Message of the Day – A Bumper Sticker

This bumper sticker comes from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

“Taxpayer Lives Matter”

The first to come up with this slogan was State Rep. Steve Reick in 2015.

A bumper sticker produced by 2015 GOP State Rep. candidate Steve Reick.


Message of the Day – A Bumper Sticker — 14 Comments

  1. What we need to know is whether the Democrat party operates independent of the Intel agencies with which it cooperated during its campaign against Trump?

    We’re hopeful that the Durham investigation will shed more light on this matter.

    Our fear is that what we’re seeing is an emerging Axis–the CIA, the DNC, and the elite media– all using their respective powers to terminate the Constitutional Republic and establish permanent, authoritarian one-party rule.

    As far-fetched as it might sound, the country appears to be slipping inexorably towards tyranny.

  2. Looking at those bumper stickers and thinking about how things are today is a trip.

    It really is like we are in a different dimension vs back then.

    One day the String Cheese Theory Man of Quantum Mechanics is going to confirm all of this, Cal.

  3. Slipping toward tyranny is not far fetched. Could happen starting in November if: Biden wins, US House retained by Democrats, US Senate taken over by Democrats.

    Elements of tyranny began near the end of the Obama/Biden regime and their plans/actions to spy on the Trump presidential campaign and to undo his election.

  4. No truer words were ever written as they destroy our taxed paid property!

    who will pay for all of this?!

    when will the refund for all this property damage be back in our pockets?!

  5. How about “Black Lives Splattered Courtesy of Loser Lightfoot AWOL on Black Crime”

  6. How about: “Black Livees Splattered: Loser Lightfoot AWOL on Black Crime”

  7. “Elements of tyranny began near the end of the Obama/Biden regime”

    Yeah, that’s when all the bad things started…

    Not when we started wars based off of lies, not when people were put in prison for protesting war, not when the Federal Reserve Act was signed, not when the Supreme Court said eminent domain could be used to confiscate private property for commercial/business purposes, not when the commerce clause was interpreted so loosely to include regulating everything federally, not when fluoride was added to the water supply, not when vaccine manufacturers were given immunity from lawsuits, not when the CIA started writing the news for major news networks with Operation Mockingbird, not when the government hid parts of the 9/11 report from us, not when local governments sent tax money via TIF to their politically connected friends.

    Nope, it all started with BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and it all started because he doesn’t like Trump!

    Keep watching Fox News and stay ignorant like Richard Rostron and all the other burgerboys on this blog.

    Maybe if you eat another bacon wrapped meatloaf and say Merry Christmas and eat hot dog weenies at the Harley-Davidson store you can save America from the libtards!

  8. Say, Correcting you mention “bacon wrapped meatloaf”. How very interesting. Were you perchance in the street march in NY when persons there were chanting about the police who protect us, “Pigs in a blanket. Fry them like bacon”? Are you a moron as a lady on this blog frequently states about other commenters? Plenty of evidence so far that Barak Hussein Obama including the dufus dementia Joe Biden plotted against the incoming Trump administration.

  9. Thank you Correcting on, anyone who thinks tyranny started with Obama is beyond uninformed.

    Two political parties, one master.

  10. bred winner, if you really think there is some insidious connection between domestic terrorists and anybody who utters the word bacon, then you really are dumb, and every BBQ house and most American consumers would like a word with you…

    No, bred winner, I haven’t been to NY in like 20 years, and I don’t march in anti-police protests.

    When BLM had a rally, I went there specifically to protect property from vandals and looters because I care about the town that I live in.

    I saw many others lurking around watching, waiting to intervene if necessary, but hoping not to.

    I wonder if you were one of those people who were willing to get hurt for something greater than yourself or if you were too scared to go out and defend your community if things went sour.

    I think the police is a vital institution.
    I do not support abolishing police or doing harm to them.

    But I’m not a dummy who pretends police are perfect.

    It’s pretty funny watching Republicans go to a pro-police march after police have been arresting people for defending themselves, for fake hate crimes, for going to church, for surfing alone, for opening a nail salon, etc. #thankyoublue #defendourfreedom

    Republicans say little to nothing about when people, including whites, are unarmed and shot by police.

    Or when cops tortured confessions out of people.

    Or when cops had illiterates sign guilty statements and lied about what was on them.

    It’s kind of a trend for Republicans to defend the indefensible or to turn a blind eye to it.

    Republicans usually don’t say anything about abolishing police unions or propose any way to get rid of the bad cops.

    Most of the opposition to body cameras was from Republicans.

    Republicans say little about qualified immunity or civil asset forfeiture even though they pretend to be defenders of the Constitution and limited government.

    So I don’t go to pro-police marches either, because people who go to those things typically have their head in the sand and see things too black and white, just like the anti-police people.

    There have been quite a few criminal and crooked cops in this county over the years.

    That doesn’t mean all the police are bad, but it also doesn’t mean I’m going to buy bumper stickers from Joe Walsh and place them on my vehicle like many boomer Republicans who read this blog did…

    I wish you would try to educate yourself about bad things happening and that have happened that aren’t just because of Democrats.

    Look into the things I wrote in my last post.

    That’s a good place to start.

    Not every problem in America started in the Obama administration and not every problem is solely the fault of Democrats.

    I don’t deny what you’re saying about the Obama administration spying on Trump.

    You’re correct that it is well documented.

    But guess who was part of the spying, witch hunt, and cover up?

    The FBI and DOJ — agents of the law!

    Because I’m actually skeptical of the government, unlike Republicans, that means I don’t blindly worship police, military, or any form of government, especially in the face of them acting immorally or illegally.

    In case you’re wondering, I am not a vegetarian and have been known to eat a bacon wrapped meatloaf on occasion, I just think the bacon-philia on the right is kind of cringe.

    In general, Republicans should worry more about rooting out corruption than hoping to trigger liberals by eating cheeseburgers.

    Professing your love of rib eye steaks may make a mentally ill teenager mad at you, but it’s not going to help you win any elections.

  11. I used to have a “I don’t brake for liberals” bumper sticker a long time ago.

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