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  1. Great!

    Heard of a business in Crystal Lake whereby two persons (at different times) who came in as customers refused to put on or wear a mask (business would provide it). The police were called and each person was arrested for trespassing.

  2. OK – if Moretti’s is requiring their in-person diners to wear masks, can someone from the restaurant explain why their delivery drivers don’t wear them when making deliveries?

  3. If the business asked someone to leave and they refused wouldn’t that be trespassing?

    Yes there is no order at this point but privately owned businesses can still run thier business as they see fit.

    If don’t like it spend your money somewhere else. Same goes for both sides.

  4. No – privately owned businesses CAN NOT run their businesses as they see fit.

    Apparently Neal has learned NOTHING about how Illinois DEMOCRATS control their
    lesser citizens/business owners.

  5. On a hot day, wearing a shirt is discriminatory.

    It’s self expression, just like tattoos and earrings. (◔‿◔)

  6. I said they should, not that our government is allowing them to.

    If you think a business has a right to say no masks, then you have to agree that they can also decide the opposite.

    My entire point is that people and businesses should be left to do as they want, even if I don’t agree with them.

  7. Neal? When did businesses get rights OVER people? You are the one that has rights! When you think the corporation is above and the people are subservient, you just crossed over into Communism. Didn’t I hear something about this country was fighting Communism all over the world for maybe the last two hundred years? Where did all of you Communists come from?

  8. Cindy,

    Communism became “cool” when the large businesses started letting people in based upon affirmative action and inclusivity instead of meritocracy. Basically about the time they all started to bring in the useless HR workers.

    These corporations are profiting on it, in the short term, by catering to those who spend the most money on useless crap; single liberals (mostly women).

    That’s not going to last forever but the shareholders only care about the short-term, so virtue signalling is quick bucks. But this system only works when there is still a global underclass that can be exploited. These are international corporations at work.

  9. I don’t think business have rights over you but I also don’t think that you have rights over them, doesn’t that sound like communism?

    My approach is more like let the markets sort it out.

    Hardly a communist idea.

  10. Neal, come back to Earth.

    It was the 79 yo Deep State apparatchik Fauci who told everybody (correctly) months ago that masks were rather useless.

    Suddenly they’re mandatory!

    Just a note;

    The COVID19 symptoms do not include sneezing, or wet coughing, but instead it brings on a dry cough.

    Ergo, the reasons listed for the masks’ protecting against are fallacious, unless the patient has both a seasoned allergy, or the seasonal flu, PLUS the SARS CoV 2 (COVID19) virus.

  11. You don’t need to convince me about masks.

    I’m old enough to remember 9/11, I actually worked at O’Hare at the time.

    It’s the same thing as what happened then.

    A bunch of silly rules that do nothing but make people feel better.

    One big difference this time is that it’s definitely a political / virtue signaling thing.

    Anyway, I still think if someone owns a store they should be able to make thier own rules.

    If you take the position that they can’t, what do you say to the left when they say that a bakery has to make a cake for a gay wedding or any other goofy thing they want to shove down people’s throats.

    And if you think that I’m unaware of the deep state you are very wrong.

    I’m very much aware of the cracks that have been forming over at least the last hundred or so years.

    I might differ in opinion on some things but I’d bet I’d agree with you on more than you think.

  12. Neal? Just by what you said in your 7:42 post you do not understand what Communism is. It is a higher form of Socialism. It is central planning of everything by the government. Oh wait, isn’t that exactly what is going on here? It is about international collaboration. That means one world order! One world order is why the world had to be flooded. Remember that one? Thinking that corporations can make up their own rules that are counter to what we were “supposed to be representing” as a nation is absolutely nonsense and illegal and unconstitutional. When corporations have rights and people do NOT – then you have the tyranny we are being enslaved with today. We were NEVER supposed to be ruled by corporations. That is exactly what you have now. DOn’t fool yourself. The corporations are GOVERNING you right now. They are making all the decisions and forcing all the issues. They are in charge of enslaving you! Fools like bred are completely loyal to helping them attain their iron fist of locking you down. The goofy things you mention (ie: the bakeries) are the hysterical scenarios they used to get you into a position where you believed their lies. That was all theater to confuse and confound you. It worked well, I see. Look around. Get your head out of your rear.

  13. The cake baker didn’t have any signs stating his Christian views, nor was his shop named ‘Masterpiece Christian Cakes’. 😮

    He lost business and fired employees over a Gay wedding cake that would have nothing indecent on it. 😑

  14. Cindy, you took what I said to far.

    I don’t think corporations should be able to do whatever they want either.

    Balance is what I’m after because both can be a path to tyranny.

    “He lost business and fired employees over a Gay wedding cake that would have nothing indecent on it. 😑”

    What you don’t understand, is to that baker the whole idea of the gay wedding is indecent.

    His religion teaches the opposite of that. He doesn’t have to have a sign out front saying that it’s a Christian bakery for that to be true.

    Next thing we will be hearing is that the church has to go because they don’t accept lgbqt and all the gender stuff. It’s not far off

  15. Did Jesus preach no homosexuality? 🤐

    Some Christian Denominations accept LGBT, some don’t.

    It varies by Independent and Non-denominational Churches too. 😑

  16. Neal? You STILL don’t get it. It was all fake and pushed on you to get you to take the cheese. (You also spelled too wrong. I have to read those sentences over and over because the context is wrong when you don’t know how to spell.)

    Eddie? Don’t be a dope. Denominations are antiChrist. If you could see that they are, you wouldn’t be asking dumb questions. Even the Pope has dissed Jesus. Do you not see how fake ALL the denominations are?

    We are in a war and you people are still not getting it. They want your soul!

  17. Cindy, I never looked at all denominations.

    Jesus didn’t say “dope” and “dumb”. 😊

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