Big News Out of Washington This Coming Week

NFL’s Washington Redskins nickname to be retired

According to multiple media reports over the weekend, looks like the “Redskins” nickname for Washington D.C.’s National Football League (NFL) franchise is going to be retired.

The franchise, which turned 88 last Thursday, started as the Boston Braves in 1932, and became the Boston Redskins a year later, before becoming the Washington Redskins in 1937. After 87 years, team owner Daniel Snyder will officially jettison the nickname, according to published reports.

According to a published report on FOX Sports Sunday afternoon, the name change, including the unveiling of the team’s new nickname, will take place between 24 to 48 hours, or by Tuesday, July 14.

Given the national conversation on race since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police on May 25, and the violence and riots across the country, renewed pressure for the Redskins name to be retired grew.

Several merchandisers pulled Redskins merchandise from online sales, and FedEx, who owns naming rights to FedEx Field the Redskins stadium home in Landover, MD, requested the change in the past two weeks.

Speculation on what the team’s new name will be is rampant, and the team will maintain the team’s colors of burgundy and gold. All Native American imagery will be removed from the team. The nickname abbreviation the ‘Skins will also be retired.

With the end of the Redskins nickname, the NFL’s 2nd oldest team fight song (behind the Green Bay Packers’ “Go! You Packers! Go!”) will be retired too. “Hail to the Redskins” originated in 1938, with today’s familiar lyrics:

Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the Warpath!
Fight for old D.C.!

Run or pass and score—We want a lot more!
Beat ’em, Swamp ’em, Touchdown! — Let the points soar!
Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won
Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!

Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the Warpath!
Fight for old D.C.!

So what will Washington’s new nickname be for its football team? The leading contender appears to be “Warriors”, and FOX Sports revealed there are six applications for “Washington Warriors” pending with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office.

One may recall, Marquette University had to rename their college mascot from Warriors a few years back, but no one appears to be pressuring the National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors to change their name.

Other potential nicknames include the “Redwolves” and the “Redtails”, but looks like “Warriors” will be the new name for one of the NFL’s storied franchises.

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Big News Out of Washington This Coming Week — 31 Comments

  1. Black Hawks say that they will NOT capitulate to the “cancel culture” Leftists.

    And the truth is, knowing who butters their bread, they best not.

  2. Something tells me that the NFL is about to have it’s worst season ever in terms of ratings.

    The whinny liberals might make a lot of noise, but they are not the NFL’s fan base.

  3. Time to retire the name, “Democratic Party”. This Party has a long record of racism going back to their opposition of Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves. More recently, the Democrat Governor of VA was found to have been in pictures wearing Black face and a klan outfit. He refused to resign. Of course, the Democrat Party’s top person wanna be president, Dufus Dementia Joe Biden, has a very long record of making racist remarks, most recently to an African American talk show host.

  4. Neal – yes the NFL will have its worst season ever in terms of ratings.

    Trump pushed a malaria drug and when that didn’t solve the problem he straight up quit on trying to contain COVID.

    Now it’s out of control and there won’t be NFL and schools will either be closed or students will be going part time. Thanks President Dumb F!

    Also, Neal, while “whinny libs” might or might not be the NFL’s base, but corporate sponsors rule the NFL.

    The Washington football team is changing their name due to corporate pressure, Neal.

  5. Abe – The Blackhawks (one word) is not a racist term.

    The Redskins is racial slur.

    I love the conservatives decrying cancel culture in sports after they boycotted Nike because of Colin Kapernick.

    It’s as if the Nike boycott never ever ever never happened?


  6. Algonquin needs to change their name, same with Illinois, also Democrats, the founders of Jim Crowe laws, KKK and eugenics of Babies of color, Darwin books need to be ripped from all public schools and burned in the public square as his theories of evolution are based on the superiority of Western Europeans and their “eventual extinguishing of indigenous people due to evolution which created the obvious racial and intellectual superiority.”

    Grab the popcorn let the left do to itself what is inevitable.

    Destroy themselves and re-elect trump.

    I’m serious about Algonquin and Illinois.

    Both disrespect the Indigenous who were forced out of the land they stole from other tribes before them.

    Just ask Elizabeth Warren after she finishes her lawsuit against Chrysler to drop the Jeep Cherokee name and bring back honor to her tribe.

  7. It will be like The Sears Tower and Comisky Park.

    They’ll always be the RedSkins!

  8. ha… yeah, chuck… exactly the same thing.

    too bad the Washington Bullets didn’t make it to the NBA bubble.

    I’m a huge Bradly Beal fan.

    Maybe next year for the Bullets!

  9. It is amazing how many snowflakes get offended about changing a team name from the current racial slur to something else.

  10. Chuck, you forgot Marshall Fields, The Rosemont Horizon, Chicago Stadium and Assembly Hall !

  11. Heard there is a big push to destroy pyramids and structures throughout the world that were built by slaves.

    Seems the next logical step.

  12. RR –

    Yes, it was as sports leagues a few years ago.

    Then some time in 2016 a backup QB decided to take a knee during the national anthem.

    It wasn’t a big deal.

    He got some attention but, for the most part, it was no big deal.

    Then Donald Trump and the Right decided to amplify the QB’s voice and make it part of the “culture wars” that worked so successfully for them in the past.

    Trump made this a campaign issue.

    He spoke about it at rallies.

    He called the guy a SOB.

    Trump said if the NFL allows players to kneel then fans will boycott cancel culture anyone??????????????????.

    If Trump and Right would have ignored it then it would have been a story that lasted a week or so and no one would have paid much attention to it.

    Hats off to Trump and the Right.

    It worked.

    I think it played a role in his electoral victory.

    Then after they won the VP used taxpayer money and resources to go to an NFL game where he knew players would kneel.

    He used it as a stunt to walk out of a game and make this an even BIGGER issue.

    Sorry Rich, but if you are looking for someone or something to blame, look at Trump and your friends at Fox News.

    Ain’t no going back to those pre-2016 days to when the NFL was a sports league.

    The chickens have come home to roost.

  13. change from Redskins to Foreskins because they’re all dick heads

  14. I really don’t care it’s a stupid sports team name.

    If the fans of the team care, they can skip games.

    I think the kneeling is a big deal though.

    Most people I think, still like thier country and they are alienating at least half of the fans by doing it.

  15. Big orange-so true I knew there were several more eamples but they slipped my mind.

    ives happy because they are so hells bells set on rewriting history regardless if it is true or not.

    What was that famous quote?

    Those who forget the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat it?

  16. chuck – what are you getting at with that famous quote?

    I am not following how that famous quote is relevant to renaming a football team that uses a racial slur as their team name?

    Or how that famous quote is relevant to a team/skyscraper building owner selling the naming rights to the stadium/skyscraper building?

  17. One thing. After the Democrat Party renames itself it will be able to keep its mascot of Jacka**. A perfect label for all of their reckless and stupid politicians such as Dufus Biden, AOC (Dumb as a rock), Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schi**, Beta O’Rourke, Dick Durbin, etc.

    Unfortunately, the NFL and its top boss went political. Too bad.

  18. Oh you only touched to surface.

    People have learned to live without sports and people that have money to spend are giving up on those past times because of political stances.

    As far as the pressure from the corporations that is only because of the BLM stance and the giving in.

    FedEx was pressured from all the lefty media!

    They caved even though the company delivers to communists China and Russia that have zero tolerance for human rights!

    They have their hands just as dirty!

    As far as Trump goes, yes Trump made it part of the campaign and will again on his road to victory!

    If you think the polls are even remotely close Ha!

    You think independents are going to vote for tyranny in swing states LOL

    Trump will increase the Latino and Black vote again which the Dems can’t overcome with the white suburban woman.

  19. I will never watch another NFL game again, or MLB.

    In a radio interview, broadcaster Pat Hughes said he expects a 50% viewership/listenership declin for all MLB teams.

    And that It would take many years to come back to last year’s level, which itself saw the 17th yearly decline in a row, across all MLB teams.

  20. The NFL apparently does not have a diversity plan that would reflect the demo of our population. If a national corporation had their demo they would be required, by Democrats, to have a plan to bring in players in proportion with the characteristics of our overall US population of citizens.

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