Democratic State Central Committeeman Has Restaurant Contact Tracing Suggestion

Too long ago, Democratic Party State Central Committeeman Peter Janko sent this suggestion for making contact tracing easier.

While Illinois has already entered Phase 4, the idea still has merit.

“Sign In to Dine In” Covid-19 Contact Tracing

Before a region can enter into Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan, that region needs contact tracing and monitoring within 24 hours of diagnosis for more than 90% of Covid-19 cases. 

But how do we get there?

Philip Janko

Peter Janko, community activist and Democratic State Central Committeeman – 14 Congressional District, is promoting a grass roots contact tracing effort on social media designed to not only save our mom and pop restaurants but also save lives at the same time.

Sign-In to Dine-In costs next to nothing for a restaurant to adopt.

Because most restaurants are overwhelmed with just the tasks of re-opening, fans of small restaurants are being encouraged to make a Guest Sign-in book for their favorite restaurant(s).

Fans then present the Guest Sign-in book to the restaurant owner, explain the importance of contact tracing, and ask them to have their dine in customers provide their contact info so that in the event another diner, from the same day, later tests positive for Covid-19, they can be promptly notified.

To ensure customer privacy, records are kept only on paper by the restaurant owner. 

These records would only be released to the local health authorities if a person testing positive for COVID-19 indicates that he/she dined or worked at that restaurant within the virus’s incubation period.

Health officials could then use the sign-in to notify patrons of their potential exposure.

Patrons are already accustomed to signing up for coupons or notifications of special events at many restaurants, so most will be comfortable with having to Sign-In to Dine-In.

Administrators of 97 Illinois city and county health departments and 6 Illinois Illinois Department of Public Health were mailed information packets on “Sign In to Dine In” last Wednesday, May 3rd.

Online version of Sign In to Dine In:


Democratic State Central Committeeman Has Restaurant Contact Tracing Suggestion — 17 Comments

  1. Maybe we could then issue a card, similar to a FOID card, to eat in a restaurant.

    Require a 3 day cooling off period to make sure you’re really hungry.

    Unless they’re asking for ID’s, how many are really going to write down the names?

    Who will be looking at the names? What will be done with the names?

    I’m sure nothing will go wrong with this ID grab

  2. You forgot one thing.

    Before you get your dine in card and wait 72 hours you must go online to apply for the card.

    They will tell you it will take at most 30 days, but don’t worry you will get it a few months later, maybe.

  3. More Commie “your papers, please” invasion of privacy.

    Brought to you by the party of America haters, the DEMOCRATS.

    Do NOT patronize any establishment that adopts this Leftist insanity.

  4. Name: Naughtyis Maximus
    Address: 123 Main St
    Phone: 867-5309 or HUdson 3-2700

  5. Name: Bert Weinman
    Address: 2501 W, Bradley Place
    Phone: Mohawk 4-4-100

    Status: Hungry

  6. Check your first line and the text near the photo, Cal. You called him Phil Janko and Phillip Janko, but his name is Peter Janko. It says that a couple times in the article and Eddie also pointed it out.

  7. At the very least, Peter Janko’s website explains what a Democratic State Central Committeeperson is. \(°o°)/

  8. Address: 123 Fake Street
    Name: Not Sure
    Phone: rejection hotline #

    If you really, really want to push those potential customers from restaurants… This is the way to go.

  9. Is that the mope who ran against fairy Godmother ‘Bri’ Sager, the one with scads of ‘houseboys’ hanging out at his sumptuous but very ostentatious pad?

  10. “How about not going to a bar or restaurant?”

    How about stop believing all the bs you read in the paper.

    The NYT is such one sided garbage it’s not even funny.

    There is very little risk to anyone under 50 and without underlying conditions.

    This isn’t a plague that kills everyone it touches.

    If you want to hide in a closet until there is maybe a vaccine is found, great but don’t expect everyone else to agree with you.

  11. Doctor Who, yes, Janko ran against Sager as the progressive alternative, and he lost by an almost 2-1 margin.

  12. 1) SIGN IN to DINE IN is totally VOLUNTARY

    2) It is totally your choice.
    a) You can let the restaurant know how to get a hold of you in the event you might have been infected with Covid-19 or,
    b) You can remain anonymous and play Covid Roulette. If you wake up in the ICU on a ventilator wondering how the f**k you (if you live) or your family (in case you don’t) is going pay that million dollar hospital bill, remember, it was your choice.

    3) Why should restaurants participate?
    a) Restaurants generally like it when the they get free publicity. But if someone test positive and they will be asked where they were and who they were in close contact with. Do you really think any restaurant wants their name mentioned in the media in the same sentence as, “anyone dining at (restaurant name in … on…) may have been exposed to the Covid-19)?
    b) A restaurant can play an active role in slowing the spread of Covid-19. It is in a restaurants best interests to prevent another lock down, which is already happening in other states.
    c) There are lawyers out there who are looking to sue their asses off if an employee or customer dies of Covid-19. Requiring masks, social distancing, keeping a log of customers, etc, etc demonstrates due diligence.

    4) Covid-19 is forcing Illinois, counties, and cities to spend money they don’t have. Tens of millions of dollars are already being spent on hiring contact tracers. Everyone cooperating in making contact tracing easier should hopefully mean we don’t have to hire hundreds maybe thousand more contact tracers.

    And finally, for those of you concerned about privacy, your phone already knows what restaurants you ate at, when, and how long you were there. Same for anyone that you dined with. What you should really worry about is all of the contact tracing apps that will put all that data together to track your every move.

    Sign In to Dine In only asks for one persons info and then only the minimum info needed to get in touch with you on purpose to protect peoples’ privacy. I am a privacy advocate and have been fighting for Illinois to have the toughest privacy legislation is the country.

  13. Pete4? You are wrong. I don’t eat out. I don’t have a phone. AND THERE IS NO VIRUS! You are singing accolades and touting something VERY WRONG for no reason.

  14. Peter said: ” You can remain anonymous and play Covid Roulette. If you wake up in the ICU on a ventilator wondering how the f**k you (if you live) or your family (in case you don’t) is going pay that million dollar hospital bill, remember, it was your choice.”

    None of that is ever going to happen.

    Go away.

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