Winnebago County GOP Board Members Trying to Put Executive Form of Government Referendum on Fall Ballot

Jack Franks Czar image used in campaign against Executive County Government refrendum.

The Winnebago County Board majority decided that they did not like the power being exerted by it countywide elected Board Chairman.

So, the Board majority took back some of the power the Republican Board Chairman had assumed.

The Chairman went to Federal court and, so far, has lost.

Now comes GOP Board member Jean Crosby seeking five hundred good signatures to put the question on the November ballot of whether the county should adopt a (strong) Executive form of government.

Those who follow McHenry County governance will remember that then-State Rep. Jack Franks put a similar referendum on the ballot.

It lost.

Now Franks pretty much acts as if the referendum passed.

The Republican Party opposed the referendum.


Winnebago County GOP Board Members Trying to Put Executive Form of Government Referendum on Fall Ballot — 3 Comments

  1. As did many Democrats, which Cal Skinner reported 8 years ago.

    You can imagine why they would not want a strong county executive when McHenry County was significantly redder.

    Partisan affiliation is just one reason they may have opposed it though and I am not implying that was their sole reason.

    Schmidt criticized it as giving “unlimited power to that position” which is a similar criticism we heard from Skinner and Republicans.

    Chirikos, Yensen, and Schmidt (Democrats) spoke out against it.

    I think some of the more conservative people may have had an ideological motivation to oppose it too: they wouldn’t want to give unlimited power to a “RINO” county board chairman.

    “Democrats Oppose Jack Franks’ County Executive Referendum”

    Skinner, a Republican, was a strong critic of it as well. He wrote:

    “It’s hard to believe a regular reader would not have learned that I think the County Executive form of government is “bad” because it will greatly concentrate power in county government in the hands of one person.

    Now it is much more dispersed.

    Search for Walkup on this blog and you will find more arguments against the referendum

    And, when a Democrat wants to use his or her name as being in favor, I shall certainly post the comment.”

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