear what you want to hear.

    Neither of you have answered my simple question because you have no answer.

    When you make an outlandish claim, don’t expect people to not ask you for proof.

    If you care about “open dialogue” so much you would know that, Priest.

    You can say it’s a rabbit chase that nobody brought on but myself, but Cindy was the one who made the absurd claim.

    I rebutted and then asked her for proof.

    She responded by insulting me in her typical fashion.

    It’s not that I loathe open dialogue, Priest, I just acknowledge that there are many people in society who aren’t interested in it and would rather destroy you, your property, and your family than engage in some kind of NPR styled civil conversation, therefore, it is pointless to try to debate those people.

    Or, even if they aren’t violent, they may not really be interested in having a conversation since they aren’t willing to LISTEN, which you’re proving right now.

    It sounds like maybe YOU are the one who doesn’t see what’s going on around you…

    Why don’t you go to an antifa rally and attempt an “open dialogue”?

    Be sure to post the video of your high-minded discussion with them.

    Cindy replied, “Thirty three million people are on unemployment.”

    Yes, and that doesn’t mean NOBODY is going to pay ANY taxes which is what you said.

    There will be a lot of delinquent property tax payments.

    Maybe we could agree on that.

    Good grief, you two are so bizarre.

  25. Correcting? You are still a moron. What absurd claim? You talk in circles. While we are at it…What kind of a vile evil mind would ever come up with saying…”she’ll spit in your face for not totally agreeing with her.”….? Somebody is very angry and banging on their keyboard instead of using this time to get right with themself and God.

    You are STILL not understanding ANYTHING that is being said. You are too busy worrying about moats in others’ eyes. I give you truth and you refuse it. You are much more interested in headlines you read or see on your precious teevee. You will never learn until you disconnect from your mind-control.

  26. Correcting,

    It’s interesting you read a post about forbearance as a call to violence.

    It’s interesting you read the same post as some kind of love note to the FBI.

    It’s interesting you explicitly stated in another post a need for violence yet conveniently don’t remember posting this.

    It’s interesting how you think all the violence is, and has been, about one man’s death.

    That was an accidental blessing for those needing to have an event to exploit.

    It’s interesting you want us to engage with Antifa rather than doing this for yourself since you have prescient ideas about their reactions.

    It is clear you don’t go out and engage enough with others or you wouldn’t be so unbelievably ignorant.

    I’m sure you’ve been out of the house sweetheart.

    Let’s just give you that one.

    We’re looking for a question unanswered and cannot find one.

    If it’s about taxes… Asked and answered.

    The end of conversation and civility is violence.

    We do not fear violence.

    We just don’t welcome it.

    If you wish to ostrich and stop civil discussion that’s great.

    There is still hope for our society until the discussion ends.

    There really are scarier more dangerous dragons than Antifa.

    You’d be shocked how many are just adrenaline seeking children.

    There’s larger issues afoot with far more dangerous consequences.

    Who cares a whit about rioters?

    Those witless wonders run if you stamp your foot at them.


    Real violence was happening.

    Organized and dangerous.

    Testing the ground and pushing the pawns to see the reaction.

    You are interesting in your arrogance, Correcting.

    You are exhausting in your ignorance.

    This has been a fun distraction today.

    Thank you.

    You’re going to be fun to watch grow.

    You engage, have fire, are smart and interesting enough to offer a bit of play on a hot Saturday.

    Keep up that knowledge seeking.

    It’s the best weapon we have against the overwhelming tide of ignorance offered by both political sides.

  27. “It’s interesting how you think all the violence is, and has been, about one man’s death.”

    No, I understand that the riots are about “systemic racism.”

    You made a specific claim about violence related to Pritzker.

    You were wrong.

    Again, nice try to twist it, Priest.

    “It’s interesting you explicitly stated in another post a need for violence yet conveniently don’t remember posting this.”

    Nope, I have no idea what you are talking about Priest.

    I guarantee that whatever you are talking about is either fake or you are severely misunderstanding context, and it was neither in this post nor that other one you are referring to.

    And if I did somewhere else, then that still wouldn’t give you an excuse to fedpost in that article you’re referring to, so your point is moot.

    We would both just be hypocrites.

    “It’s interesting you want us to engage with Antifa rather than doing this for yourself since you have prescient ideas about their reactions.”

    I don’t.

    I was making a point because you were spewing on about how great civil discourse was and my point was that you can not have a civil discourse with certain people.

    We both already know you aren’t going to do that.

    Civil discourse is not going to do anything about people who are rioting.

    Even if people are not rioting, many are so brainwashed that they probably won’t wake up after one exchange or maybe any number of exchanges.

    Usually arguing just polarizes people further.

    I’m not saying you can’t have conversations with ANYBODY, but you need to be able to identify who you can have a conversation with and who you can’t.

    Who will physically attack you?

    Who would it be easiest to change minds of?

    Think of it like how salesmen use leads to have success, as opposed to cold calling everybody.

    Not all people are as malleable as each other.

    You are wasting a lot of time on some people for little to no returns.

    And then, once again, you accuse me of not going out when I already told you you were wrong. lol.

    I go out every day, dude.

    I go out on boats, both with and without motors.

    I go to restaurants.

    I take joyrides.

    I go for walks. I go to BBQs.

    I go to stores.

    I go to parks.

    I go to my friends’ houses.

    I meet with politicians.

    As for who I engage with, I have friends and family from all parts of the political compass.

    Why do you continue to make things up about me, you delusional old man?

    Maybe you’re projecting because you don’t go out.

    Maybe you’re old, fat, and high risk.

    Like I said in another comment, I went out to the protest in case anything bad happened.

    Where were you?

    Hiding in your house like a coward?

    Typing things on the internet to try to persuade people that violence is bad?

    I didn’t see anybody there having “civil discourse” with the protesters, so I don’t think you were doing that.

    “Who cares a whit about rioters?

    Those witless wonders run if you stamp your foot at them.”

    I care.

    I don’t want my community to turn into Minneapolis.

    That’s why I went out there to make sure it didn’t happen.

    But I also happen to live in a place with a lot of backup — the people, the police, and the Democratic establishment itself was calling for peace.

    That’s not the case in other places, and it’s not so easy to break up a riot in a big city.

    It takes a lot more than “stamp your foot at them.”

    You have no clue what you’re talking about.

    You argue like a total sophist and you have no idea how the real world works.

    You will not be persuading anybody on the left.

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