Message of the Day – Closed

We were able to eat at Outback Steakhouse last night, but drinks had to be served to tables.

The bar was closed.


Message of the Day – Closed — 7 Comments

  1. Cal, in the Sanctuary State Of Illinois you’re lucky
    Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers, let you have what you got,
    so enjoy and don’t dare complain.

    Best for Unbelievers to remember this:

    What Lord Jumbo Boy giveth, Lord Jumbo Boy can taketh away.

  2. Get a blooming onion and STFU. Nice paying the Illinois restaurant tax.

  3. Cheat by mail!

    Our local moron, Tirio, won’t even have the voting software examined.

  4. In my opinion, Joe Tirio is definitely not a moron.

    How do you know Joe won’t have the voting software examined?

    How would you go about having it examined?

  5. Yeah my head is pretty thick, please, in simple and concise words, explain how Joe Tirio “sold us out”

    BTW, have you ever spoken to Joe?

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