A Retired Public Official’s Lament – Part 2

From Ersel Schuster, who served a number of terms on the McHenry County Board and as Seneca Township Supervisor:

A Retired Public Official’s Lament (Part 2)

Following the promises made by Nikita Khrushchev, in and around the 1960s; open destruction of America began in earnest as violence and riots, instigated by the Weather Underground and other splinter groups, worked their way around the country at centers of “higher learning.”

Classic examples of those behind these movements are anarchist, declared communists, and criminals like:

Bill Ayers: retired professor, University of Illinois, Chicago; self-described “communist revolutionary” known for bombing public buildings in the 60’s & 70’s ; decades of training under “God dam America’s,” Rev. Wright; American “white” hater Louis Farrakhan; associated with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”; mentor to former President Obama; and, in the
1960’s worked with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley in shaping the city’s school reform program.

Bernadine Dohrn (wife of Bill Ayers): after several years on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list, Dohrn finally surfaced and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of aggravated battery and bail jumping; practiced
law for several years; then, was awarded a prestigious position as clinical associate professor at Northwestern University of Law (1991-2013).

Ayers and Dohrn co-authored the “subversive manifesto” Prairie Fire in 1974.

During the Obama presidency, many concepts from this document were incorporated into the current “Democrat Party Platform.”

It is well documented that the lives of these two have long been associated around, and within political circles.

Their work has been to overhaul the United States educational system.

Over the decades, socialist leaning instructors have been installed at all levels of education; history- altered textbooks have replaced documents with the true history of the country; and, required studies have been geared to accomplish the socialist agenda.

It is relatively easy to point at the educational system as the reason so many of this generation march to the tune of the “2020 pied-pipers of socialism.”

Those among the “woke” generations appear to be grossly ignorant of how they are being used and have become willing accomplices in the malicious
destruction occurring, city after city.

Unfortunately, the “woke” crowd is proving to the world exactly how mentally unhinged they are… as they viciously scream nonsense while attacking law enforcement and anyone who gets in their way.

They have allowed themselves to be used by, and labeled as supporting rioters, looters, arsonist, and murderers

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A Retired Public Official’s Lament – Part 2 — 15 Comments

  1. The Federal Reserve System enacted in 1913 followed directly by the 16th Amendment income tax is in my studies one block of the foundation of tyranny we see today.

    We are all financial slaves to the debt and collection system that forces us to exchange our toil for interest on fiat money.

    My research shows that FDR signed over “ownership” of the US Government infrastructure to the Fed as collateral for unpaid debt, in 1934.

    The tyranny today, wether local or global, is based on greed.

    Greed is fear manifested, fear of not having enough.

    Jesus says: Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all will be added to you.

  2. Another foundational cause of tyranny is a VERY CONTROLLED media that promotes the will of the advertisers and their agenda.

    William Herst was called the father of “yellow journalism” by promoting wars through gross exaggeration, as well as perpetrating the myth of hemp being the devil’s weed to ensure his paper-wood mills would not be threatened by hemp paper mills.


    Hemp prohibition killed off a huge sector of the farming and manufacturing industries, and created the longest civil war in America and the world.

    Today the problem of a monopolist media is far worse, for instance, not a word about the very recent University of Alaska engineering study that proves without question that controlled demolition was used in the collapse of Building #7 on 9-11.

    Just like the WMD lie used to invade Iraq, the media refuses to question the narrative put out by greedy people in power.

    Gee, I wonder if explosives were used to bring down #7, could 1and2 also have been pre-loaded with demolition charges?

    Many eye witnesses and first responders say definitely yes, but crickets from the MSM.

    People are afraid to question authority, I think it is PATRIOTIC!

    God bless America!

  3. How does a person on the ten most wanted list and on the run get a professor job at a big name university? With a resume’ of founding a violent group bent on the overthrow of the US Government? How does a community organizer get organized with help from former violent and radical people to head a political party and become president? Kruschev was right. The current violent groups, using the race card as subterfuge, are an extension of and seeded by the radicals of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

  4. Bill Ayers’ father Thomas Ayers was the CEO of Commonwealth Edison and a very influential man.

    I’m sure he had to pull a lot of strings to get Billy Boy and Bernadine out of trouble.

    He was also on the Board of Trustees at Northwestern University for several decades, so that’s probably the reason Bernadine Dohrn got her teaching gig there.

    A lot of the prominent 1960s radicals were the ne’er do well children of prominent parents.

    The same pattern seems to hold today with the Antifa losers.

  5. You are correct John, the report does not conclude explosives were used on #7.

    My synopsis of the report filtered down to a couple sentences cuts to the chase.

    Along with dozens of first responders and eye witness testimony ignored by the government’s 9-11 Commission

    Having taken part in several building demolitions over the years provided me the knowledge that the corners of buildings provide the greatest resistance to collapse.

    That is why we are told to seek shelter in a bathroom or closet during a tornado, the many corners inherent in a small area provide greater resistance to collapse.

    If explosives were not used, then how did every supporting column, corners and all in all three buildings on 9/11 fail simultaneously, is what begs the question.

    I only bring 9-11 up as an example of how or government/media will withhold information to further their agenda.

    For more information, please see what true experts say at http://www.ae911truth.org

    Also Jason Bermas has made several documentaries on this subject that details the conspiracy to enact war based on the fallacy of the 9-11 Commission.

    If we accept everything the government/media reports as undeniable truth…we are nothing but cowardly sheep.

  6. Barak Hussein Obama promised “fundamental transformation” of the US. Will that restart if Dufus Dementia Joe Biden wins and brings in radicals in his regime such as AOC, the Squad, Cherokee Liz and the commie marxist wanna be Bernie Sanders? Green New Deal, open borders, citizenship and voting rights for illegals, annual surtax on net worth of Americans, attack on 2nd Ammendment, defunding police forces, etc.

  7. Federal Reserve is the biggest scam going. All those Jewish families like the Warburg and Rothschilds who own the preferred shares, which by act of Congress are kept secret from prying goyim eyes.

    Yeah, the 1%, who seem to wreck their hosts cultures from time to time.

    Let the backlash begin!

  8. “not a word about the very recent University of Alaska engineering study that proves without question that controlled demolition was used in the collapse of Building #7 on 9-11”

    Mr Christ – Above is what you stated in your post regarding the report.

    You lied in your statement.

    The report does not prove that and no where in the report is it even suggested or mentioned.

    If you believe that – then state that you believe it.

    Please do not falsely state that someone else claims it when it is not true.

  9. What conclusion do you come up as to how every supporting column failed within microseconds with after reading the report, John?

    Never before or after 9-11 has any steel frame building collapsed from fire, even those where the entire building was engulfed in much hotter fire for many hours.

    But amazingly, three buildings recently purchased and highly insured against terrorist attacks by the same individual, Larry SILVERSTEIN all come crashing down at near free fall speed in their own footprint.

    Lucky Larry made billions.

    As I mentioned prior, the engineering study does not claim explosives were used to demolish the buildings, that was not what they were trying to establish.

    Their claim is the NIST model showing “thermal expansion” for the collapse is flawed.

    Then what brought them down?

    Like the pristine “miracle bullet” that the government’s Warren Commission claims killed President Kennedy and wounded Gov. Connely… makes zero sense to those who know anything about ballistics, the 9-11 Commission Report makes zero sense to those who understand the properties of steel and the construction techniques used to construct three of the strongest buildings in NYC.

    I understand my brief comment could be construed as the report claimed explosives were used, for that I apologize.

  10. I don’t claim to no exactly what happened on 9/11 but one thing I’m pretty positive about is that the official story is not the truth.

    Way too many holes in it.

  11. “Federal Reserve is the biggest scam going.”

    This is who Trump is a threat to.

    That is why you are seeing attempts to manipulate our elections and to forcibly remove Trump from office.

  12. Gary, let the ‘well informed fool’ ($ebasta) go.

    He swallowed the whale tale

  13. Gary, it is my conclusion that it was God’s Will that it happened.

    No matter what any of us do or think or conclude, it matters not.

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