Coronavirus Deaths Constant, Updated Comparative Data for IL, FL, TX & GA

From the McHenry County Health Department:

As of July 13, 2020, there have been 2310 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County, 101 confirmed deaths and 2 probable deaths. 

The death(s) reported today: None.”

With all the news about large upturns in new Covid-19 infections in the Sunbelt, a Friend of McHenry County Blog has updated four indices whose comparison might be of interest:

Illinois is still way ahead in deaths per million people.

Florida, however, has gained the lead in cases per million.


Coronavirus Deaths Constant, Updated Comparative Data for IL, FL, TX & GA — 16 Comments

  1. When are they going to pay attention to the morbidity of the disease?

    We’ve seen close to nothing about it.

    Tracking infections and deaths without the morbidity being considered is disingenuous.

  2. Operation Mockingbird. It is still fake and there is no such thing as a virus that causes any disease no matter how many times they tell you. It STILL doesn’t exist!

  3. Ok Cindy.

    No matter oh many times random internet nutter (you) tells us that viruses don’t people stick, we STILL wont believe you or you pseudo-science links.

  4. Prairie burner, try and grow up a bit.

    Are you Grateful Dead deadhead?

  5. WorldView
    4 hours ago
    It’s time for civil war.

    Shoot every Democrat.

    The Supreme Court just ruled that the Electoral College is no more.

    What this means is that the big money-center cities now control the country.

    What the Democrat Liberal Socialist cities want, they get.

    Everyone else in the country, or about 90 % of the landmass, and about 60 % of the population, doesn’t

    matter any more.

    No matter how we vote, the cities, where all the crime and stupidness is, will rule.

    America is now officially DEAD.

    There is no reason to continue existing side-by-side with the Democrats.

    Seccession is the only way now.

    Let them have their Socialism, and then drown in it.

  6. Prarieburner?

    You are going to rue the day.

    My heart is clean.

    I told you nothing but truth.

    It is on all of you that refuse to listen.

    I am sorry you didn’t choose life.

  7. Oh but the BLM riots had nothing to with the stats…ha! LOL…

  8. Came to check what the crazies were doing on a Tuesday…

    I’d like to meet Cindy in person–it’s very possible that “Cindy” is actually just a bag of donuts.

    “Grateful Dead deadhead” is redundant which already makes you irrelevant. Forget turning on and tuning in, just drop out.

  9. DC? Sorry to burst your persecutory illusory fantasy bubble but I am real. You would probably be VERY surprised what an old bag of donuts actually looks like. I am in very good shape, thank you. I get compliments all the time on my being so ancient and yet I look so very fit. I am also very talented, extremely well-liked, respected, and very empathic. There are few (very few) throughout my long life that have exhibited tiny quirks that might lead you to think they are just jealous because of their occasional strange behavior (that is ALWAYS about them – nothing to do with me) but they too are still in the adoring circle. I am not a queen, far from it. I am simply one of the people that have values and principles and lives by them.

  10. This Texas data shows a comparison between seasonal flu for two years and the scamdemic.

    Mainstream media and Texas Health and Human Services are not happy, as it paints a more accurate picture regarding the paranoia going on over Texas.

    They claim it’s “misleading” and “unauthorized” even though the data came right from their site.

    People are waking up to see that Covid-19 is the biggest scam of our lifetime.

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