Fencing Glacial Ridge Grade School’s Back Yard Fight Simmers

Property behind Glacial Ridge Grade School.

Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47 Board’s plan to spend about $35,000 fencing in what has become a neighborhood park continues to percolate.

Signs appear where chain link fence is proposed.

This is in a neighborhood in which the Crystal Lake Park District does not have a park.

Open space proposed to be closed to public, unless they go to the front of the school.

The edge of the park has some quite old trees (think well over 100 years old) that opponents think will be chopped to erect a 4-foot tall chain link fence.

An opponent writes:

I am shocked and upset that D47 would even consider tearing down decades old trees at Glacier Ridge Elementary to install an ugly chain link fence when there are non-destructive and far less expensive solutions.

The existing tree line was planted by the farmers years and years ago.

One tree is 175 years old! 

Homeowners did not encroach on district land.

The school yard behind the homes was a farm when they built.

To spend money destroying nature when we need all the trees we can get to help aid a healthy environment for our community.

Not only that but what is the cost to rip out all this beauty especially when our teachers and students need PPE to safely return to school in the fall, which the district says they have no money for.

Keep the trees!

Keep students safe and healthy!

Keep the open space!!

Keep our air clean!!!


Fencing Glacial Ridge Grade School’s Back Yard Fight Simmers — 11 Comments

  1. Leftist, ‘woke’ McHenry Co. judge Mary Nadir ( a good name got her) is one of the morons backing the fence.

    She thinks she’s the Queen of Glavial Ridge!

  2. “Keep students safe and healthy!”

    That is the point of the fence.

    Glacier Ridge run an OASIS program, that has kids that might not understand property boundaries, but will certainly understand a physical one.

    Ken Bird Park is less than a mile away.

    Woodscreek Park is just over a mile.

    Let’s call this what it is, homeowners who have inched onto property that isn’t their over the years, are mad that their yards will be back to the size they purchased.

  3. It’s not a fight. It’s a war and the really stupid (just like all the city councils of every stinking city that signed on to the evilness of ICLEI without knowing what they were doing) are just kowtowing to the Agenda 21 perpetrators that are going to incarcerate your kids. If you don’t wake up now to see what they are really doing, you are just marching into their death camps willingly. The Bataan death march is on.

  4. The school is built on public property, yes?

    Bought and maintained by local taxes, yes?

  5. Professor, There are less costly means to keep kids safe and healthy.

    The natural barrier does the job.

    Over half the homes already have fences.

    I don’t live there, but I do pay lots of taxes for schools.

    Homeowners in the area have a right to voice their opinions, Prof.

    You want your neighbors chopping down the natural barriers next to you?

    I think not.

  6. Profesora, please tell us the less costly ways to keep the kids safe and healthy.

    If my neighbor wants to chop down trees on their property, it’s not up to me, because it’s not my property.

    Who cares if half the homes have fences?

    If a bucket is half full of holes, it doesn’t hold water.

    What is the natural barrier?

    The path out to Driftwood Lane? The houses with open yards?

    I don’t live there either.

    I also pay taxes.

    I also have kids at that school.

    If all that happens is a kid never wanders out to the street and doesn’t get hit by a car, it was worth the cost.

  7. I can’t imagine wasting money like this.

    For reference, the only fencing Cary D-26 has on its 7 properties surround a football field and a couple of baseball fields in order to prevent damage from trespassers.

    The only major fence that borders a D-26 was a privacy screen/fence by put up by a neighboring apartment complex and the library put up a fence to prevent kids from walking through their parking lot.

  8. Alabama: “I’m just here for the Agenda 21 chain link fences.”

    You actually got me to laugh on that one.

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