Message of the Day – Closed

From Crystal Lake’s Outback Steakhouse last Thursday, (Had problems posting the photo, but finally succeeded.)


Message of the Day – Closed — 15 Comments

  1. Couldn’t get the photo posted.

    A sign on an empty bar says the bar is closed.

  2. Much is written online about Satan causing covid-19.

    Is God punishing us, with covid-19? (●__●)

    Statues, even in some churches, are being destroyed.

    Is God allowing that, because he’s against modern day idolatry? \(◎o◎)/

  3. Oh my gosh. Given the magnitude of the universe, possibly multi-verses, with tens of billions of galaxies each with many billions of stars, does God have the time to be concerned about stupidity on earth (idolatry or whatever) which is a planet of an ordinary star among billions in an ordinary galaxy? An awful lot to do in managing a universe.

  4. Eddie? The punishment from God is the delusion. 2 Thesalonians 2:11

  5. bred? You are a huge moron. A complete idiot, a NASA lies true believer, a Communist, a Stasi snitch, and now an atheist? Way to go. To Hell that is.

  6. The funny thing about atheism is that it actually takes more faith to be one.

    You still have to believe all the dust in the big bang came from somewhere.

    Did it magically appear?

    It’s a much easier explanation to say that something must have created it if you ask me.

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