Two More Thefts at Harvard Walmart

From the Harvard Police Department:

On 07-04-20 at 1140 hrs, Luis Valdez-Mendoza (m-45 yoa), 304 E Park St, Apt ½, Harvard was arrested for Retail Theft at Walmart, 21101 McGuire
Rd, Harvard after it was reported he passed the last point of sale with a cart for of various food items having a value of approximately $173.37 and failed to pay for them. Valdez-Mendoza posted $100.00 bond and was released with a court date of 08-12-20 at 1330 hrs.

On 07-04-20 at 1200 hrs, and Employee (m-22 yoa) of Walmart, 21101
McGuire Rd reported that a subject identified as Luis Valdez-Mendoza had
taken approximately $73.37 in alcohol from the store on 07-03-20 at
approximately 2025 hrs. Valdez-Mendoza (m45 yoa), 304 E Park St, Apt ½,
was arrested and issued a Non-Traffic Notice to Appear Citation for Retail
Theft under City of Harvard Ordinance. Valdez-Mendoza was released with a court date of 08-17-20 at 1330 hrs.

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Other police departments do not identify stores from which merchandise is stolen.


Two More Thefts at Harvard Walmart — 11 Comments

  1. Matters such as described above are to be expected,
    tolerated and even encouraged in Sanctuary States like Illinois.

    Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers And Gluttony has decreed it so.

  2. The Illegal Mexican again just doing what you and I won’t do!

  3. Just do what they do in Mexican Walmarts.

    Have a security guy with a sub machine gun with shoot to kill orders on shoplifters.

    Shrinkage stops real fast!

  4. Kenneally will pass on prosecuting Jose and likely dispose of the evidence by eating it for lunch himself.

  5. Who’s really paying for these thefts?

    And: WE Are. T

    he cost is passed on to the paying customers.

    Another form of income redistribution.


  6. Luis was arrested for two separate theft?

    He was more than likely doing this on a regular basis and finally got caught.

    To go back a second time in two days says he’s obviously an idiot or couldn’t careless!

    I’ll bet he’s here illegally, this is just the tip of the iceberg and he is breaking the law many times each day.

  7. He might not be illegal.

    Anyone of any nationality can be illegal, not just LatinX.

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